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Sometimes it seems like a new health warning comes out every week and that nothing is truly safe to eat anymore. One health expert says to avoid salt and cholesterol while another says both are okay in moderation. Eating a low-fat diet is the fad one year while the next year a low-carb diet takes its place.

These conflicting messages can make it difficult for people to know what is truly healthy for them. However, many foods are healthier than people might assume, including the five listed below.


Pasta sometimes gets a bad rap for high carbohydrates, but it is also low in salt and fat and allows people to feel full for a longer time. The preparation method chosen is the secret to making pasta a healthy food choice.

Whole grain pasta without a lot of fattening toppings such as Alfredo sauce cuts down on fat, calories, and carbs. Olive oil or a few sprinkles of Parmesan make better pasta toppings for those who are health-conscious.

Similarly, choosing the right type of dough and toppings for home-baked pizza can achieve similarly healthy results.

Baked Potatoes

This is another food people can form negative opinions about based on the way others normally prepare it. While it’s true that French fries and mashed potatoes contain a lot of fat, baking a potato in its original form provides better health benefits.

Baked potatoes contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and potassium, all of which are good for the heart and brain. Adequate daily fiber intake also helps to improve digestion.


Health-conscious people sometimes refuse to eat popcorn because they assume it is nothing but junk food. Again, it all depends on what goes on top of it and how it’s made. Air popping is the healthiest version while dousing a lot of butter and salt on popcorn will naturally be unhealthy.

People looking for a healthy snack should consider sprinkling olive oil, cinnamon, or another favorite topping on their popcorn instead. Popcorn offers antioxidants, magnesium, and Vitamin B for health and fiber to satisfy appetites longer.


This one seems to surprise people the most, but chocolate eaten in moderation does have health benefits. These include reduced risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure, improved blood flow to the brain, and protection from cell damage.

The type of flavonoid chosen makes the biggest difference in whether a person receive health benefits from eating chocolate or not. With its reduced sugar and cocoa flavonoid, dark chocolate is the best type to choose for an occasional indulgence.


Long assumed to be only a food for the wealthy, caviar has decreased in price and increased in popularity. This small portion of fish eggs contain several health benefits such as improved heart and brain health from Omega-3 fatty acids, better immunity from selenium, and a natural way to fight fatigue and depression by consuming Vitamin B12.

Caviar eggs come from healthy sturgeon or salmon and have no added antibiotics or hormones.

Choosing one of these five foods as a snack or meal can make eating fun again without the guilt. The best part is there are many other surprisingly healthy foods out there that people can quickly find online.

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