We have all heard of solar energy, and a number of us have decided to invest in a solar panel installation for our homes and businesses. But the big question is, what size do you need for your property? As we all know, solar panel systems come in different sizes, so choosing the ideal size for your property is up to you. But you have plenty of factors to consider – from your daily consumption needs to how much you would like to recover and how soon a time. Thankfully, we’ve made the process much easier – so here’s how you can choose the most suitably-sized solar panel system for your property.

  • Assess your needs

The first step in determining the best-sized solar panel system for your property is to assess your energy requirements and needs. You can do an assessment by looking at your energy bills and identifying your average energy consumption over one year. With this, you can more easily determine the amount of energy you need to generate with your solar panel array.

  • Consider your roof space

Another factor that will influence your decision is your roof size. In other words, the more roof space you have, the more solar panels you can install. However, it’s essential to consider whether your roof can support the solar panels’ weight – and you also have to think about whether there is enough space for the panels to be installed correctly, as suggested by solar Manchester specialists like Atlantic Renewables.

  • Look at the tilt and orientation of your roof

The tilt and orientation of your roof will also play a big part in the amount of energy your solar panel system can produce. Ideally, your roof should face south to maximise the sunlight it receives throughout the day. However, if your roof faces east or west, it’s still possible to generate significant energy (although the amount may be slightly lower). The tilt of your roof will also impact the energy generation of your solar panel system. A tilt of around 30 degrees is ideal in the UK, but anywhere between 20 and 40 degrees can work well.

  • Consider the size of the panels

Solar panels come in various sizes, and the size you select will impact the amount of energy your system can produce. For instance, larger solar panels can generate more energy, but they may not be ideal for smaller roofs. In contrast, smaller solar panels may be more appropriate for smaller roofs but may not generate as much energy as larger panels.

  • Think about your budget

Of course, you must also consider your budget when selecting the best-sized solar panel system for your commercial or residential property. Larger solar panel systems can produce more energy but also have a higher price tag. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that a larger solar panel system will also generate more savings on your energy bills over time.

Choosing the best-sized solar panel system for your UK property requires careful consideration of a range of factors. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that will help you generate the maximum amount of energy possible.