Keep korma and carry on eating: Two Indian wedding guests can’t bring themselves to walk away from the free buffet as fire rages behind them

  • Two men in Maharashtra, India nonchalantly eat as a massive fire rages behind
  • Firecrackers set off a fire that required several firefighters to put out.
  • The two men enjoyed the Bhiwandi buffet during their nuptials.

Two Indian guests are seen laughing as they eat the buffet at a wedding.

This footage was filmed in Bhiwandi in Maharashtra (India) and opens with two shots of them at the table having a casual conversation with the camera operator.

The white-shirted man then glances casually at the fire, before returning to his meal.

The men can be seen chatting in the footage while other guests focus on the raging fire

The footage shows the men talking in chat, while others focus on the raging fireplace.

While many people can be seen gazing at the flames, the men who were being recorded are not.

Both the couple continue talking as though their wedding ceremony was not over.

According to NDTV the cause of the wedding fire was the burning of firecrackers.

The man in the white shirt did not even stop eating when he turned around to glance at the unfolding blaze

When he glanced at the blaze unfolding, the man wearing the white shirt didn’t stop eating.

It destroyed six of India’s most populous states, as well as some of their decorations and chairs.

According to Thane Municipal Corporation four fire engines were sent to the scene to extinguish the flames, but there were no deaths.

Internationally, Indian weddings are known for their extravagantness. However it’s not clear if the fireworks that reportedly set off the fire were part of the festivities.