An Instagram model who is ‘so beautiful’ people think she’s a catfish has now hit back at trolls – saying life is ‘harder for beautiful people’.

Veronika Rajek is 25, a Slovakian woman who claims that her Instagram page keeps getting deleted due to followers reporting her fake.

Other people allegedly intimidate the Miss Slovakia 2016 Finalist because she has had plastic surgery. But, she claims that is not true.

‘People don’t even believe I exist,’ Veronika said. “It is quite discriminatory that other females can do the exact same thing as I, and I cannot. And I am just deleted for my looks.

“I consider myself to be an alien because people aren’t convinced that I exist. People think that I am an AI robot online or a catfish.

People say that beautiful people have easy lives, but for me it is harder as I am beautiful.

Veronika Rajek, 25, from Slovakia, claims that her Instagram profile constantly gets deleted because followers report her for being fake, because she's 'too pretty' to exist

Veronika Rajek (25), from Slovakia claims her Instagram account is constantly deleted by followers who report her as fake. She’s too pretty to be real.

Instagram model Veronika travels the world creating content for her social media profile and says that her figure and breasts are completely natural

Veronika, an Instagram model and photographer from Veronika is a traveler around the globe creating content for her profile on social media. She claims that her breasts and figure are natural. 

Veronika insists that she doesn't edit her social media snaps to look different, aside from using a 'normal' skin smoothing tool

Veronika claims that her photos are not edited to make them look different. She does however use a normal skin smoothing tool.   

The model, based in Vienna, Austria, travels the world making content for her Instagram – and claims people are ‘always surprised’ when they meet her for the first time.

Former Miss Slovakia finalist 2016 claims that she gets hundreds of body-shaming messages every day from women and many also claim that she uses filters in order to improve her appearance.

Veronika (@veronikarajek) has over 1.1 million Instagram followers.

‘I don’t make any adjustments, shaping or filters – I use a skin smoothing tool but I think that’s normal.

The model admitted that she doesn't have lots of friends, and said that her life is made harder by other people because of her good looks

According to the model, she admits that she does not have many friends. She also stated that it is difficult for her to make friends because of her attractive looks. 

Veronika insists her curves are all natural and even had a scan of her breasts in Dubai to prove she's not had surgery

Veronika believes her curves look natural. She even took a Dubai scan to confirm that she has not undergone any surgery. 

The content creatore said that while some people are body-shamed for being too big or small, she is shamed for not being 'natural'

To maintain her figure she works out five times a week and doesn't drink or party

Content creatore stated that, although some people may be embarrassed for their body size or weight, they are not ashamed to admit it. She works out 5 times per week, and she doesn’t drink. 

“Skinny girls shame plus-sized women, but I am being body shamed as well because they don’t believe I’m natural.

‘I get more abuse form women as they jealousy and they believe I want my boyfriend.

“Only women can cause so much pain to other women.”

The influencer said that people assume she's a catfish or AI robot and report her Instagram profile for being fake

According to the influencer, people mistakenly believe she is an AI robot or a catfish and report her Instagram account as fake. 

Veronika, who awas previously crowned Miss Slovakia, said that it's other women who make her life harder by constantly questioning her looks

Veronika, the former Miss Slovakia was, stated that her problems are caused by other women constantly questioning and judging her appearance. 

Veronika said that she was bullied for being flat-chested when she was at school and she only started to develop curves in her late teens

Veronika claimed that when Veronika was in school, she was bullied because she had a flat stomach. However, she developed curves only after her teens. 

'People say beautiful people have it easy but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I'm beautiful,' Veronika claimed

Veronika stated that while people say it’s easy for beautiful people, it’s not so. 

I don’t believe I am perfect. But I feel natural and I live my life as it is. However, people fear me and are reluctant to speak with me.

To end the rumours of plastic surgery and claims she’s a catfish or robot, Veronika has now resorted to desperate measures – getting a scan of her breasts to prove people wrong.

The model, who is a 36D cup in most lingerie brands, paid £75 for a breast examination while in Dubai in October, which included a quick scan.

She explained that she was forced to perform this test in order for people to believe her.

The Instagram model said that she calls herself an 'alien' because other people don't believe she's real

Insta model and Instagram star, Thea said she considers herself to be an alien because others don’t believe her true identity. 

Veronika has been modelling since she was 14-years-old and considers her good looks to be a 'gift from God'

Veronika, who has been modeling since the age 14 years old considers her beauty a “gift from God”. 

“People have asked me about my breasts so I saw a doctor and was able to prove that they were real.

“My doctor thought that I’d undergone surgery, but she was shocked to see my natural breasts.

“I was so active in my teens that I gained muscles that give me nice breast shape.

“I am not trying to get sexually explicit, but I do have large boobs.

Veronika insists she's not trying to create a sexual persona, but has naturally big boobs

People assume she's had plastic surgery, and she claimed that even a doctor couldn't believe her curves were natural

Veronika says she doesn’t want to be a sexual persona. However, her naturally huge boobs show that she has no intention of creating one. It’s assumed she had undergone plastic surgery. However, she claims that even a doctor wouldn’t be able to believe her curves.

Veronika, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram said that she prizes her confidence and believes that it's self-esteem that makes you beautiful

Veronika has over 1.1 million Instagram followers. She said she values her confidence. It’s self-esteem which makes one beautiful. 

“God gifted me these gifts, and I believe people should believe in me.”

Veronika has been modeling since the age of 14.

Because she had a flat chest, she was called a “desk” or a “giraffe” in school.

She stated that she didn’t get boobs until the age of 17-18, and was told by others that I looked like a desk.

“They used to joke that I was a giraffe, with no breasts.”

The Instagram influencer said she gets more abuse from women because they are jealous and assume she is going to want to steal their boyfriend

According to the Instagram influencer, she receives more abuse from women who are jealous of her and think she will steal their boyfriends.

Veronika takes good care of her body – the model doesn’t drink or party, and works out five times a week, sharing fitness routines and saucy snaps on Instagram.

However, her beauty came at a steep price.

Elle added, “I don’t have many friends but I feel good.”

“If you love yourself, you will feel beautiful.” Feel confident and plus-sized if your body is feeling confident.

“If you’ve had any plastic surgery, be open about it. Take care of yourself and you will be beautiful.