A healthcare worker has furiously blasted her parents’ friends for spreading COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation after they both ended up in ICU battling the virus — and her mother has since died. 

Jeremy Voss (42) and Monica Voss (44) were strong opponents to the COVID-19 virus vaccine. They both became infected with the virus at the end September and were taken to St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, where they began fighting for their lives.

Their daughter Faith Voss-Paulson, who works as a surgical tech, took to Facebook to call out the ‘idiots’ and ‘ignorant fools’ who spread ‘false information willy nilly’ and convinced her parents that the vaccine was dangerous.

Faith wrote, one of her four siblings. I am furious and afraid. I beg God that you will not have to face your parents at the ICU due to Covid.

While bedridden and on oxygen, Jeremy revealed that he changed his mind about the vaccine and urged others to get it — but it was too late for Monica, who died due to complications on November 26.

Jeremy, 42, and Monica Voss, 40, were both vocal against the COVID-19 vaccine - until they were hospitalized with the virus. Monica never recovered, and passed away on November 26

Monica Voss (44) and Jeremy (42) were strong opponents to the COVID-19 vaccine until they were infected. Monica died on November 26, after she was not able to recover.

Their daughter Faith shared this text from her father while he was in the hospital saying he should have had the vaccine

Faith, their daughter shared the text her father sent to her while she was at the hospital. He said he should’ve had the vaccine.

Faith posted a scathing Facebook message on October 29th, shortly after her parents were admitted at the hospital. It was also a month prior to her untimely death.

“To my parents friends, who believed they were better off,” she said.

To those who spread medical misinformation to my parents, and to all who encouraged them to be against vaccines or masks.

‘I hope you’re happy, and I hope that you’re proud that you were able to have my parents completely disregard medical SCIENCE and for them to tell their daughter who studies MEDICINE that she is wrong, I hope you’re freaking proud.  

“Because idiots such as you spread false information Willy-nilly my parents believed in you. You know what? They’re in the ICU right now with Covid & pneumonia.

“I’m so mad at you, all of whom refused to believe in me and who reject science. Because of people like you who are unable to open their mind and I don’t know maybe a microbiology book as well, my parents believed you. They let me go. 

Faith, a  healthcare worker, has furiously blasted her parents' friends for spreading COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation

Faith, a  healthcare worker, has furiously blasted her parents’ friends for spreading COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation

She wrote on Facebook that she 'begged' her parents to get the vaccine - while blaming 'ignorant fools' for 'spreading false information'

Facebook post by her stated that she “begged” her parents for the vaccine, while also blaming “ignorant fools” for’spreading false info’  

'I BEGGED them to get the vaccine, pleaded. But because ignorant fools decide to spread false information, my parents didn’t believe me,' she wrote. 'I am so furious and scared'

“I begged them to get it, I pleaded. But because ignorant fools decide to spread false information, my parents didn’t believe me,’ she wrote. “I’m so angry and afraid.”

“I begged them, plead. But because ignorant fools decide to spread false information, my parents didn’t believe me.

“I’m so scared and furious. I beg God to spare you from having to face your parents at the ICU due to Covid.

‘I’m not sorry, I will keep promoting the vaccine and mandates for masks. She concluded that this year, so many people have displayed their true colors. I will not forget the support and opposition they gave me.

She also said she her ‘heart breaks to get this as a response from my father,’ posting a screenshot of their text message conversation — in which Jeremy wrote: ‘Sorry I didn’t believe you or listen to you. It was wrong that I received the vaccine. 

Monica and Jeremy were not vaccinated. Monica had also shared posts that opposed vaccinations on Facebook.

Monica shared #StopTheMandate borders in her profile photo on Facebook, while Jeremy shares posts of a similar nature regularly, even conspiracy theories.  

Neither Jeremy nor Monica were vaccinated, and each had shared anti-vaccine, anti-mandate posts on Facebook

Monica, Jeremy, and Monica weren’t vaccinated. They also each shared anti-vaccine and anti-mandate Facebook posts.

Monica posted #StopTheMandate borders on her Facebook profile picture, and Jeremy regularly sharing posts of a similar nature, including conspiracy theories

Monica put #StopTheMandate borders under her Facebook profile photo, and Jeremy shares regular posts of a comparable nature.

Meanwhile, Faith frequently posted statistics and studies on the vaccine

Faith posted statistics on the vaccinations and other studies throughout this time.

The issue appears to have led to disagreements within the family, and Monica argued with Faith on her posts

It appears that the issue led to family disagreements, so Monica disagreed with Faith about Faith’s posts

Faith posted several statistics on vaccines, often showing that the majority of patients who were admitted to ICU, placed on ventilators and given COVID, had not been vaccinated.

This issue seems to have caused disagreements in the family. Faith argued with Monica on Faith’s posts.

“It’s a personal decision. It is not your right to be forced into taking it. Monica said that no one should make anyone feel guilty if they haven’t tried it. “If you take it, it is good for your health. If you don’t, it is good for your health too. Do your research. You can’t trust everyone.

Also, she advised her daughter not to use Christianity as a way to make someone take a shot at you.

She wrote, “Yes, you’re in the medical profession new to this field.” ‘I have had high-ranked Dr‘s tell me not to get it. It is also selfish, as there has not been enough research. It is the one who did it. Some people choose to not be part of the study, and that’s okay.

While hospitalized, Jeremy said: 'I should've taken the risk and gotten the shot so I might not have had to go through something like this'

Jeremy stated that he shouldn’t have been afraid to get the shot while he was being hospitalized.

On October 31, Jeremy told friends on Facebook: 'If you haven't got the vaccine, just go get it. This right here isn't worth it. Can barely get out of hospital bed and constantly on oxygen tube right now'

On October 31, Jeremy shared this message with friends via Facebook. “If you don’t have the vaccine, go get it.” It’s not worth the risk. I can barely move from my hospital bed right now and am constantly hooked up to an oxygen tube.

Although it is not clear if Monica’s situation changed following her hospitalization, Jeremy certainly noticed. 

He shared photographs of him hooked up to oxygen and his hospital bed with friends on October 31st, days after arriving at the hospital via ambulence.

He said, “If your child has not had the vaccine yet, you should go and get it.” It’s not worth the effort. I can barely move from my hospital bed right now and am constantly hooked up to an oxygen tube. 

“Please, go and get it. It will be safer for your family. It is not possible to know when or in what condition you will be leaving or what side effects.

Talking to ABC affiliate WDIO, he said: “I shouldn’t have taken the risk and gotten that shot so I wouldn’t have to go through this.”  

While the family hasn't provided an update on Jeremy's condition, Monica passed away on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the hospital

Although Jeremy’s family have not provided any updates, Monica died at the hospital on Friday 26 November 2021.

Monica (second from left) leaves behind four children, including teenagers

Monica, second from the left, leaves four children behind including teenaged ones. 

“The hardest thing for me is that my wife and it’s impossible to do nothing at the moment. Three of our teenagers have returned home. The teenagers are driving, paying their bills and cooking together. But we all know it’s impossible.

He also noted that his 74-year-old father, who suffers from emphysema, contracted COVID as well — but he was vaccinated and spent just one night in the hospital before returning home. 

Monica has passed away, despite not receiving any update from the family on Jeremy’s situation. Friday, November 26th 2021 at The Hospital 

“This season will prove to be extremely difficult for our family.” Faith shared her thoughts on Facebook, “All prayers are welcome and greatly appreciated.”