I love Adele’s voice. It is electrifying to see her live. I beg you to spare me from all the talking.

Fake misery, the torrential tears that flow every hour and her jolly bright sunny life in California. Hiking, the gym, blah blah blah.

This is where you might find the Saturn position in the solar system as the cause of your feeling low. (According Oprah).

Adele continues to count down to her much-anticipated fourth studio album. The tidal waves of waffle, wallow, and song writing are still raging. Adele tells us about her struggles and the fact that she has a frame of Celine Dion chewing gum in her home and some wicker chairs out in her backyard. 

Blah blah blah. Anything to move product

I love Adele's voice. Her live performances are electrifying. But please, please, please spare me any more of her talking, writes JANET STREET-PORTER. Above: Adele during her interview with Oprah Winfrey

I love Adele’s voice. It is electrifying to watch her live. Please, please, spare me from all her talk, writes JANET STREETPORTER. Above: Adele in her interview with Oprah Winfrey

We’ve gotten all details of her “journey” from rich, devoted woman to a nice and loving husband to a woman even more wealthy who was ‘traumatized’ by the divorce she seems to have initiated.

She was in a relationship for seven years, had a child, then got married once more. Then, at Easter 2019, she announced her dissolution.

What’s the surprise? Some Adele fans weren’t sad about this twist of events. They were excited because they knew that the heroine could use her new status as a single mom raising a child to compose her next album. 

The tragedy of divorce was her new focus.

Adele is a happy misery-stricken actress who has made millions. 

Adele in her teens, twenties and early twenties were adorable. She was loud, enthusiastic, and full of energy.

Adele was a woman who wore her heart on the sleeve. That’s why so many found her lyrics about insecurity and loss relatable.

Now that she is one of the most well-known people on the planet, with multi-million-pound wealth, it’s time for her to get serious. Let the music speak for itself, and spare us all the details of a disastrous marriage, especially since we only hear one side.

In the final countdown to Adele's much-anticipated fourth album, the tidal wave of waffle and wallow shows no sign of receding - Adele is everywhere

Adele, in the final countdown for her much-anticipated fourth studio album, is not slowing down.

Aren’t millions, especially women, living in poverty? Or are they undervalued and abused, or ignored by society at large?

Is Adele’s new set of worries-about refashioning her post-divorce life and explaining herself to her child- not a bit trite when it comes to pressing feminist issues around the world?

Our hearts were won by this London-born, unaffected girl from the working classes when she performed Chasing Pavements in 2008 on Saturday Night Live. 

This episode was rated the most in 14 years, and the album 19 rose to the top. 

Adele was wearing a basic smock-dress with an underarm black cardigan, and her hair messy pulled back in a low ponytail.

She’s now dressed up as a Marvel Comic warrior, with big hair and overstated make-up, and donned couture frocks that encase her like armour. 

Her hard work has paid off and she’s lost over 100 pounds.

Adele, who was not a style maven before (which is part of her charm), preferred to wear trackie pants and tee shirts off-stage. But now, a team packages Adele for all occasions.

She’s a brand and the message they want to portray is – Strong Powerful Woman. Oprah’s white trouserser suit is a result. 

These experts are not always right. The outfit Rich Paul wore at a recent NBA match with Rich Paul was ridiculous.

The more Adele says, the greater the realisation for the world that she's deeply shallow, says JANET STREET-PORTER (pictured)

JANET STREET PORTER, (pictured), says Adele is more truthful than she realizes.

Although double denim is now acceptable, triple leather is still a no-no. 

Other than being extremely sweaty and confining leather trousers, jacket, and logo embossed trench coat were tacky, tasteless and screaming conspicuous consumption.

Adele might have been sporting £10,000 worth of clothing, but she looked like an ad for Sofa World.

Apart from fashion faux pas, I have a major beef with Adele. She gushes more than she loves.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of great blues and jazz singers such as Nina Simone, Betty Carter and Annie Ross. 

It didn’t matter what color their bathtub taps were or what breakfast they had. I did not need to find out if they experienced anxiety when they went to sleep alone.

They sang their songs, expressing a multitude of emotions from longing to loss.

A successful female singer must be promoted like a soap bar in modern times. Fans will only buy music if they are given nuggets about the legendary artist. 

Unfortunately, Adele’s deepest conviction is revealed for everyone around her, no matter how many times she says it.

Bob Dylan remains one of most charismatic, enigmatic performers in the history of music because he is so private about his life. 

Paul McCartney’s new book The Lyrics offers different versions of his most memorable songs. This adds an extra layer of mystery.

Adele is also a millennial. This means that all things are part of her life. Following the Oprah episode, Adele took to Twitter and said that it was “the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in.” 

Thank you for everything. Oprah, thank you for giving me the space to share my truth in an open and safe environment. 

“The entire thing was overwhelming. I saw it twice, and both times I cried.

The classic Adele, gushing and crying again. However, what exactly is the ‘truth’? And why must it be spoken ‘in a safe area’?

Are you able to tell the differences between Meghan Markle & Adele Adkins any more? Both had difficult relationships and adored their mothers. 

Oprah, according to both of them was the most appropriate person to tell their “truths” with.

This is to give the world a polished, unchallenged version of the truth they wish us to believe.

Adele even used her own memories of her father, who she left behind when she was just three years old and died in March from bowel cancer. Adele revealed to him that they were reconciled and she played her new album through Zoom.

Her ex-husband Simon lives just across the street from her in Los Angeles and co-parents Angelo, their 9-year-old son. She spoke of their ‘great’ relationship. Simon has yet to speak.

Is it necessary to be able to appreciate her music? When it comes to Adele, less is more.

This is a side-by-side special that ITV has this weekend. Recorded in front adoring celebrities at the London Palladium, it’s called “The Other Special”. 

It’s possible I could skip the concert and enjoy an evening listening to my old Adele albums.