Ricardo Morales Sr., known as Monkey, was a sniper instructor who had worked for the FBI, CIA, DEA, Israel's Mossad and Venezuela's intelligence agency

Ricardo Morales Sr., known as Monkey, was a sniper instructor who had worked for the FBI, CIA, DEA, Israel’s Mossad and Venezuela’s intelligence agency

Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK’s assassin. He trained at a secret CIA training camp, preparing for an invasion in Cuba, according to his sniper teacher.

Ricardo Morales Jr. said that Oswald’s father Ricardo Sr. was his trainer. This further supported conspiracy theories about the assassinated president’s death.    

Morales Jr., 58, of Michigan, told Miami’s Actualidad Radio that his father was a contract CIA worker, anti-Castro militant, counter-intelligence chief for Venezuela, FBI informant and drug dealer. Morales Sr was known by the nickname “Monkey” and was one of the most notorious FBI informants. 

Morales Jr. also remembered the moment his family learned about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. He also recalls his shock when his father allegedly recognized Oswald, one of his sniper training students. 

“When he first saw the photo Lee Harvey Oswald, he was shocked.” [after the assassination] he realized that this was the same character he had seen on the CIA training field,’ Morales Jr. said. 

“He saw him, he noticed the name tag, but he didn’t know him because he wasn’t famous yet. But later, when my father sees the same person, he realizes that they are the same person. 

Ricardo Morales Sr. allegedly trained JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, center

Ricardo Morales Sr. was alleged to have trained Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK assassin, center

Morales Jr. said that Oswald, a former Marine, was not the killer because he had seen him shoot at a training camp, and that he believed that he could not shoot that well.  

Morales Jr. added to the confusion by noting that his father had left Dallas two days before the assassination to take part in a mission with a “clean-up” team. Morales Sr. later returned to Dallas without knowing what the mission was. It was cancelled by the assassination. 

The informant hinted at part of a wider plot when questioned by his sons about who killed Kennedy, telling them: ‘I didn’t do it but I was in Dallas two days before waiting for orders. We were the cleaning crew just in case something bad had to be done.’ After the assassination, they did not have to do anything and returned to Miami.’  

Oswald was famously shot by Jack Ruby in Texas two days after Kennedy’s assassination. This fueled speculation that Ruby wasn’t the real killer and that Oswald had been overthrown by a powerful cabal with government assistance.  

Hundreds of conspiracy theories are centered over the death of President John F. Kennedy

There are hundreds of conspiracy theories surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s death. 

Kennedy was shot while out on a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. That motorcade is pictured moments before the fatal shooting took place

Kennedy was killed while riding in a motorcade through Dallas, Texas. The motorcade is shown just moments before the fatal shooting. 

He claimed that he hadn’t shared his father’s story because his family was afraid of the consequences of Morales Sr.’s alleged actions, and that no one would believe his story after so many years. 

These claims would add another chapter to the complex story of Morales Sr. who was a man who played both sides while completing classified missions for the US government as a counter-Castro agent and also trafficking drugs around the world.  

Monkey Morales Sr. was an intelligence officer for Fidel Castro’s during 1953 Cuban revolution. He was later exiled to work for the CIA or FBI. 

He would also work for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Israel’s Mossad, and Venezuela’s intelligence service in the 1960s & 1970s. 

According to declassified CIA documents Morales Sr. was fired from the CIA in 1964 as a contract worker after a mission in Congo. He was deemed too wise. 

He is linked to drug trafficking in Latin America, a mid-air bombing in Barbados which killed 73 people, and even to a plot against Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1976. 

Morales Sr. died in 1982, in a bar brawl in Key Biscayne, Florida.  

JFK, pictured with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, were parading in Dallas when he was shot

JFK is pictured parading with Jacqueline Kennedy Kennedy in Dallas when he was killed.

Many believe Kennedy was actually assassinated for his support of Cuba's rebellion against Fidel Castro's newly founded communist regime

Many believe Kennedy was assassinated because he supported Cuba’s rebellion against Fidel Castro’s communist regime.

Others, however, claim that Kennedy was killed by anti-Castro militants over his lack of support during the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, pictured

Others claim Kennedy was killed by anti Castro militants for his inability to support the Bay of Pigs invasion.  

Monkey’s alleged involvement with the JFK assassination fits well with popular conspiracy theories about the presidential killing, Fernand Amandi, a Democratic pollster who has done extensive research on the case, told The Herald. 

Oswald was not charged with Kenney’s murder. However, some believe that Kennedy was murdered by the CIA or Cuban militants after Kennedy pulled US support from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to usurp Castro. 

According to the theory, anti-Castro Cuban exiles met in Dallas with Oswald to plan the killing to force America to invade Cuba. They also rejected Kennedy’s treaty to the Soviet Union to keep US troops from the island nation after the Cuban Missile Crisis.  

Another theory states that Kennedy was actually killed in Cuba by the Cuban government. They retaliated against America after previous CIA attempts. 

Castro denied the theory and said that Cuba would have been subject to severe retaliation from the US. 

Another conspiracy theory states that the assassination was orchestrated and coordinated by the CIA, Chicago mafia boss Sam Giancana and Castro to exact revenge for the communist leader’s expulsion from organized criminal activity from Cuba. 

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the killing in order to make him vice president and president. 

The theories were highlighted by a 10-month investigation conducted by Earl Warren, then-Supreme Court Chief Justice. It concluded that Oswald acted alone in firing on Kennedy’s motorcade. However, Warren was later criticized and criticized by the House Select Committee on Assassinations for believing there was a high possibility of a second gunman. 

The Morales Jr. story will likely reactivate more conspiracy theories, which have been flourishing recently due to the White House’s delays in releasing classified documents relating the assassination. 

President Joe Biden, pictured, wrote in a statement that 'an interim release' of the remaining classified files 'shall be withheld from full public disclosure' until 'later this year'

President Joe Biden (pictured) stated in a statement that an interim release of the remaining classified files would be withheld from full disclosure until ‘later in the year’

Pictured: a memo from the White House to the Public Interest Declassification Board, where the president makes the case for the delay of the remaining JFK assassination files

Pictured: A memo from the White House to The Public Interest Declassification Board in which the president argues for the delay of the remaining JFK assassination documents

President Joe Biden said last week in a statement that the ‘interim release’ of classified files’shall not be made public’ until ‘later in the year’ 

A second set of records will be released to public in a more comprehensive release in a little more than a year from December 15, 2022, according to the memo. 

Peter Kornbluh, a Cuba analyst at the National Security Archive in Washington, D.C., told the Herald that Biden needed to release the documents and help put an end to ‘the speculation, conjecture and conspiracy theories that have flourished because of the secrecy surrounding these documents.’

He said that the Kennedy assassination taught him something. ‘It is that conspiracy theories like this one spread in the darkness of secrecy. It is almost 60 years later, it’s time for historical transparency in order to put the Kennedy assassination behind us.