Jon Snow’s dramatic claim about climate change being to blame for the COP26 rail chaos caused by fallen trees angers critics who point out that disruption in Autumn is ‘normal’.

  • Jon Snow claimed that climate changes were to blame for branches falling onto railway tracks
  • Critics pointed to the fact that branches have been falling for as many years as trees have been around
  • Social media users condemned Mr Snow and stated that disruption was normal in Autumn 

Jon Snow, Channel 4 anchor, has been mocked online because he blamed climate change for the fall of branches onto the railway wires.

The 74-year-old media veteran said that climate change was the main reason his train from London’s Euston station to Glasgow for the COP26 Climate Summit was delayed.

One time, the locomotive slowed down to a crawl of five mph due to branches falling on overhead wires during strong gales yesterday between Rugby and Milton Keynes on West Coast Main Line.

On Twitter, Mr Snow wrote: “En route to COP26 – trees and branches affected climate change have slowed down our rail journey – although the branches have been cleared, we are still doing 5mph – What irony! What a message! We must make changes! We must change!

Two hours later, Mr Snow announced that his journey had begun again at Kings Cross, where he received a London North Eastern Railway service (LNER). 

Social media users furious were quick to point out that branches have always fallen from trees onto railway tracks. 

Jon Snow, 74, said climate change was the reason his train from London's Euston to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit was delayed

Jon Snow, 74 years old, stated that the delay in his train from London’s Euston Station to Glasgow for COP26 was due to climate change

At one point the locomotive slowed to a five mph crawl because branches fell on overhead wired during strong gales between Rugby and Milton Keynes on the West Coast Main Line yesterday

The locomotive was unable to keep up with the speed of five mph because overhead wires were damaged by branches that fell during strong gales yesterday between Rugby and Milton Keynes.

One critic said, “I suppose branches didn’t fall on lines prior to climate change?

It follows a day of travel chaos in which desperate delegates booked last-minute flights from London to Glasgow after trains from Euston, London, were cancelled. 

According to the Met Office some parts of the UK may’ve seen tornadoes yesterday when strong winds of up 80mph and rain battered the nation.

Mr Snow blamed the weather on climate change, as other social media users have decried.

Enraged social media users were quick to point out branches have always fallen from trees onto railway lines

Social media users furious over the fact that branches have fallen from trees onto railway tracks were quick and furious

One said: ‘Utterly ridiculous, in Europe they cut down trees within close proximity of railway lines which is why they don’t suffer from “leaves on the line” in October. Here, we pander to the environmentalists which stop that kind of thing which is why you’re doing 5mph.’ 

Another added: “Oh get a hold!” We’ve had storms as long as I can remember…and unless you’ve missed it your train is running on electricity – generated from power plants et al !’

One wrote: “It’s got bugger everything to do with climate change. Next, you’ll say that it’s snowing January due to climate change. It’s autumn turning into winter. This is what happens every year. Don’t try to make this about a political agenda, it’s not.

One added: “I’m pretty sure we had windy day 50 years ago before anyone was even talking about climate change.” It’s normal October weather.