After federal prosecutors did not address the question of whether the victim could be treated as a victim, a judge decided that one of four accused in the Ghislaine Maxill sex trafficking case could be exonerated. 

Last Monday, Judge Alison Nathan pointed out in court that in the UK the consent age is 16. Moreover, ‘Minor Victim-3″ could not remember if she was 17, 18 or 17 when Jeffrey Epstein was groomed by the British socialite.   

This could indicate that Maxwell may have been wrongly accused. 

According to the request of the prosecution, the prosecutor was asked to tell the court its opinion on whether an accuser could be considered to have been a victim in any way of the charges . 

However, they faced a legal challenge over the weekend as Nathan indicated that Maxwell was not happy with Nathan’s opposition to Maxwell’s exclusionary motion. 

Nathan claimed that Nathan did not address the matter in a New York court order. 

Ghislaine Maxwell appeared at a pretrial hearing in federal court last Monday (pictured) where Judge Alison Nathan asked the prosecution to 'provide its position' as to whether the Minor Victim 3 'could be considered a "victim" of the crimes charged in the indictment....'

Ghislaine Maxwell appeared at a pretrial hearing in federal court last Monday (pictured) where Judge Alison Nathan asked the prosecution to ‘provide its position’ as to whether the Minor Victim 3 ‘could be considered a “victim” of the crimes charged in the indictment….’

In a court order filed in New York on Saturday, Nathan ruled the prosecution's letter in response 'does not address this issue'

Nathan, a New York court judge filed a court order on Saturday stating that the response letter from the prosecution ‘doesn’t address this issue.

The ruling comes just days after jury selection for the trial kicked off, with opening statements due to take place on November 29. 

Maxwell could benefit from such a positive development that is close to the beginning of the trial. 

The British socialite, aged 59 denies that she recruited and trafficked underage girls in order to exploit Epstein between 1994 and 1997. 

Judge Alison Nathan gave prosecutors a second chance to file a letter responsive to the question

Judge Alison Nathan allowed prosecutors to have a second opportunity to submit a response to this question.

Indictment refers to four people, with the names of Minor Victims 1 through 4. 

Minor Victim 3 appears to be British. The identity of the victim has not been made public.  

Judge Nathan filed Saturday’s statement, “At a conference on November 1, 2021 the Court asked Government for its position regarding whether Alleged Victim-3” could be considered to have been a victim of the charges in the Indictment.

She added that “The Government’s Supplemental Letter does not address the issue.” 

Nathan said that the court’s request “may have been vague” before giving the prosecutors another opportunity to submit a response letter ‘on or prior’ Sunday 12pm. 

Maxwell faces three conspiracy-related charges, including: enticing minors into illegal sex act travel, enticement of minor to travel for illegal sex act travel, and conspiracy transport minors with the intent to engage criminal sexual activity.

According to the judge, evidence from the victim could prove that Maxwell knew of Epstein’s’sexual nature’ of massages.

The judge acknowledged that the court's request 'may have been unclear' before giving prosecutors another chance to file a supplemental letter responsive 'on or before' 12pm Sunday

After acknowledging that the request was not clear, the judge gave prosecutors an opportunity to respond ‘on Sunday or before 12pm’.

Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has pleaded not guilty to all charges

 Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has pleaded not guilty to all charges

The judge could use it to talk about Maxwell’s M.O.The judge appears to have rethought whether or not the woman is allowed to serve in this capacity.

Other charges include transportation of a child with intent to engage or commit criminal sexual activities, conspiracy for sex trade and trafficking in sex.

There will be two perjury charges.

Maxwell's legal team also rehashed claims about her alleged mistreatment behind bars. She is shown in prison earlier this year with 'a black eye'

Maxwell was also denied by Maxwell’s lawyers any claims of her mistreatment behind bars. Maxwell is seen in prison with “a black eye” earlier this year. 

Maxwell, according to indictment, ‘groomed’ and ‘befriended’ Minor Victim 3 at London’s St. James’ between 1994 and 1995. This was when Maxwell knew that the girl had just turned 18.

According to the indictment, Maxwell talked with Minor Victim 3 about her ‘life and family’ and introduced Epstein to her.

According to the indictment, Maxwell encouraged Minor Victim 3 (Minor Victim 3) to massage Epstein. He knew that Epstein would have sex with Minor Victim 3 during these massages.

Epstein was provided with massages by Minor Victim 3 and, during these massages Epstein sexually abuses Minor Victim 3. 

Maxwell had filed an earlier motion to exclude evidence from Minor Victim 3 because Maxwell had “not alleged any unlawful conduct whatsoever.”

In her filing she stated that the woman was not a minor in Britain and she could not establish whether Maxwell, Epstein wanted to request that she travel when she was younger.

A graying and shackled Ghislaine Maxwell appeared at a pretrial hearing at federal court in New York Monday November 1, ahead of jury selection later this month

Ghislaine Maxiwell was graying and in chains Monday, November 1 at New York’s federal court. This hearing came before the selection of jurors later in the month 

The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn where Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged accomplice of the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, is awaiting trial

Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), Brooklyn, where Ghislaine Maxill, the accused accomplice to the late financier Jeffrey Epstein is currently awaiting trial

Maxwell’s lawyers claimed that Maxwell indicted the woman because they didn’t know that Maxwell was older than the UK age limit for consent. 

Defense has listed several experts they intend to bring to the witness stand. Elizabeth Loftus was a witness at the Weinstein trial and testified about victims of sex crimes creating false memories.

Park Dient could be called, which is a forensic psychologist, who previously assessed the Unabomber and Jeffrey Dahmer. Park Dient was also responsible for the shooting of Ronald Reagan according to court filings. 

Bennett Gershman is a top authority on prosecutorial misconduct and may also be called upon.