Kanye West (44), is said to have been a romantic with Vinetria (22) ‘for awhile now’, before the couple went public on Saturday. 

Page Six claims that rapper Jay Z has been “hooking up” with the model. However, no timeframe was provided for when they began their relationship. 

West and Vinetria made their romance known at the Donda Academy’s inaugural basketball game in Minneapolis. They were photographed together courtside. 

The move comes just a week after Kanye stunned fans by voicing hopes of a reconciliation with estranged wife Kim Kardashian and denying he was divorced from the star, who is said to be dating SNL star Pete Davidson.  

On Thursday November 4, the Donda rapper opened up about his situation with Kim where he repeatedly referred to her as ‘my wife’ (in the present tense) during an appearance on Drink Champs.

SNL making my wife shout, “I divorced he” in order to raise the bar. The papers have never been seen by me; I’m not divorcing. It’s not a joke. I want my children to be with their parents. I want… to be together.

One week on, Kanye and Vinetria looked very much like a couple as they sat side by side at his Donda basketball game in Minnesota on Saturday evening. 

Vinetria was also seen with rapper last month in Miami, where he filmed Drink Champs interviews. Vinetria stated that Kim Kardashian “is still my wife” and said he hadn’t seen divorce papers.  

New romance! Kanye West has reportedly been hooking up with a 22-year-old model by the name of Vinetria 'for a while now'; pictured September 22

 New romance! Kanye West is allegedly in a relationship with Vinetria, a 22 year-old model; photo taken September 22

Stunning: The duo went public with their romance at his Donda Academy's debut basketball game in Minneapolis this weekend where they were photographed courtside

Amazing: They were courtside at the Donda Academy’s Minneapolis debut basketball game where their love was revealed.

Holding out hope: Ye said in a recent Drink Champs interview (which Vinetria was in attendance for) that Kim Kardashian 'is still my wife' and said he had not seen any divorce papers; pictured October 23

Hope: Ye stated in a Drink Champs interview that Kim Kardashian “is still my wife” and that he hadn’t seen divorce papers. pictured Oct 23rd

The model attended his Sunday service on October 31, and posted footage to Instagram. 

His romance with Vinetria comes just months after he was linked to supermodel Irina Shayk beginning in March — just one month after Kardashian filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. 

Their romance lasted until August, with a PEOPLE source saying that ‘it was never a serious thing that took off,’ and that West did not have bandwidth to be dating. 

Kim, on the other side, has romantically been linked with 27-year-old SNL comedian Pete Davidson in recent weeks. Davidson was reported to have spent two nights last week while Kim was visiting New York City. 

He reportedly sex with her on November 2 at Campania’s, his favorite Italian restaurant in Staten Island. There he “arranged a private dinner on the roof privately” for them both. Zero Bond was their next evening. 

Sultry: The not much is known about the model or how she and West came to be, she frequently shares sultry snaps to her Instagram; pictured in bathtub snap on November 1

 Sultry: The not much is known about the model or how she and West came to be, she frequently shares sultry snaps to her Instagram; pictured in bathtub snap on November 1

Sunday Service: The model was in attendance at his Sunday Services last weekend and shared video footage to her Instagram; October 31

Sunday Service: He attended Sunday Services and the model shared footage on her Instagram. October 31 

A source claimed that they had ‘chemistry’, and Kim was generally ‘intigued’ by Pete. One other source stated that she completely understands what the fuss is about the long-haired comedian. 

 A source told DailyMail.com that Davidson is ‘very aggressive’ with her as he often ‘grabs her waist, compliments her butt and touches her hair’ when they are together.

“He’s making it very clear that he really likes her,” the confidant explained. He isn’t being coy or being distant. She seems to love the attention. It makes me happy to see her smile. 

After reports that Pete was in a relationship with West, sources said she unfollowed Kim via Instagram. They were reportedly worried about Ye’s reaction to SKIMS founder Ye dating. 

Hoping to rekindle: 'Everybody in the family is worried about how Kanye will react to Kim spending so much time with Pete,' an insider told Page Six, as West had made it clear he 'still wants to be with her'; pictured February 2020

We are hoping to renew our love: An insider revealed to Page Six that everyone in the family was worried about Kanye’s reaction to Kim’s spending time with Pete. West made it clear that he wanted to be there for her; this is February 2020.

Date night! On November 3 Kim was seen entering Zero Bond where she dined with Pete for the second night in a row, following their romantic rooftop date at Campania's in Staten Island

Night out with Pete! Kim and Pete had a date night on November 3.

All in! A source told DailyMail.com that Davidson is 'very aggressive' with her as he often 'grabs her waist, compliments her butt and touches her hair' when they are together and that 'he is making it crystal clear he likes her'; pictured October 20

It’s all in! DailyMail.com – A source says that Davidson can be’very aggressive’ around her. He often ‘grabs at her waist, compliments it and touches her hair’ while they’re together.

According to Page Six, a family member said that Kanye is concerned about his reaction to Kim spending more time with Pete. “Kanye has recently stated that he still loves her and this is not something he could take well. 

According to Us Weekly, Kim actually asked her family for advice about dating the comedian. They ‘encouraged it’. 

Kim told me that she sought out the help of family members and friends to make it happen. Since a very long time it has become obvious to Kim that there is something missing in her life. Pete provides that abundance.   

Opening up: On Revolt TV's Drink Champs West said 'I ain't never even seen the papers; we're not even divorced,' of his relationship with Kim and added 'I want ... us to be together' while calling her his 'wife' in present tense; pictured November 4

Open up: Revolt TV’s Drink Champs West stated that he had not seen Kim’s papers and was now referring to Kim as his “wife”.