Kanye West opened up about his desire not to get divorced from his wife Kim Kardashian in a new interview on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs on Thursday.

Kanye claimed that he wasn’t divorced from his ex-wife and said that he hadn’t seen the divorce papers in the interview.

The hitmaker said that the divorce was hard for their four children who wanted to see them remain together. 

Denial: Kanye West said Kim Kardashian was 'still' his wife even as their divorce proceeds and she appears to be dating Pete Davidson in an interview Thursday with Revolt TV's Drink Champs

Denial: Kanye West claimed Kim Kardashian was’still his wife’ despite their divorce proceeding. She also appeared to be seeing Pete Davidson in a Thursday interview with Revolt TV’s Drink Champs

Kanye complained about a part of Kim’s monologue that she had given to Saturday Night Live earlier this month, just as he was ending his lengthy interview.

‘SNL making his wife say “I divorced Him” on TV because they just wanted that bar to drop,” he said. 

Kanye said that the divorce was “no joke to” him, especially since it seemed to have caused distress for the children.

He said, “My children want their parents to stay together,”

I want us to be together,’ Kanye added, almost as an aside, before complaining that ‘the media’ didn’t want him and Kim to work out their differences.  

Kanye complained about Kim's SNL monologue when she joked about divorcing him. 'And I ain't never even see the papers, we not even divorced,' he said; seen in 2019 in NYC

Kanye was furious at Kim’s SNL monologue in which she joked about her divorcing him. He said, “And I ain’t never even seen the papers, we nu even divorced,” which was captured in NYC in 2019.

Difficult times: Kanye added that the divorce was 'no joke to me,' especially as it seemed to have caused the couple's children distress

Difficult times: Kanye said that the divorce was ‘no joke’ to him, especially since it seemed to have caused distress for the children of the couple.

Family: 'My kids want their parents to stay together,' he said. ' I want us to be together,' Kanye added, almost as an aside

Family: ‘My children want their parents stay together,’ Kanye said. Kanye added, almost in an aside, that he wants us to be together.

Kim was recently spotted on several dates with Pete Davidson, a SNL star who kissed Kim in an Aladdin-themed episode of the comedy series.

Kanye was apparently consulting her during rehearsals for her episode. His monologue for the show and fashion choices were discussed with her, but his line about Divorcing her seems to have sting.

Kim recently bought the couple’s $60million home in Hidden Hills, California. This indicates that the divorce proceedings are underway.

Kim filed for divorce in the beginning of this year. Kim was still present at the rapper’s side during the rollout of his Donda album. She and her children were also present at his listening shows before its release.

The couple has four children together: North, eighteen, Saint, five, Chicago at three and Psalm at two. 

Kanye shared that he had lived a monk life since leaving his Calabasas home and didn’t want to own a home. He did however recently purchase a Malibu house.

Instead, he felt at home when he spoke to his oldest daughter North. 

Canceling Cancel Culture: Earlier in his interview, Kanye lashed out at 'Cancel Culture' and the #MeToo Movement while defending his collaborators Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, who were both featured on Donda

Canceling Cancel Culture. Kanye lashed out earlier in his interview at #MeToo Movement’s ‘Cancel Culture.’ He also defended his collaborators Marilyn Manson (and DaBaby) who were both featured as Donda.

Fighting back: 'When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got canceled for five songs, it’s like, they can’t cancel us all!' the producer said; seen in August with Manson (R)

Fighting back: ‘When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got canceled for five songs, it’s like, they can’t cancel us all!’ The producer said, “Seen in August with Manson (R).

Kanye was already adamant about #MeToo and ‘Cancel Culture.’ He also attacked his collaborators Marilyn Manson (who was also featured on Donda).

‘When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got canceled for five songs, it’s like, they can’t cancel us all!’ The producer replied.

He seemed to suggest that it was impossible to trust allegations of misconduct made years later than the fact.

‘They’ll hit you with an accusation of somebody you was with ten years ago,’ he complained, comparing them unfavorably to women who have been ‘pulled in alleys against their will.

‘That’s different than a hug, but it’s classified as the same thing,’ he claimed. ‘It’s power and politics.’

Minimizing: Kanye complained that 'they'll hit you with an accusation of somebody you was with ten years ago,' though 15 women have accused Manson of crimes including sexual assault and physical abuse

Minimizing: Kanye complained, “They’ll hit you [with an accusation of someone you were with ten year ago],” though 15 women have accused Manson for crimes including sexual abuse and physical abuse.

After being accused by 15 women of sexual assault, Manson was invited to Kanye’s listening party.

He’s also currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. 

After a homophobic rant at the Rolling Loud festival, Miami, DaBaby was disinvited by several music festivals. However, he returned to Donda.

Kanye seemed to believe he was above “Cancel Culture”, though he appeared confused by his controversial statements and the sexual crimes Manson has been accused by several women.

“I love you” [Cancel Culture]. I’m above it,’ he boasted. ‘I’m running to get canceled.’

Kanye, who legally changed his legal name to Ye, briefly complained about Ye’s wife. She reminded people on social networks shortly after his death, that Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. This seemed to have angered him.

‘They don’t want you to have a house,’ he began, appearing to complain that Black men are held back in society. 

Sophistication: Kanye had rare praise for Drake, whose music he called 'more sophisticated than the style of rap that I grew up on'

Sophistication. Kanye gave Drake rare praises, calling his music’more sophisticated’ than the style of rap he grew up listening to.

Suspicions: But he also said he worried that Drake had had an affair with Kim, and he wondered if he might have DMed her even if there wasn't an affair; seen October 30 in LA


Kanye also discussed his controversial relationship to Drake multiple times during the interview.

Early on, he gave some rare praise to the hitmaker, calling his him “a great guy.” ‘a very important artist who added something to the algorithm.’

Kanye stated that Drake’s style was more sophisticated that the rap I grew up with. He added that Drake’s song had a good melody and good music.

Kanye answered, “Yeah, absolutely.”

He said, “But it already happened.” He said that he played one of his leaked songs and it was superior to all other songs this year. This song featured Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Public information? Kanye denied leaking Drake's Toronto address and claimed the information was easily found online; seen together in 2015 in Atlanta

Public information? Kanye denied leaking Drake’s Toronto address, and claimed the information could easily be found online. The information was seen together in Atlanta in 2015.

Kanye also denied leaking Drake’s address after he posted a map with an address on social networking that was believed to be the location Drake’s Toronto home.

He claimed that he had advertised it when he was building his house. It is known by everyone. It’s like a Canadian landmark you pass. It’s a monument.

“You can find it. He added that this is how he was able find it. It’s Googleable. It’s on Google Maps. 

He also complained that his friends worried that he was having an episode whenever he referred to his feuds through his music. 

After believing Drake had threatened him, he defended his actions.

“A man is threatening my life with a song and they wonder how you ended up in the hospital,” he said. He also stated that Drake was driving him crazy with his songs. 

He claimed that Drake said to him, ‘I never f***ed Kim.’

‘But you Acted like you did,’ Kanye continued. “Hidden Hills, give your wife the chills, you’ve got bars,” Kanye continued.

He said it was disrespectful, and asked Drake if Drake ever ‘DMed’ Kim. 

Risky business: Early in the interview, Kanye revealed that he was not fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. He said he had only had one shot and was 'halfcinated'

Risky business: Kanye disclosed that he wasn’t fully vaccinated against coronavirus in an interview. Kanye stated that he had had one shot, and was only ‘half-vaccinated.

Kanye stated that he had not been fully vaccinated against coronavirus at the beginning of the interview.

He admitted that he had been to Paris a few weeks ago and had to travel through Lisbon to get vaccinated.

“Half-cinated” is my response to the question: “I only got one of these shots.” Lisbon is a 15 hour ride,’ he said before going off on a new tangent.

He also called out his former John Legend, Big Sean, and his G.O.O.D. signees. Music label

Kanye held a fake gravestone and said that he would be buried on his tombstone. I signed Big Sean.

He said that he was angry at Big Sean, John Legend, and his label mates for criticizing him during his doomed presidential campaign last year.

Sean said, “I changed this man’s family.” ‘And both John Legend, and Big Sean, when i ran for office, were quickly used by the Democrats to come at the boy that actually changed their lives. And that’s some sellout s***,’ he said. 

“And I don’t rock with either of them and I need your apology.” I ain’t saying they ain’t gon’ change, but n****s is scared,’ he added. 

Fighting words: Elsewhere, Kanye shared that he was upset that Kylie Jenner's partner Travis Scott had appeared on a Drake song. He said in a group chat with him, Jay-Z, Drake, Kim and other, 'I'm worth more than all of y'all on this text combined'

Fighting words: Kanye shared his dismay that Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had appeared in a Drake song. He shared his feelings with Jay-Z and Drake, Kim, and others, saying that he is worth more than all of them on this text.

Kanye said that he was upset that Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s partner, had appeared on a Drake track.

He said that he called Travis in a huge group chat that also included Jay-Z, Kim and Kid Cudi.

“One of the lines that I said” [to them]That was legend, I said, “I’m more valuable than all of you on this text combined.”

Kanye seemed concerned with his wealth and blasted Forbes for declaring his former sister-in-law Kylie Jenner a billionaire — though the magazine later claimed her wealth had been inflated — while he said it insisted that he was not a billionaire.

However, the magazine — which he called ‘racist’ — announced in April 2020 that he was officially a billionaire. 

Too close to home: Kanye objected to Travis Scott's Sicko Mode being played at his children's parties because of lines from Drake that he took to be an attack on him; Travis and Drake seen in 2013 in NYC

Too close to home. Kanye objected Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode being used at his children’s parties due to Drake lines that he took to be an attack against him. Travis Scott and Drake seen together in NYC 2013.

Kanye objected to Travis’ song Sicko Mode featuring Drake being played at his children’s birthday party.

“I would have to bring my children to a party where this guy’s threatening to kill me on a song. Calabasas, welcome!

He said, “And then they wonder why? You end up in hospital?” This was clearly referring to his commitment.

Drake’s Sicko Mode verse raps about Drake saying “I crept down a block / made an right / cut out the lights”, which some fans have taken to be a jab at Kanye, as their houses were so close together.  

He raps, “it’s on site,” which has been interpreted as a threat against Kanye.

Drake added fuel to the feud by a line about “checks over stripes”, which presumably refers to the Nike swoosh as well as the Adidas stripes.

Drake has collaborated with Nike before on shoes, while Kanye’s sneakers are made by Adidas. 

New 'do: Kanye said his bizarre haircut was supposed to have three doves carved into it. He joked that it was called 'the Britney' at first after Britney Spears, but he now called it 'the Ye'

New ‘do – Kanye claims that his bizarre haircut was supposed have three doves in it. He joked that it was initially called “the Britney”, after Britney, but now he calls it “the Ye”.

Ancient history: He seemed to reference when Britney Spears shaved her head amid a mental health episode in 2007

Ancient history: He seems to be referring to Britney’s shaving of her head in a mental episode in 2007

Kanye explained his bizarre haircut in the video. It was quite recent at the time.

He joked that he called the look “the Britney,” possibly referring to Britney Spears’s head shaving during a mental illness episode. However, he now calls it ‘the Ye.

According to the Monster rapper, he began shaving his head but didn’t finish it. He added three doves to make the smoother patches on the top of his head.

He gave it to himself in stages so the cut was uneven. However, he liked the way the dove shapes grew back at different speeds. 

Joining in: During the interview, the hosts appeared to be smoking what looked like blunts, and Kanye had a joint, which may have been given to him

Joining in: During the interview, the hosts appeared to be smoking what looked like blunts, and Kanye had a joint, which may have been given to him

Helping out: 'Come on, you're my Joe Rogan, let's go!' he said, though he said he's 'not a real smoker' and asked someone to light up for him since he was wearing gloves

Helping out: “Come on Joe Rogan, we’ll go!” He said that he wasn’t a smoker, but he asked for someone to light up his cigar since he was still wearing gloves.

During the interview, Kanye was seen smoking what appeared to be blunts.

“Come on, Joe Rogan, let’s go!” Kanye laughed as he opened the joint and lit it up.

He said, “Hey man, I’m no real smoker, you’re gonna embarrassment me, you have gotta light it,” as he handed it back.

He laughed when he said that it would be difficult to light the candle while wearing black leather gloves.

Kanye seemed to only take one puff before setting the joint down.

He then went on to explain how he got DaBaby on the album. This was after his red hat’ times during which he publicly supported ex-President Donald Trump.

Kanye did however indicate that he supports Trump’s right-wing movement.

He said, “I’ve still got my red hat on today. I’ll let you know that.” “I might not have it on.” [at the moment]But I’ll let you know where I stand,” he said.

Still wearing the 'red hat': Kanye seemed to say that he still supports former President Donald Trump's right-wing movement

Kanye still wearing the’red head’: Kanye seemed able to state that he still supports former President Donald Trump’s right wing movement

Standing with Trump: 'I've still got a red hat on today, I'll let y'all know that,' he said. 'I might not got it on [at the moment] but I'll let y'all know where I stand,' he said

Standing with Trump: He said, “I’ve still got the red hat on today. “I might not have it on.” [at the moment]But I’ll let everyone know where my stand,’ he said.