Katy Perry exhibited exactly why she is renowned as one of the world’s most acclaimed music artists on Wednesday night as she kickstarted her first-ever Las Vegas residency, Play, at Resorts World. 

This 37-year-old singer sensation performed a show of pop talent that she and her loyal fans won’t forget. She made a hilarious reference to the Covid pandemic using giant masks and toilet props.  

According to reports, the pop star will be performing 32 shows up until March, which will see her pocket $168million, making her the latest star to cash in with nightly Sin City shows.

Probably... the best show in the world! Katy Perry 'lactated' beer out of a sexy dress made of cans before downing it during the opening night of her $168m Vegas residency - giving a nod to the pandemic with giant mask and toilet roll props

The best show, possibly in the entire world. Katy Perry was seen “lactating” beer in a dress she made from cans, before enjoying it at the beginning of her $168m Vegas residency.

Cheers! The 37-year-old singing sensation put on a pop-tastic show her avid fans would not forget, especially when she indulged on the lactated pint

Bottoms up! Katy wasted no time getting the beverage into her system

Cheers! Cheers!

Although the beer drinking was a memorable moment, Teenage Dream’s singer ensured that she wore all her wardrobe options during this momentous night, which included a bright yellow-and orange slit dress and a pink, white, vinyl mini dress. 

The star wore eight looks total for the program, including a white minidress, a PVC pink dress with toadstool inspired hat and a pink Cleopatra style gown when she emerged from the keyhole.  

The star donned a fun, bubble-inspired white gown as she performed with a large group of inflatable ducks.

Katy referenced the Covid virus, given the severity of last year’s crisis, with many large props including a mask and toilet roll, in order to refer to panic-buying for the necessary at the beginning of this crisis. 

Cheeky: Given the impact of the recent Covid pandemic, it was no surprise that Katy alluded to the virus with several oversized props, including a huge mask

Cheeky: Given the impact of the recent Covid pandemic, it was no surprise that Katy alluded to the virus with several oversized props, including a huge mask

Girl power: The Teenage Dream songstress looked sensational in a sparkling yellow, orange and white slit gown

Legs for days: Her look was completely poptastic in nature

Teenage Dream: Girl power! The Teenage Dream singer was stunning in her sparkling yellow, orange, and white slit gown 

Standing out: Katy commanded the stage in an array of fun and colourful looks, as she climbed atop an array of different props for each performance during the show

Katy stood out. She commanded attention on the stage with her array of colourful and fun looks as she mounted a variety of props to perform each act.

No loo roll shortage here! For one set, Katy sung out of a toilet after perching on a stack of rolls

Inspired by her daughter: Katy also made a sweet reference to her daughter Daisy Dove, with the inclusion of an oversized flower in the show

There is no shortage of loo rolls! Katy alluded to the recent Covid pandemic and its hysterical panic-buying, by emerging from a giant toilet, before making a sweet reference to her daughter Daisy Dove, with the inclusion of an oversized flower in the show

Swish beer: She posed on top of a Budweiser dupe beer can in her can-inspired ensemble

Swish beer. In her ensemble inspired by Budweiser, she posed in front of a Budweiser duplicate beer can. 

Metallic: Katy rocked the aluminum-can adorned look with a silver pair of over-the-knee boots

Who needs a normal bra? She looked super sassy in her get-up

Metallic: Katy donned an aluminum-can-adorned look with silver boots over the knees 

Katy’s sets, which included a keyhole as well ducks and a large face mask, were absolutely spectacular. 

Global star, she made her way through the impressive setlist that included classics like Dark Horse and California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl (Teenage Dream), Roar, Firework, and I Kiss A Girl.  

In addition to changing into 8 jaw-dropping look, she also wore the stunning sexy gown, which was flanked by other dancers sporting their own unique looks. 

Fans were eager to find out more information about her show and if they still had tickets.

One writer wrote: Got to witness the incredible @katyperry & her team perform at Vegas tonight. What an amazing treat One added, “Katy Perry’s Vegas residency…interesting… 

Sign of the times: Katy referenced the global pandemic as she sat beside a giant face mask prop

Sign of times: Katy was sitting beside a prop giant face mask, referring to the worldwide pandemic.

Here she is! At one point she emerged onto the stage in her eye-catching yellow and orange sequinned gown, surrounded by backing dancers

This is her! She stepped onto the podium in her sequinned yellow-orange gown. Backing dancers were nearby.

Quirky: For another fun look, the singer transformed into a toadstool, manoeuvring her way around the stage in a tight leather bodysuit and tasselled trousers

Work it! Katy wasn't afraid to put on a showstopping performance

Quirky: For another fun look, the singer transformed into a toadstool, manoeuvring her way around the stage in a tight leather bodysuit and tasselled trousers

Nice to meet you! She danced alongside a bikini-clad frog during one wild moment - while dressed as a sexy mushroom

We are glad to have met you. She danced beside a bikini-clad, frog for one wild moment while dressing as a sensual mushroom

We love it! Her show sparked a flurry of reaction from her die-hard fans, with many desperate to know more about the show, and more importantly whether tickets were still available

We love it! It was a huge success and prompted a lot of excitement from die-hard fans. They wanted to find out more information about her show as well as whether they were still selling tickets.


1. CELINE DION – $681.3million 

Celine Dion, one of Vegas’ longest-serving performers, earned $476,000 each show over her long tenure on-stage. 

Celine in Vegas in 2006

Celine, Las Vegas (2006)

She’s played 427 performances. Her two residencies, A New Day, which ran from 2003 to 2007 and Celine  from 2011 to 2019 combined to gross $681.3 million and sell 4,555,752 tickets, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

She is worth approximately $800 million. In 2019, her earnings surpassed $37 million. 

2. BRITNEY SEARS – $140 million

Britney signed a 2-year contract at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas in 2013. After the success of the 2014-2015 leg, Britney signed on for a second two year extension. 

They concluded in December 2017. The shows ended in December 2017. She earned $475,000 for each show. Over four years, she did nearly 250 shows. 

3. ELTON JOHN – $131million

The Million Dollar Piano was Elton John’s residency at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace. It launched in 2011, and continued until 2018. 

Jennifer performing in Vegas in 2019

Jennifer in Vegas 2019

The extremely profitable performances earned him $500,000 per show. 

4. JENNIFER LOPEZ $120 million 

Jennifer Lopez was awarded a Planet Hollywood residency that would allow her to earn $350,000 for each show she hosts between 2016 and 2018. TMZ had previously claimed.

 In August 2016, the residency raked in over $1million in ticket sales — the highest gross in Planet Hollywood history, Billboard reported. 

5. CHER – $97million 

Cher’s Classic Cher residency also took place at The Colosseum. She did 192 shows over the almost three years that she was there and earned nearly $100million. 

6. LADY GAGA — $75M 

In 2017, Lady Gaga penned a two-year contract for a residency at MGM Park Theater. This deal netted her $75million. She was making an amazing $1million per performance.  

Rod pictured in Vegas in 2012

Rod in Vegas, 2012

7. ROD STEWART $50 Million 

Rod Steward was awarded a staggering $50 million for 18 Las Vegas shows. It included the Colosseum and Caesars Palace. 

The vast pay cheque meant the star was raking in $2.7million per show – making his Vegas’ highest paid star with Rod Stewart: The Hits in Vegas. Between 2011 and 2018, the show raked in $53,911,159 in profits.   


Bruno Mars signed up in 2019 for an 11-show mini Vegas residency at MGM Park. While his earnings are unknown, it was reported in 2016 that he was offered $950,000 per show to become a Sin City resident.

Another wrote that “THIS IS how you perform a Vegas show.” One added that: “What is the matter here? And why should I find an immediate way to purchase tickets to Katy Perry’s concert in Vegas?” (Also, side note, When I’m Gone is the best thing she’s released since NRO and I NEED to hear it live with a horde of screaming, dancing fans…)’

One posted: ‘Katy looks so happy in her las vegas residency omg i love you so much and i’m so proud of you… katy perry was born for vegas and you can’t deny it… 

One gushed, “Katy Perry is the real Vegas Queen Wow.”

The Covid-19 lockdown saw the establishment of the debut residence for the mother-of-1, which will continue through the new year. 

Katy called it ‘larger-than-life’ and ‘the most fun, campy show I have ever created’.   

If the photographs taken on the show-stopping first night of the concert are any indication, California’s star is proving that it can be done. 

Stellar: After emerging from the toilet, Katy sported a stunning white sequinned dress with a fringed trim

Stunning: She teamed it with a matching headpiece and gloves, as she belted out one of her biggest hits

Stellar: Katy was seen emerging from the bathroom in a beautiful white sequinned gown with fringed trim and matching gloves as she belted one of her greatest hits.

Wow! She was surrounded by wild dancers for some pretty energetic routines as she knelt on the floor

Wow! While she kneelt on to the floor, she was surrounded with wild dancers.

Having fun? Proving that being a superstar was simply childs play, Katy was surrounded by oversized toys and props as she changed into her different looks, including a fun purple 1960s-inspired rain jacket

Have fun! Katy, proving that superstardom was not something you can do by yourself, was surround with toys and props when she changed into various looks.

She wore an incredible candy-striped dress and white boots for one number - her dress had an umbrella-style skirt design

Pretty: Her concert attire featured a lot of pink - one long-sleeve number drawing attention to her figure

One number she wore was a candy-striped, white dress with boots. The skirt of her dress was an umbrella design. 

Cheers to you! She raised her pint to her huge mask before embarking on another number

We wish you a Happy New Year! Before she began another dance number, she raised her pint up to the size of her large mask. 

What an entrance! She walked through a giant keyhole atop a rainbow floor

Wow! It was a grand entrance!

Queen of pop: She later donned a pink Cleopatra-style gown as she emerged from a keyhole, no doubt channelling the video for her single Dark Horse

Queen of pop: She later donned a pink Cleopatra-style gown as she emerged from a keyhole, no doubt channelling the video for her single Dark Horse

Quackers look: She posed in front of some giant ducks in a 60s themed mini dress with two-tone boots

Look Quackers: A 60s-themed minidress with two-tone shoes was worn by Quackers as she posed before giant ducks. 

Katy teased her viewers on Tuesday by sharing her complete set list.

For her 146million Instagram followers, the musician shared a short video in which she displayed her fine handwriting as well as sharing every song she’ll be singing during her set.

‘Tomorrow you can visit PERRY PLAYLAND, where you can sing along to many of your favourite songs. She captioned the post with #PLAY

A new chapter: On Tuesday, Katy teased her fans the night before the first show by revealing her full set list

Katy revealed her entire set list Tuesday evening, teasing her viewers the night before her first show.

Among some of the tunes she will be singing at Resorts World in Vegas are hits like California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl, Teenage Dream, Roar, and Firework.

Comedian Amy Schumer seemed ready for the show as she commented, ‘Holy s**t’ adding three fire emojis.

Rita Ora, the singer at that time, wrote: “Literally hit hit after hit after hit.” 

Hit maker: The musician posted a video for her 146million Instagram fans where she showed off her neat handwriting while sharing each song she will be performing during her set

Incredible set list: Among some of the tunes she will be singing are hits like California Gurls, I Kissed A Girl, Teenage Dream and Firework

A hit maker: This musician shared a video with her 146 million Instagram followers. She showed her handwriting and shared each song that she would be performing in her set.

Fans have been getting glimpses of behind-the scenes preparations for the show. Instagram, where you can share videos of costumes or props.

She shared a quick video to Instagram last week revealing one of her props on stage – an animated large toilet.

Perry captioned, “Only 8 days left until you can visit Perry PLAYLAND,” and added that everyone in attendance would be ‘flushed with happiness’.  

This giant toilet prop is a blinding orange shade and features two rolls of toilet paper for eyes. To mimic a mouth, the lid could move up and down. 

Perry shared recently her physical preparations for the busy residency schedule.

Quirky! She has been giving fans glimpses at the behind-the-scenes preparations ahead of the show and recently unveiled one of her many stage props - a large, animated toilet

Quirky! Quirky!

Unique props: The Teenage Dream singer also revealed another stage prop - a colorful chair and a set of children's wooden number blocks

Unusual props: The Teenage Dream singer revealed another prop on stage – a colourful chair and set of wooden numbers blocks for children.

Lucrative deal: As reported by Electronic Vegas earlier this year, the Witness songstress allegedly will 'perform two nights a week for four months during the $168 million contract'

Lucrative agreement: According to Electronic Vegas, Witness singer Faith will perform two nights per week during the $168million contract.

She sang the following: She has worked out between three and five times per week. 

Her other stories included Entertainment Tonight reports that her focus has been on strength training and weights. However, she also enjoys hiking with her family including Orlando Bloom (her actor partner) and Daisy Dove, their one-year old daughter.

“We love to hike.” “Orlando has one of these hiking backpacks we can put Daisy in; she loves them,” shared the Grammy nominated.

Getting ready: In preparation for the show, Katy said she has been working out three to five days a week and focusing on 'strength training and weights'

Getting ready: In preparation for the show, Katy said she has been working out three to five days a week and focusing on ‘strength training and weights’

It’s also a great help to her beau with fashion.

Perry said to E! News, December 15, stated Perry that Perry helped her choose the clothes for the show.

We talked about makeup and costumes. He’ll sometimes ask me for notes when I go to a fitting. I’ll show him or give them this.’ She promised fans her outfits would be full of rhinestones.

Style guru: Katy revealed that her partner Orlando Bloom was happy to give her fashion advice ahead of the residency; Pictured on Sep 30, 2021 in Beverly Hills

Style expert: Katy told Orlando Bloom that she was pleased to provide fashion advice for her ahead of the residency.