As a focus group reports, Keir starmer’s inability to convert Red Wall Torries suggests that some voters still aren’t convinced by Labour leader

  • Red Wall Seats: Sir Keir starmer seems to have difficulty convincing Tory voters 
  • Northumberland Focus Group viewed him as a’millionaire,’ but he’s not done much. 
  • Northumberland has voted Tory with a margin 712 votes.
  • All eight participants  did not believe PM was telling the truth over Partygate

Sir Keir starmer seems to have failed to persuade Tory voters in Red Wall to vote Labour, despite their anger at the No10 scandal.

More In Common held a focus group with Blyth Valley voters yesterday. 

Northumberland’s seat was blued by the Tories in 2019, after they overturned the 7,915 Labour majority and won with 712 votes.

The focus group consisted of eight individuals who said that they didn’t believe Johnson told the truth about the scandal in relation to the party. They all agreed with Johnson and suggested that he should be fired. 

But they were not persuaded by Sir Keir, describing him as a ‘millionaire’ who has not ‘really done much’ as Labour leader. 

‘Mike’, a former Labour voter who backed the Conservatives at the last election, said Sir Keir was ‘a better bet than Jeremy Corbyn’, but warned ‘I don’t think he’s really done much since he’s been in charge’. 

He added: ‘It is the weakest the Labour Party have ever been in living memory, without a shadow of a doubt.’

‘I used to vote Labour… it is not the working man’s party it once was. Champagne socialists, that is what I call them now.’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer seen leaving LBC Radio at Global Radio Studios in London on Monday

Labour leader Sir Keir Sternmer seen leaving LBC Radio in London at Global Radio Studios on Monday

‘Joseph’, another person who voted Tory in 2019, said: ‘I don’t see the point of the Labour Party at the moment, they just seem to agree with everything they [the Conservatives] say.’

Focus group member ‘Joanne’, who also voted Tory last time, said she did so because of Brexit. 

‘He [Boris Johnson]He was the only person who would actually finish it. It had been going on for so long that it was almost unbearable. He finally got it sorted.’

They praised Rishi Sunak as ‘probably the best of a mediocre bunch’ if the Prime Minister does stand down. 

Someone suggested to him that his status as a Teetotaller may help him win leadership elections.

While most had not heard of Liz Truss, one described her as a ‘snake in the grass’.