Sage scientists have admitted their dire predictions of soaring Covid hospitalisations have ‘not been seen’ – as it was revealed that almost two-thirds of London patients with the virus were admitted for another reason.

According to the Government’s scientists, Omicron hospitalisations at high levels that were predicted last month by their experts have yet to be confirmed.

The warning came after a professor at a university warned Britons not to be ‘obsessed with cases’.

We found that 60 per cent of those in hospitals in Capital City were being treated for Covid.

On December 23, Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies(Sage) stated that hospitalizations could spike at between 3,000-10,000 per day based on modeling. 

Just 533 people (29 percent) were treated in East Midlands for coronavirus.

Nearly 48 percent of coronavirus-infected patients in hospitals across England were there for treatment.

The figures show large numbers of people are entering hospital only with Covid – and not because of it.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, (Sage), warned December 23 that hospitalisations could reach a peak of between 3,000 to 10,000 per day based upon modelling. But the highest number of daily hospitalisations was 2,605 on December 29 – and the latest figures reveal they have dropped to 1,905.

Sage’s latest meeting, last week, acknowledged that admissions have not increased as expected.

Among 2,962 people in hospital beds in the capital who were confirmed to have Covid on January 18, 60 per cent were primarily admitted for a separate, unrelated problem

From the 2,962 Covid-positive patients in Capital Hospital on January 18th, 60% were admitted primarily for another unrelated issue

There were 107,364 new Covid cases reported across the UK yesterday, which is down from a 218,724 high on January 4

Yesterday’s UK Covid case reports were down by 107,364 from January 4, when they reached a high of 218,724

This could be explained by higher levels of vaccination against hospitalisation and slower waning vaccine protection than anticipated. Advisors said that it was not clear what would happen in the next weeks to hospital admissions, as case rates are still high.

The number of new Covid cases in the UK was reported at 107.364, which is down from 218,724 on January 4. 

An additional 1,794 Covid patients were admitted to hospital in England, bringing the total Covid patient count to 15,302.

It is down by 15,742 from a day before. From 797 patients on January 4, there are 573 Covid-infected people in England. In the UK, another 335 people died within 28 days from a positive Covid diagnosis.

The figures reveal that however, the rates of new cases among English schoolchildren have risen sharply to an all-time high. 

A total of 1,935 cases per 100,000 five to nine-year-olds was recorded in the seven days to January 16 – up week-on-week from 1,372.

Francois Balloux from University College London is professor of computational system biology. It’s a little addictive.