Knifeman injures three victims during attack on high speed German train; police arrested a 27 year-old suspect

  • A knifeman in Germany has injured several passengers on high-speed trains.
  • High-speed ICE train running between Regensburg and Nuremberg was attacked by attacker
  • At around 9:00 AM local time, police received the call. 
  • A single person was arrested. However, there are no details about the attacker.

Three people were injured by a knifeman on a train traveling at high speed in Germany.

Local media reported that police received a report about the attack around 9:00 AM local time Saturday morning. The high-speed ICE train was traveling at a fast pace. Between Regensburg & Nuremberg

A single person was arrested, and many others were injured.  

Bild, a mass German newspaper of daily circulation, stated that the knifer attacker had been a 27 year-old Arab-born man. According to some reports, the knifer attacker had suffered from psychological issues and called for assistance on the train.  

Investigators are still trying to determine if there is a terrorist connection. 

A knifeman has wounded several people on a high-speed train in Germany (stock image)

A knifeman in Germany has injured several people aboard a train that travels at high speed (stock image).

It happened in Neumarkt, Upper Palatinate. The train was stopped at Seubersdorf southeast Nuremberg.

German media claimed that deployment trains from special forces of Bavarian Police were on the way to Regensburg for a football match and that they were present in the vicinity at the time. 

The Upper Palatinate Police Headquarters can be found on-site, and forensics is on the ICE in order to protect evidence.

The spokesperson for the German Railway Network confirmed that Seubersdorf station, at which the train currently stops, was closed around 9:15am, and that trains between Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Regensburg have been stopped.

This is an breaking news story. Stay tuned for more.