One migrant has created a fake diabetic coma in order to seek asylum at Majorca’s hospital. However, 15 of his friends are still running after they jumped from an aircraft that made an emergency landing.

The aircraft was being diverted to Palma Airport by paramedics. A group of Moroccans escaped through an open door, disappearing into darkness. 

After feigning diabetic coma, the man was said to be fine by medics when he reached Son Llatzer island hospital. A companion was allowed to accompany him. However, the suspect was on the run again this morning.

A migrant has faked a diabetic coma to claim asylum at a hospital in Majorca while 15 of his companions are still on the run. Pictured: authorities search the airport

While 15 of his fellow migrants remain on the run, a migrant has feigned a diabetic condition to obtain asylum in Majorca. Photo: Authorities search airport 

Paramedics boarded the aircraft that was diverted to Palma Airport and the group of Moroccans took advantage by fleeing through the open door. Pictured: Spanish Civil Guard investigate at the airport

Paramedics boarded an aircraft which was being diverted to Palma Airport. The group of Moroccans then took advantage and fled through the door. Photo: Spanish Civil Guard investigating at the airport

Around 40 incoming and outbound flights, including several international flights, are said to have been delayed

According to reports, around 40 outbound and inbound flights including many international flights were delayed.

The incident is being treated by police as an ingenious and well-planned coup. It’s believed that it was the first aviation related event.

Yesterday evening, after an apparent diabetic episode, the emergency landing plane that was heading to Istanbul in Turkey, from Casablanca (Morocco) made an emergency landing.

According to well-placed sources, the victims fled from the plane by forming a mass on the exit doors as the medical personnel arrived. They made their way out of the airport shortly after they were taken away from the plane.

They flew from the aircraft initially believed to be Air Maroc. However, it was identified locally as being operated by Air Arabic Maroc.

Security forces, firefighters and police searched the runways for the group who fled the plane upon landingz

Police, firefighters, and security forces searched the runways looking for those who had fled the plane after it landed.

cand a companion allowed to travel with him to the medical centre was still on the run this morning after vanishing soon after their arrival.

A man was arrested for allegedly feigning diabetic compa. He told medics that he was in good health when he reached Son Llatzer hospital. 

Spanish Airports Authority Aena said that business was resumed just before midnight.

This morning, it was confirmed that 13 of the flights from Palma were diverted. Five to Barcelona, four, Ibiza and two to Menorca were all affected. One to Madrid Barajas, another to Valencia, and one to Menorca.

According to reports, around 40 outbound and inbound flights including many international flights were delayed.

Margot, 25, a Londoner, said to MailOnline last night that she is onboard a plane. She was stuck at the runway for more than two hours because the airport had gone into lockdown.

Five flights to Barcelona, four to Ibiza, two to Menorca, one to Madrid Barajas and another to Valencia were diverted

The flight to Barcelona was diverted on five occasions, as were four flights to Ibiza and two to Menorca. One to Madrid Barajas, another to Valencia, and one to Menorca. 

Spanish airports authority Aena confirmed business had been resumed in a tweet just before midnight

Spanish airport authority Aena said that the business has been resumed with a tweet shortly before midnight

The plane was due to depart shortly before the emergency landing. It had been delayed by a diabetic passenger. 

“As the plane touched down, 24 people ran away from security and medics. They are being sought by the police.

According to local reports, the fake patient at the heart of the drama was believed to have requested asylum in political matters. His age is not known but it’s assumed that he’s either early twenties, or his thirties.

Overnight, six Moroccans were arrested after the five other runaway passengers were caught earlier in the night in Marratxi.

For an official statement, police could not reach them this morning.

A sixth Moroccan was arrested overnight after five of the runaway passengers were intercepted earlier in the evening in the municipality of Marratxi

After five runaways were caught earlier that evening in Marratxi, a sixth Moroccan was taken into custody overnight

The plane, heading for Istanbul in Turkey from the Moroccan city of Casablanca, made an emergency landing

An emergency landing was made by the plane that was headed for Istanbul in Turkey.

The hunt for runaways involves both the National Police of Spain and the Civil Guard.

Majorca is becoming a popular destination for people-smugglers. They help illegal migrants arrive on the island via boat, from countries like Algeria.

Moroccans favor the Straits of Gibraltar or the Canaries route to avoid the dangers of crossing the Atlantic from their home country.

After discovering that a Moroccan OAP was trying to illegally transport a 12 year-old African boy inside his car, police arrested him.

After detecting the heartbeat of the child using a special machine, officers found him hidden under a pair a dirty shorts.

The officer verified that the schoolboy was in the small space between the BMW X5 engine and its passenger after reaching inside the dashboard with his right hand to check at a border point between Morocco and Spain’s Melilla, north African enclave.

Majorca is increasingly a key destination for people smugglers who help illegal migrants reach the island by boat from the likes of Algeria

Majorca has become a major destination for people smugglers, who assist illegal migrants to reach Majorca by boat.

It was torn apart, and the child who was said to be disoriented and having difficulty breathing due to the forced position that he was placed in, received medical attention at the scene.

A young Moroccan lady was dragging an eight year-old boy from Morocco to Spain at the Ceuta border crossing in May 2015.

Ali Ouattara was his father and was in Spain at the time. He had tried to bring Adou to Spain but Adou was not allowed to cross. A Cadiz court later handed Adou a suspended sentence of three months in prison.

At his trial, he claimed that he didn’t know his son would be packed in a suitcase. He also thought that he would illegally enter Spain in a car.

Experts in aviation from Spain describe last night’s massive plane escape, caused by an allegedly fake medical emergency as the ‘first of their kind.

The police will question the first migrants to be questioned by officers to find out if they were briefed prior to making their request for freedom.