Laura Tobin experienced firsthand why they don’t work with animals when a sheep carried Laura on its back while she was on live TV. 

Tobin, 40, was working at Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead (Surrey) as part of an Autumnal Weather Forecast for Good Morning Britain, when the moment came about. 

Although she was confident in her forecast, the weatherwoman was unable to keep her cool when a Ram stepped between her legs and carried the weatherwoman sideways on his back. 

Laura fought back a fit of giggles, as GMB hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh looked on in amusement, while viewers said the hilarious moment ‘made their morning’.

Laura Tobin, 40, was taken over by a fit of giggles while doing her forecast from Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead, Surrey, pictured

Laura Tobin, 40 years old, was overcome by giggles while forecasting from Bocketts Farm, Leatherhead, Surrey.

The ITV weather woman was carried away by a mischievous ram while live on air, and laughed hysterically, pictured

The ITV Weather Woman was taken by a mischievous Ram while she was live on air. She laughed hysterically. 

Laura, who was wearing a black mini-skirt with a pumpkin sweater, and a white mini-skirt in the same color, started confidently. 

The weatherman was giving her forecast while she was feeding the sheep in one of the farm’s enclosed. 

She said, “There is never bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” 

It’s not too bad this morning. I’m at Bocketts Farm, and this week. It is half-term, so whether you are heading out on farms, to pumpkin patches, and whether you’re just out for fresh air, the weather is looking mixed this week through the next few weeks. 

Laura began the segment with confidence, feeding the pack of sheep from a bucket she carried with her, pictured

Laura began the segment confidently by feeding the sheep from a bucket that she had with her. 

Laura was busy taking grains from a bucket and feeding the sheep pack throughout the forecast.

Laura continued her segment as normal, when one of the rams in front gave her a push, but Laura ignored it, and she continued speaking.

While she spoke, the presenter fed the enthusiastic pack of rams around her.

One playful ram didn’t seem to mind that Laura was on TV and he stepped behind Laura.

The presenter shrieked as the mischievous animal stepped between them from behind.

Laura completely lost it after the sheep rammed her, and struggled to finish her segment on a serious note. Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh, who presented today's show, were also in stitches

After the sheep rammed Laura, Laura lost it completely and struggled to finish her segment. Ranvir Singh and Richard Madeley, who presented today’s show, were also in stitches 

Laura was forced to interrupt her forecast by the sheep, which carried her sideways on its stomach.

Laura said, “Sorry, but I wasn’t expecting” to be riding a sheep. The sheep carried Laura away. 

The mother-of-one laughed so hard she managed to get off her bike, and the sheep moved away from the shot. But she struggled to stay upright for the rest.

Laura was actually so laughing that she had trouble understanding the sentences.

The presenter tried to remain professional as the sheep stepped between her legs while she announced the weather for today

The presenter tried her best to remain professional even though the sheep stepped between the legs of her leg while she announced today’s weather. 

Her laughter was infectious, and Ranvir and Richard were also laughing in the studio as they watched the scene unfold. 

Richard laughed, Ranvir shook her head, and Richard joked, “You displayed some good sheep-manship here.” 

Laura said, after regaining her emotions, “It just appeared between me legs and suddenly, I was getting a sheep ride.”

Laura was a true professional who regained her composure after finishing the segment and continued feeding the sheep.

One person said, “Brilliant! I saw it live!”  

Bocketts Farm is not a tourist attraction. You can feed them, but they won’t let you ride them.’ She said, returning to feeding the sheep.

The moment had viewers in stitches and some even said it made their day. 

One joked, “Never work with children or animals.” 

Another person said “Brilliant.” 

One said, “Laura professional, she didn’t stop, it’s funny,”   

One replied, “Made me my morning seeing this,” 

Viewers were left in stitches by the funny segment, as some said it made their morning, and others said it was 'brilliant'

The funny segment left viewers in stitches. Some said it made their day, while others said it was brilliant.