In a Christmas card photo released today by Meghan Markle, Lilibet Diana is beaming while she’s being tossed in the air.

Prince Harry, 37 and Meghan, 41, are now living in California’s $14 million home after they have stepped away from their royal duties. They have never shared photos of their daughter before.

The snap shows the six-month old smiling with her father as she is carried into the air by his mother.  

The image shows her wearing a white frilly top and plain white diaper. 

Six-month-old Lilibet Diana can be seen beaming as she is tossed into the air by Meghan Markle, 40, in a new Christmas card snap released by the Sussexes today

In a snap by Meghan Markle (40), Lilibet Diana, six months old, can be seen smiling as she’s tossed in the air by Meghan Markle.

The six-month-old, who showed off a gummy smile in the picture, also appears to share her father Harry and brother Archie’s shock of red hair. 

Today marks the first time royal fans have been able to see Lilibet’s face. 

After a frame of Prince Harry and Meghan kissing their newborn babies took pride of spot on her desk during a video celebrating her 40th, it is believed that Meghan revealed the grainy first photo of her second child.

A connected frame could contain three more black-and-white photos. The central photo appears to depict Harry kissing his baby, while the one on the right may show Meghan holding her young child.

Today marks the first time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have ever shared a photograph of their daughter with the public

Today is the first day that the Duke and Duchess have shared photos of their daughter with public.  

Lilibet – whose middle name is Diana – was born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in June.

Lilibet, the name of Queen Victoria’s younger sister Margaret and her parents, was first coined.

George VI once stated: “Lilibet” is my pride. Margaret is my joy.

According to reports, Prince Harry informed the Queen that her great grandson would be named after her before they made their official announcement on their official site.

Buckingham Palace seemed to have been caught off-guard by the timing, as a palace spokesperson congratulated the couple only 90 minutes after it was announced. 

Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were expecting their second child, a daughter, in March this year (pictured with Archie)

Prince Harry and Meghan revealed they would be having their second child in March. (Photo: Archie). 

It is still unknown if and when the Queen will finally meet her great granddaughter.

In August, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam told the Express the couple will ‘do things their own way’ with their daughter Lilibet.

He stated that it seemed certain that Meghan would be christened in her home state, with all the secrecy and without any controversy like Archie’s.  

New family picture shows Meghan with her giggling daughter while Harry smiles and holds their arm.

The only previous picture of Lilibet (centre) that's been seen is a very grainy black and white photo on Meghan's desk during her 40th birthday video call with Melissa McCarthy

Only one previous Lilibet photo (centre), has been taken. It was a grainy, black-and-white image that Meghan took during her 40th Birthday video conference with Melissa McCarthy.

Archie looks exactly like his father with shock of red hair. He is dressed casually in jeans, just like the rest, but his face is visible unlike any other photos Harry and Meghan have shared, which only show the child from the side.

The Sussexes are currently living in Montecito in a £14.7million home. They released the card to say they had donated to several charities.

“This was the year that we welcomed Lilibet our baby girl to this world. Archie called us “Mama” and Papa, and Lili became a member of the family,” their message stated. 

“As we look ahead to 2022, we have donated on your behalf several organizations that honor or protect families – from American families in need of parental leave to those who are being moved from Afghanistan.

It comes as the couple – who used the American ‘Happy Holidays’ phrase rather than the British ‘Merry Christmas’ in their card – prepare to spend their third festive period outside of the UK, and away from Prince Harry’s family. 

The photograph shows Harry, Meghan, and Archie choosing a casual look with denim jeans. Archie paired his with a navy sweater, and the Duke a blue one. 

The Duke and Duchess mark a shift in their relationship, as they have kept the faces of their children hidden in photographs taken recently. 

Archie has not been seen in public since they stepped back together as senior royals last March. His most recent photograph, released this May to celebrate his second birthday, shows him looking directly at the camera.

He was present during the Oprah Winfrey interview as well as Prince Harry’s mental-health documentary. However, royal fans could only see his face.