The Old Bailey accuses a property developer of killing and decapitating 67-year-old Malaysian pensioner in London. He then drove 250 miles to the Devon woods where he dumped his headless body.

  • Malaysian pensioner is to be evicted by property developer at 37
  • Jemma Mitchel allegedly killed Mee Kuen Chong (67) in London
  • The body was then taken by her to Devon woods, where she allegedly drove over 250 miles 
  • Mitchell denied the murder charge, speaking only to confirm her own name 

Today, a female property developer was accused of cutting off the head of a Malaysian pensioner.

Jemma Mitchell (37) allegedly murdered Mee Kung Chong in London. She drove 250 miles to dump her body in Devon’s woodland.

On June 11, Mrs Chong was reported missing. She was also known as Deborah.

Jemma Mitchell

Mee Kuen Chong

Jemma Mitchell (left), allegedly killed Mee Kuen Choong (right) and drove over 250 miles to dispose of the body in Devon woodland. 

A special ops tent set up next to the woodland in Devon where Miss Chong's body was found

An ops tent is set up in the forest near Devon, where Miss Chong was found.

A murder investigation was launched by police after the headless body of her mother was found in Salcombe woodlands on June 27th.

Mitchell, wearing a white blouse and speaking only to confirm her identity, appeared today at the Old Bailey via videolink through HMP Bromfield.

Oliver Glasgow, the prosecution’s attorney, told the court that Mee Kuen Chong was an accused of murdering Mee Kuen Chong (a Malaysian woman aged 67).

Mrs Chong had been reported missing from her home in Wembley on June 11 before her headless body was found in woodland in Salcombe, Devon, on June 27

On June 11, Mrs Chong was reported as missing from her Wembley home. Her headless body was discovered in Salcombe on June 27, Devon.

“She was reported missing the 11th of Juni, but her headless body wasn’t found until the 27th. June when a Devon family was walking their dog.

Mitchell was taken into custody by Judge Mark Lucraft, the Recorder of London. Mitchell will be tried on September 26, next year.

Mitchell of Brondesbury, north-west London denies the murder.