Liverpool Church says it is okay to leave its doors open late at night for sex workers, despite residents complaining about condoms.

  • All Saints Church, located in Liverpool’s Kensington red light area 
  • To ensure that sex workers are safe, the gates of the parking lot remain open during nightfall. 
  • Officials from the Church say that people shouldn’t be punished for doing sexwork 
  • The Church stated in a statement that its mission was to assist vulnerable persons  

Liverpool’s church confessed that they leave their gates unlocked at night knowing that there is sex on the premises.

Liverpool’s Kensington district is best known for having many sex workers. They use the All Saints Church parking lot as their base of operations.  

All Saints Church responded to local complaints and said that it had decided to close its doors based upon its values and mission to assist vulnerable persons.

According to the church, women shouldn’t be punished for having sex with men and left open parking lots offers them some protection.  

The Liverpool Echo received a statement from a spokesperson for the church saying: “All Saints Church Kensington believes that everyone is equal before God, and we want to provide refuge for all those who are in need.” The church has been working with the community for many years to provide support and God’s love to sex workers and try to give them a different path.

Pictured: Residents living near Kensington’s All Saints Church, Liverpool have complained about the use of their car park at night by sex workers, with permission from authorities 

Among the complaints from residents is the rubbish left behind by sex workers and their clients which includes used condoms and drug paraphernalia

One of the most common complaints is from the residents about the garbage left by the sex workers. It includes drug paraphernalia, condoms, and used condoms. 

The church said it is their mission to help vulnerable people living and working in the community

It is the mission of the church to aid vulnerable individuals living in or working in their community.

“We work closely with Addaction and Armistead in order to give professional assistance to the vulnerable communities. It works. In recent years, we have witnessed many women transition from sexwork to rehabilitation.

It was acknowledged by the church that trust building takes time. This is why it is important to offer safe and non-judgmental spaces.

“The church has carefully and prayerfully considered both the advantages and dangers of keeping our gates closed,” it said.

“We recognize that providing a safe place for people comes with risks and that this can cause some to be upset or offended.

“We partner with other agencies to protect our land from misuse and are willing to hear the concerns of our community as well as work together with our neighbors.

“We remember that the women in question are human beings. We also recognize they often wrestle with different parts of their lives, but we don’t judge them for it.

A resident complained about the nuisance created by the sex workers to the local media. 

A neighbour who didn’t want to be identified said that he lived at the back all Saint Church off Sheil road Liverpool.

“There’s a problem with drug use and sex in the local area, and All Saints Church is leaving the gates unlocked for girls who want to use their grounds.

“I’ve complained to the Church about what was happening, and what the children in the back bedrooms are hearing and seeing at night. But they don’t seem interested. They replied that they would never lock the doors.

There were a variety of views within the community, some supporting and others opposing the church. 

Michelle Walsh wrote on Facebook that she was proud of Addaction. These girls wouldn’t go to the park if it wasn’t for Addaction. It is clear that this helps these women who are most vulnerable.

Jessica Renee concurred, saying: “I’m atheist, but can see good in this Church.”

However, others weren’t so certain.

Brian Comer declared: “How is that loving behaviour?” You’re making a problem worse! It’s making the problem even worse.

Peter Bradley from the locality shared his opinion via Twitter: “It’s okay for these people allowing that, probably don’t live here.”

However, overall the majority of people could see both the positive aspects and human side to what the church was doing.

Paula Newnes provided a balanced view, saying: “The church wouldn’t have to do that if there weren’t safe places for these young girls to go.

“Yes, this is not great news for the community. But just imagine how desperate these girls must feel to risk their lives.

They’re either trying to get a fix, feed an addiction or make money to support their families.

“Giving them somewhere secure might get them out of the current mess they’re in.”

How do the UK laws deal with prostitution?

Although prostitution isn’t illegal entirely in the UK there are many other activities that could be considered unlawful.

Both selling and paying for sex is allowed. Northern Ireland’s laws, however, are more restrictive and make it illegal for people to pay for sex.

It is not illegal to act as a private prostitute, or as an outcall attendant. 

It is not illegal to offer sex at brothels for prostitutes, as long as they don’t manage the brothel.

It is a crime to incite or cause prostitution, or to control it for your personal gain under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Sometimes referred to by ‘pimping’

It is illegal to run a brothel under the 1956 Sexual Offences Act.

Kerb-crawling can also be banned provided that it is proven the person was annoying others.

Since 2001, ads placed in telephone boxes are prohibited

The laws also cover human trafficking in which women are forced to prostitution.

You can also use general laws to address the problem of sex trading and public nuisance.