After hearing his wife’s death on the phone, a SAS: Who Dares Wins celebrity has found joy again with the birth of his baby girl. 

Danny Cross’s life was hit by tragedy six years ago when his wife Nicola, 37, was brutally murdered as she tried to protect their children,  then six and three, from a crazed intruder who had broken into their Hemel Hempstead home.

He now shares joy with Alex Wells (mental health worker, new wife), whom he describes as his “gift from heaven” after she assisted him through the process. The couple welcomed a girl in July.

Six years ago, the 43-year old heard his wife Nicola be stabbed by Marcin Porczynski. She tried desperately to save their two children who thankfully survived. 

Alex Wells is now married to Daniel Wells, IT Specialist. They are currently celebrating the birth of their daughter who was born in July.

Danny Cross has found joy with mental health worker and new wife Alex Wells who he described as his 'gift from heaven' after she helped him in the aftermath of the ordeal, and the pair welcomed a baby girl in July

Danny Cross has found joy with mental health worker and new wife Alex Wells who he described as his ‘gift from heaven’ after she helped him in the aftermath of the ordeal, and the pair welcomed a baby girl in July

Dan, who had shared the news of their new baby via social media, spoke about his joy in an inspiring podcast with James English.

It was written by the father of three: “It has been six years since we lost Nicola.” While it has been challenging, the current state of life is positive. My baby is now here.. It wasn’t my plan, but it’s all part of the journey.

He shared how he met Alex. 

“I met her at the pub, and she said hello to me. Later on Alex made us a match. When I began to talk with her, it turned out she was a psychologist. 

Nicola (pictured) was attacked by schizophrenic Marcin Porczynski after he broke into the couple's home in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, in September 2015

Marcin Porczynski, a schizophrenic, attacked Nicola after he entered the couple’s house in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire in September 2015.

Dan married Alex Wells in 2019 and the pair welcomed a little girl this summer

Alex and Dan were married in 2019. They welcomed their first child this summer.

She had recently started a new job as a child psychiatrist when we met. It was like being a child of God. I couldn’t ask for better people to work with.

“She wasn’t one of those professionals who helped us. But she’s probably done more for us than anyone will realize.”

Dan speaks candidly about his horrifying moment of hearing his wife murdered in their Hemel Hempstead home, Hertfordshire.

While he was working 200 miles from her on the night of the murder, he heard the terror unfolding over the telephone while seated in Hull’s hotel room.

Dan recalls, “Instamment I screamed that I was sure someone was there,”

“I picked up the hotel telephone and dialed 999. It didn’t work. The next time I attempted to call the police, Nicky was screaming at me. It was all pushing, struggling and that sort of thing.

“I could hear the horror that was happening. At the moment, there were many thoughts in my head. Because of the nature and volume of the calls, I know deep down that I was certain something terrible would happen. Nicky died, I believed the kids would be next.

He is now engaged to Alex Wells (pictured together), a mental health clinician who he has been dating for the past 15 months

Alex Wells, a mental healthcare clinician and now his wife of 15 months, is the one he’s engaged to.

I can clearly recall yelling at the operator on the phone that she would take responsibility for my kids’ deaths if she did not act quickly enough. 

It wasn’t her fault. However, as soon as she put her phone down, I kept Nick’s line open, talking to her. I replied, “Stay with me” and “I can hear you”, but she didn’t answer. It was impossible for me to get up from the floor.

“My legs felt completely helpless. I was just trying to drag myself to bed, trying to make them work. I also remember hitting my legs hard with my fists in an attempt to stimulate my legs so that they could feel better.

“Eventually, I just sat down in my hotel room shaking. My arms couldn’t be controlled. I was talking with Nicola over the phone when I suddenly heard my children cry on the telephone. I felt like they were still alive. However, I heard them yelling “Mummy, wake up!” I could hear the paramedics arriving with the police. That’s when the line was cut. I did not want to continue listening.

Nicola was stabbed ten times at their home in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire while Dan listened to the call from Hull, 200 miles away.

Porczynski (pictured) was detained in a secure psychiatric unit for an indefinite period after pleading guilty to Nikki's manslaughter at St Albans Crown Court on the grounds of diminished responsibility

Porczynski was taken into a secure mental unit after being convicted of Nikki’s murder at St Albans Crown Court under diminished responsibility

Porczynski pleaded guilty in Nicolas death on grounds of diminished responsability and was held in a secure psychiatric unit indefinitely.

Alex proposed to Dan three years ago. He first mentioned their relationship on This Morning, January 2018. 

He claimed that memory boxes had been a method she used to help his children recall their mothers’ memories. It was a technique she had learned from her own work.

Alex is great with the kids. Her relationship with her children is amazing. She’s an expert in mental health and is well-equipped to handle them. She is loved by them all.

Dan joined Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares wins after Nicola’s passing. Here contestants go through an elite selection process to select SAS soldiers.

He brought tears to the eyes of Ant Middleton and Jason Fox, both who were ex-special forces soldiers.

Dan became a passionate campaigner in order to assist others affected by crime. StrongMen was his charity of choice for grieving men.

This organization offers weekend retreats to bereaved men for outdoor activities and the chance to connect with other people who are grieving.

Mr Cross first revealed his relationship with Miss Wells in January while speaking on the This Morning show. He said the mental health clinician was 'great with the kids'

On January’s This Morning, Cross spoke out for the first time about his relationship to Miss Wells. According to Cross, the mental healthcare clinician is a ‘great friend’ for the children.