Covid had caused the Lord Mayor’s Show to be cancelled again in 2020. 

This tradition, dating back to the 13th century, celebrates the installation of a new Lord mayor and is among the most ancient traditions in Britain.

The City of London’s Lord Mayor is Sadiq Khan.

Vincent Keaveny, 693rd person in the Office of the Royal Courts of Justice was today sworn into office.

His term is for one year. He will play a major role in supporting and promoting Britain’s financial sector industries, holding banquets, and hosting diplomats from abroad.

Show organisers said that the parade featured fully-sized model elephants, Japanese drummers, and a horse-drawn coach. However, the state coach was still the most ancient ceremonial vehicle currently in use.

Yeomen Warders (centre) with Lord Mayor of the City of London's ceremonial bodyguards in Guildhall Yard before the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London

The Yeomen Warders are shown (center) together with the Lord Mayor of London’s ceremonial guards at Guildhall Yard, before the Lord Mayor’s Show in London

Vincent Keaveny, the 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London, (centre left) during the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London

Vincent Keaveny (693rd Lord Mayor of London) at the Lord Mayor’s Show, City of London

A performer smiles during the annual Lord Mayor's Show through the streets of the City of London

Performer smiling during the Lord Mayor’s Show that takes place in the City of London

Vincent Keaveny, the 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London, in the State Coach before the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London

Vincent Keaveny (the 693rd Lord Mayor of London), in the State Coach just before the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Financial services are one of the main industries the Lord Mayor of the City of London supports and promotes in his role

One of the major industries Lord Mayor of London promotes and supports is financial services

A soldier in military dress and medals rides a black horse as he grips the reins as well as a silver sword while wearing white gloves

While wearing white gloves, a soldier dressed in military uniform and with medals rides on a black horse while he holds the reins.

A member of the armed forces during the parade in the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London

A soldier in green camouflage and goggles holds a black gun

Parade of the Lord Mayor’s Show, City of London. Armed forces personnel

The Show dates back to the early 13th century, when King John rashly allowed the City of London to appoint its own Mayor

The Show began in the 13th century when King John allowed London to elect its Mayor.

Even a City of London Bob the Builder made an appearance at the inauguration of the new Lord Mayor, Vincent Keaveny

Vincent Keaveny was inaugurated as Lord Mayor of London. Even Bob the Builder from London made an appearance.

Soldiers in present and past uniforms took to the parade

A soldier in a British army issue helmet joined the parade

Parade participants included soldiers in both past and present uniforms. Right: A soldier wearing a helmet made by the British Army joined the parade.

A jet black horse reacts during the Lord Mayor's Show as it is ridden during the parade through London today

As it’s ridden through London, a jet-black horse reacts to the Lord Mayor’s Show

Representations of Magog (left) and Gog (right). In the Hebrew Bible they were thought to want to invade Israel, while in Christian scriptures they were portrayed as evil spirits opposed to God

Representations of Magog, (left), and Gog, (right). They were depicted as hostile spirits to God in the Christian Scriptures, but they are depicted as wanting to invade Israel in the Hebrew Bible.

The procession saw a colourful mix of costumes and professions come together to celebrate the yearly event as it returned to London

As the annual event returned to London, it was celebrated with a colorful parade that featured a mix of professions and costumes.

The Worshipful Company of Distillers joined in a beer-bicycle, or pedibus, as they used their feet to move their beer-laden vehicle forwards

As they moved their beer-laden vehicles forward, the Worshipful Company of Distillers joined forces in a beer bicycle, or pedibus.

This inflatable rugby player with a black and white headband was suspended above the streets of London in a permanent dive to score a try

An inflatable rugby player wearing a black and/or white headband was suspended from the sky above London to score a try.

The parade saw crowds gather to watch the history event for the first time in two years after 2020's event was cancelled because of Covid

The historic event saw large crowds watching the parade for the second time in 2 years, after the 2020 event was cancelled by Covid.

There were a variety of weapons on display as parade-goers watched men in metal armour and helmets with red trimmings

Parade-goers saw men wearing metal armour, helmets and red trims as they admired a range of weapons.

It was not only weapons and military might on display as London's culture was celebrated en-masse for the Lord Mayor's Show

London’s culture was celebrated at the Lord Mayor’s Show, but not just military might and weapons.

A man in a green top dressed as a flower with white face paint and petal wings waves as he takes part in today's procession

As he participates in the procession today, a man wearing a green top and dressed like a flower waves. He has white petal wings and face paint.

The 693rd Lord Mayor of London will be Alderman Vincent Keaveny of the Farringdon Within ward, who works as a partner in the international law firm DLA Piper

Alderman Vincent Keaveny from the Farringdon Within Ward will serve as the Lord Mayor of London 693rd. He is also a partner at DLA Piper, an international law firm.

Participants march in a parade during the Lord Mayor's show in London

Participants participate in a parade in the Lord Mayor’s London show

Two people dress up together as a sheep with an orange face and blue eyes, with only their shoes and forearms visible

With their soles and feet visible, two people pretend to be sheeps with an orange face and blue eyes.

A black and brown owl with piercing yellow eyes look out over the parade from the top of a military vehicle in London

From the top of London’s military vehicles, a black-and-brown owl and its piercing yellow eyes looks out at the parade.

The owl was joined by a slender cat wearing a navy blue scarf and a poppy as it too waved while standing in a military vehicle

As the owl waved in front of a military vehicle, a small cat with a blue scarf and poppy joined it.

A soldier in green, beige and brown camouflaged uniform stands in a doorway with camouflage paint on his face while wearing a helmet

Un camouflaged soldier wearing camouflage paint and a helmet stands before a front door. He is dressed in camouflage uniforms in brown, green, and beige.

Sadly the gold bullion on display were only replicas, although they represent the services the Lord Mayor will seek to support

Unfortunately, the replicas of the gold bullion displayed were not real. However they represented the services that the Lord Mayor intends to promote.

A pair of horses with white fluffy hooves in traditional reins and blinkers draws a maroon carriage with a brass band on top

Two horses, white with fluffy hooves, in traditional blinkers and reins draw a maroon carriage with brass bands on the top.

The 800-year-old tradition shows off the best of all cultures in a celebratory spirit for the inauguration of the Lord Mayor

In a celebration spirit of Lord Mayor’s induction, the tradition of 800-years old showcases the best from all cultures

Members of the Royal Air Force paraded through the streets of London with their bayonets fixed to their guns as they marched in uniforms with white gloves

Royal Air Force personnel paraded down the streets in London wearing white gloves, and their bayonets were fixed to their guns.

Younger members of the military in navy blue jumpers, poppies and white belts with ivory-coloured gloves and blue berets paraded as well

Paraded were also young military personnel in navy jumpers, poppies, and white belts.

A young woman in military gear with a army issue gun sits on the top of an army vehicle during the parade

During the parade, a young girl in military attire and an army issue gun sits at the top of an Army vehicle.