As he tried to save a great-grandmother, 84 years old, from being repeatedly knifed in the face by a “madman” at a West London kebab shop, a 20-year-old boy was fatally attacked.

Betty Walsh (84), a retired barmaid, was punched to death as she tried to go to Best Kebab and Fish Bar, Albany Parade, Brentford. She then got stabbed to death last night.

The knifeman fatally stabbed a 20-year-old man, Ali Abucar Ali, who tried to help her. 

Betty’s relatives said that Betty, a pensioner, is not on the “critical” list since he had a kidney transplant following the terrible attack.

The doctors said that it was premature to predict when she would be allowed to leave St Mary’s Hospital at Paddington.

Ali Abucar Ali, 20, was found dead by police and paramedics after they were called to reports of a stabbing on Albany Parade at 8pm yesterday evening

Paramedics and police found Ali Abucar Ali (age 20) dead in their pursuit to investigate reports of an attack on Albany Parade yesterday at 8pm.

Mister Ali (20 years old) was described as a hero for helping the OAP to survive his death.

His character was one of hardwork and a scholar.

Ali’s mother had tried to comfort Betty before getting the shocking news from the police about her son’s death.

Betty is affectionately called ‘Betty Boo,’ by her friends. She has been a barmaid in four pubs around Brentford before retiring.

Following the death of her husband more than thirty years ago, her sons and daughters have described her as their rock.

Her children include 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and a great great grandson.

Bridget (60), her eldest child, commented that “Everyone knew Mum.” Since 1960, she’s lived in Brentford.

‘She was lively and fit, she walked every day and was a strong woman and went out shopping a lot – she wasn’t frail at all.

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds when a man armed with a knife went on the rampage outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

Betty Walsh, suffered multiple stab wounds when a man armed with a knife went on the rampage outside Brentford kebab shop Best Kebab and Fish Bar on Albany Parade

She was Brentford FC and football obsessed.

“She worked hard in four bars.

‘Sadly, her husband was killed more than 30 year ago. So she took us all in and became the rock of our family.

“This should have probably shaken her up quite significantly.

“She didn’t realize that she had been punched. She didn’t even realise that she had been stabbed. Until someone helped her.

Ali went up and asked her about all of the noise, challenging her attacker, then tried to help her.

The double stabbing happened on Albany Parade in Brentford on Friday. Police are investigating if there is any link between the assailant and the victims

Two stabbings occurred on Friday at Albany Parade, Brentford. The victims and their assailant are being investigated by police.

“What happened to him the next was tragic.”

She said, “After her surgery she was in a position to speak on the phone with us and ask about the football score today.”

“Last night, I returned from work to find that my mother had been stabbed. “I was terrified and shocked.

“I’m just happy she is still alive.

“The suspect is a troublemaker in the local area for quite some time. His balaclava was a complete scary coverall. He has clearly got some mental health problems.

We just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who came forward and helped out our mother.

“They came to our aid immediately and kept us updated. They are heroes.

“We pray for our mom’s quick and complete recovery.”

Ali’s family refused to speak when Ali was approached.

Police at the scene in Albany Parade in Brentford, where Ali Abucar Ali was killed and pensioner Betty Walsh is in a critical condition in Paddington Hospital

The scene at Albany Parade, Brentford. Ali Abucar Ali was shot and killed. Betty Walsh, a pensioner is currently in critical condition at Paddington Hospital.

Bridget said, “I knew him and his mom.” Their family is very close.

“His mother had run to my aid as soon as she learned about the death of her mum. Before the police called her, they told her that the tragic news was that her son had been fatally stabbed.

We believe that Ali was a hardworking, smart lad. He had just won a scholarship to basketball.

A suspect in the stabbing attack on Albany Parade last night at 8.30pm was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder and murder.

According to cops, the terrorist attack is not related.

Julie Carter (62), Bridget’s friend, expressed shock that the news reached her.

“She was not in the right place at the incorrect time. It is my hope that she will pull through.”

“She used to work at The Griffin bar many years back and was very social and talkty.

“She was a friend to many people around her and she would often say hi when I passed by.

One local resident stated that he heard from a friend about the boy’s efforts to assist the lady. He was an hero. He was a hero for his noble deeds. It is a tragedy that he has died.

Witness 2 said, “I thought I was going to buy a kebab. But when I got out of my car I saw police arriving.” They tried to revive the boy but could not save him.

One woman who didn’t want to be identified said, “We saw paramedics try to revive the young male and they declared him dead at the scene. It was so sad.”

A witness stated that about 10 police cars or vans raced towards the scene from across the street to The Royal Horseguardsman Pub.

On social media, local residents stated that the knifeman is well-known and causes fear in the community.

One stated, “I have seen the man screaming at random people and I’ve walked by him. I was carrying three children so I crossed the street.”

“I saw him attack people after he was arrested, and three week later he’s doing the same thing again.”

Another said: “This man had been a loose-cannon for months intimidating people, and now a young child died at his hands. An elderly woman was stabbed on her way home. It makes me sick.

“He is very dangerous. A month ago, he had a knife in his hand.”

Ali’s family has a GoFundMe account. 

Call 101 if you have any questions, and cite the November 12 reference number 6423.