When Lynette Dawson was questioned by Chris Dawson about her murder, the Supreme Court judge found that Lynette had died and dismissed any claims she might have seen the woman missing since 1982. 

Justice Ian Harrison spent almost three hours reading his written reasons to his verdict. He described certain evidence used by Chris Dawson as “fanciful and absurd” during his trial. 

Justice Harrison spoke to a packed Sydney courtroom, saying that Lynette Dawson had not telephoned Christopher Dawson since 8 January 1982. Justice Harrison also stated that Lynette Dawson did not abandon her home involuntarily.

In the midst of tension, Lynette’s family was dressed in pink. Dawson was also present at court. 

His Honour called Dawson a ‘violent and unfaithful man’ during his summary of Crown cases. 

Judge Ross Hutchins also stated that Chris Dawson’s brother-in law, Chris Dawson, falsified an alleged sighting of Lynette Dawson in Gladesville just months before her disappearance and said the sighting was a fabrication.

After ignoring all other claims of Lynette sightings around Australia, His Honour stated that he was satisfied that none were real. 

He said, “I am certain beyond all reasonable doubt Lynette Dawson has died and she passed away on or around 8 January 1982. It is not possible for me to believe that she ever left her home.”

The judge ruled that Lynette could have left her family and suggested it was ridiculous.  

There were tense scenes as Chris Dawson (right) and his brother Peter (left) arrived at the NSW Supreme Court for the murder trial verdict on Tuesday.

It was tense as Chris Dawson (right), along with his brother Peter, arrived at the NSW Supreme Court on Tuesday to receive the murder verdict.

Lyn Dawson's brother Greg Simms (pictured right) and his wife Merilyn (left) arrived at court wearing pink - her favourite colour - for the trial verdict. Journalist and Teacher's Pet podcast presenter Hedley Thomas is behind Ms Simms

Lyn Dawson’s brother Greg Simms, (pictured left), and Merilyn Simms, his wife Merilyn (pictured below), arrived in court in pink (her favourite colour) for the trial verdict. Hedley Thomas, a journalist and presenter of Teacher’s Pet podcast is behind Ms Simms.

Justice Harrison calmly read his judgement and said that he would believe beyond reasonable doubt Chris Dawson’s evidence Lyn called Chris at the swimming pool one day after his wife disappeared. 

Justice Harrison also found Chris Dawson’s accounts of his purported calls to his wife from her phone after her disappearance “beyond reasonable doubt…are lies”.

‘I do not accept Lynette Dawson … would continue to remain in contact with the very person who was … the reason for her departure,’ Justice Harrison said. “The assertion… is completely absurd.” 

Judge described evidence from JC the babysitter at school, Chris Dawson’s affair, as reliable. She also found her story of being groomed to have a sexual relationship believable.

‘She had been swept up … and was confused and conflicted,’ he said and found that JC’s evidence had not been corrupted by her subsequent divorce from him. 

Justice Harrison declared that Chris Dawson had made it clear to the Crown beyond reasonable doubt that he wanted to leave his marriage and start a new relationship with JC.

‘I am satisfied that Mr Dawson was obsessed with JC and with the fear of losing her. He decided he would end his marriage and move on with JC,’ he said.

‘That does not stand alone to prove that he murdered his wife.’

Justice Harrison described the evidence of two women, who relate stories about Lynette’s violence against Lynette Dawson as not reliable.

He said the women had been influenced by the Teacher’s Pet podcast.

However he said the account by Lynette Dawson’s next door neighbour, Julie Andrew, of seeing Chris Dawson pushing Lyn up against a trampoline and screaming at her shortly before she went missing he found to be true. 

Many media representatives and supporters were present at the court verdict. A second courtroom was created to handle the large crowd. 

Paul, accused’s twin brother and identical to the defendant, was in court for the first time. In a crowd of media outside, there was an exchange between Peter, the older brother and a cameraman. 

Peter shoved the TV cameraman, saying “Get out of my way” as they crowded in their path. 

Accused murderer Chris Dawson (above) at his Sunshine Coast home on Sunday before he flew to Sydney to face the judge's verdict of his guilt or innocence in the murder of his first wife, Lynette

Chris Dawson, an accused murderer, at his Sunshine Coast home before he flew from Sydney to face the judge who will decide if he is guilty or innocent in the killing of Lynette his first wife.

Chris Dawson's daughter Shanelle - who was four years old when her mother vanished - showed her support by attending her father's Sunshine Coast home at the weekend before he flew out to meet his fate

Shanelle Dawson was just four when Chris Dawson lost her mother. She showed her support and attended her father’s Sunshine Coast house the weekend before he left for his final destination.

Chris Dawson remained silent when he was asked about his feelings, and whether or not he was ready for jail.

Chris Dawson had left his Sunshine Coast home in Queensland to fly to Sydney for the verdict, having spent the past seven weeks on bail while Justice Harrison deliberated on his decision. 

As his former team Easts Rugby Union was playing in the grand finals at Coogee Oval on Sunday, Dawson wore a club shirt. He also enjoyed visiting his family with his daughter Shanelle. 

Lyn and Chris Dawson pictured above with one of their daughters

Lyn Dawson and Chris Dawson are pictured with one their daughters

Dawson, his twin brother Paul and the Easts Rugby League side before he switched to Newtown Jets in 1972.

Justice Harrison conducted the judge-alone trial. Here is a long summary of the reasons behind his decision. 

Mr Dawson, according to his defence, suffers from a fractured hip and and a possible brain injury sustained from his years playing rugby.

The verdict is also momentous for the family of Lyn Dawson, who have invested  much time and effort in seeking justice for the 33-year-old mother of two young girls who vanished without trace on January 8 or 9, 1982.

Lyn’s brother Greg Simms, Lyn’s sister Pat Jenkins and Renee Simms (the missing woman’s niece) were all held hostage for the trial. Justice Harrison deliberated over the week and David Jenkins has been unable to speak.

Chris Dawson and Lynette Dawson, above. On their wedding day of 1970. Although they looked blissfully content. However, their marriage would soon fall apart when Chris took on the role as a teenager babysitter.

The Easts fan polo shirt he wore for many years is no longer in use.

Easts defeated Sydney University in 3rd grade. They also tied with Randwick in a 13-all draw. In the 1st grade Colts, they won 21-17.

Daily Mail Australia is aware that Dawson has not been to Easts clubhouses in the past nine years and therefore, is not considered a club member.

Chris Dawson, 74, (above) pictured on the Sunshine Coast last weekend before returning to Sydney for the verdict on his trial for murder

Chris Dawson (74), is pictured above on the Sunshine Coast before returning to Sydney in the final stages of his murder trial.

Chris and Lynette Dawson were together for 17 years and married for twelve when she vanished seemingly off the face of the earth in January 1982 after his affair with a schoolgirl

Chris Dawson and Lynette Dawson had been together 17 years. They were married 12 years. She disappeared in 1982, seemingly from the face of the Earth after he began an affair with a girl.

The trial heard Chris Dawson was 'besotted ' with JC, the schoolgirl babysitter who became his second wife and testified at his trial about his controlling behaviour

The court heard Chris Dawson, a schoolgirl babysitter turned Chris Dawson’s second wife, was ‘besotted’ with JC.

Mr Dawson’s eldest daughter Shanelle, who was four when her mother disappeared was pictured packing her car as she left his house on Sunday, after publicly revealing she still loves her dad.

Shanelle broke down four years ago on national TV, saying, “It’s certainly not looking good for me father. I will be open to you.” 

Chris Dawson was taken into custody and accused of Lyn Dawson’s murder. He pleaded guilty but has never denied the charges.

Lynette Dawson’s disappearance at her Bayview house on Sydney’s northern shores was the focus of The Teacher’s Pet. This podcast was played throughout the trial.

During the trial, crown prosecutor Craig Everson SC claimed Mr Dawson’s motivation for murdering his first wife and disposing of her body was to have an ‘unfettered relationship’ with a school student, known in court as JC, who became their teenage babysitter.

The family of Lynette Dawson has been asking for years about her disappearance and whatever the verdict on Tuesday, they still hold out hopes of her remains being found

Lynette Dawson’s family has been searching for her missing body since her death. Regardless of Tuesday’s verdict, they are still hopeful that her remains will be found.

Identical twins Chris and Paul Dawson both pictured above in an ad in the 1980s

Above, identical twins Chris Dawson and Paul Dawson are shown in an advertisement from the 1980s

The court was told that Dawson, twice the age of JC, fell in love with Lyn and began a sexual affair. 

Lynette Dawson’s remains have not been discovered. However, Mr Everson has a circumstantial case that Lynette was disposed of in a window of quiet isolation’ after Lyn’s mother met her at the pool. He also collected JC from Northern NSW.

Two separate claims were made by Mr Dawson that he hired a hitman in order to murder Lyn. One was by a Newtown Jets ex-teammate, and the other by JC who later became his second wife.

JC repeatedly told Mr Dawson that he had ‘groomed” her and then ‘installed her’ in her house and marital bed. She became a sex slave, housekeeper, and mother to his daughters.

Lynette Dawson with Chris in the early years of their romance when she had fallen in love with the football star and they planned a life together which would be cut short in 1982

Lynette Dawson was with Chris at the beginning of their love affair. Lynette had already fallen in love and planned to live a happy life with Chris.

Lynette's two daughter Sherryn and Shanelle posed for photographs by a portrait artists who would produce charming drawings of the girls, only to discover that Lyn had vanished and Chris didn't want them

Lynette and Shanelle’s daughter Sherryn, and Shanelle, posed for photos by portrait artists. They would create charming drawings of them. Chris was not happy with the results.

Lyn had all her belongings in the home, including her wedding rings and engagement rings as well as clothes and eyewear. 

Lynette Dawson had many witnesses, including friends, family, neighbors and a colleague.

Pauline David, Mr Dawson’s barrister, stated that Dawson had left the mother of his child and gone on her own.

Ms David cited five alleged sightings, including in the Sydney suburb of at Gladesville, working at a  hospital, at a hotel near Lake Macquarie and crossing the road during Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ 1983 royal tour.

Ms David surmised Lyn Dawson could have ‘created a new life’, met with misadventure and since died, and even committed suicide. 

Lyn Dawson’s family highlighted the fact, that even though Justice Harrison’s verdict was pronounced at the end of Lyn’s trial, it is not over yet. They will continue to search for her remains.

Nephew David Jenkins tweeted last weekend, ‘After 40 years, on Tuesday we’ll find out whether the evidence against Lyn ‘s (accused) murderer was strong enough.

‘Either way, this isn’t over until we have Lyn home.’