Met Police reported that there were’serious stabbings and incidents of violence’ in London after the Notting Hill Carnival. 

After the festival ended in West London yesterday night, police activated special stop-and-search powers in areas around the event. 

So far, the force has not provided any information about the number of victims nor said whether arrests have been made in relation to these incidents. 

Officers imposed the Section 60 order within the Carnival area and its borders, which allows police to stop and search a person without suspicion for ‘dangerous instruments and offensive weapons’ under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. 

Scotland Yard announced yesterday that 76 officers were arrested for separate offences as of Monday 7:01 AM. This included 19 arrests for assault, 4 for sexual assault and grievous body harm, and 10 for possessing an offensive weapon. 

It was 353 arrests that were made at the 2019 event. This is compared to 374, 2017 (313 and 454 respectively) 

According to many, the Adults Day Parade, which was held at 8.30pm, marked the end of the festival. It saw many people dressed up in bright, sparkly costumes that matched the dancers. 

This video also shows teenage revellers setting fire to tents at Reading Festival and looting and fighting on the final day. 

There have been a number of serious stabbings and other violent incidents at the Notting Hill Carnival, police have said. Pictured: Police at the scene as blood is pictured on the ground

Police have confirmed that there were a few stabbings at Notting Hill Carnival. Pictured is police at the scene, blood on ground 

The police are pictured making an arrest on the last day of Carnival on Monday

On Monday, the police make an arrest during Carnival’s last day 

Met officers are seen marching the streets surrounding the Notting Hill Carnival in London on Monday

Met officers are seen marching the streets surrounding the Notting Hill Carnival in London on Monday 

Crowds pictured near a police van as the Notting Hill Carnival comes to an end

Crowds pictured near a police van as the Notting Hill Carnival comes to an end

Police activated special stop and search powers from 9.24pm on Monday until 1am this morning in the areas surrounding the two-day festival after it ended yesterday evening in West London

After the festival ended in West London yesterday night, police activated special stop-and-search powers in areas around the event. They did so from Monday at 9.24pm to this morning at 1 am.

Police activated special stop and search powers from 9.24pm until 1am this morning in the areas surrounding the two-day festival after it ended on Monday evening in West London

After the festival ended in West London on Monday night, police activated special stop-and-search powers in areas around the event.

Met Police say ‘serious stabbings’ and ‘incidents of violence’ have broken out in streets following the Notting Hill Carnival. Pictured: Officers today

Met Police claim that There have been numerous’serious stabbings and incidents of violence in public places’ following Notting Hill Carnival. Today’s officers

Metropolitan Police Events posted late Monday that a Section 60 order was in effect within Notting Hill Carnival borders and footprints.

Met Police horse who died after collapsing at Notting Hill Carnival is named as 14-year-old chestnut gelding with ‘impeccable’ career who ‘loved nuzzling in pockets for treats’ – as force says it is ‘too early’ to determine a cause of death

This 14-year-old chestnut mare, which stood 16 hands tall, was described by the Metropolitan Police as being one of its most skilled horses. He had served seven years with the force.

Met stated, “PH Sandown also was a loving character full of personality. He enjoyed his food, and would often reach into pockets for snacks.

PH Sandown fell on Sunday night at approximately 9:45pm. Officers provided immediate care but he died instantly.

It is still too early to identify the cause of death but it described today that it was a sudden passing.

According to the force, PH Sandown played a crucial role in London police officers’ success.

According to The Met, PH Sandown was gifted to the force by the Met in 2015. He quickly won over officers because of his positive nature.

He helped new officers gain confidence during their training.

According to The Met, the horse had a proven record of policing London events and was also able to show courage during numerous matches.

According to the force, PH Sandown was selected for the Mounted Activity Ride at Olympia as well as the Mounted Musical Ride.

The Mounted Branch Family was proud to have PH Sandown as a member of their family. He was deeply loved by all. All will miss him.

Met stated that it’s too early to know the cause of death at this time, but that a post-mortem has begun.


“This began tonight at 21.24 and ends today at 01:00 [on]August 30.

“This follows a series of violent incidents, stabbings. There are still crowds within the footprint, and in larger areas.

The death occurred after a Met Police Horse died while serving at carnival Sunday evening. A probe was opened into Police Horse (PH Sandown). 

The Metropolitan Police said the most recent carnival in 2019 cost it £8.6million to police. The festival does however bring hundreds of thousands of tourists into London and creates an estimated £120million for the economy. 

Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s biggest street carnival. An estimated 2 million people will attend the Bank Holiday weekend. 

It was first held in 1966 and drew about 1000 people. 

Organisers stated last night that the Notting Hill Carnival was back and it had been an amazing experience.

“Carnival” has been officially closed. It was truly memorable. Next year, see you!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan also welcomed its return, saying: ‘I’m delighted that Notting Hill Carnival will be returning to the streets of west London this weekend.

“This celebration, which is community-led, celebrates Caribbean history and culture. It has been a huge success and an integral part of this vibrant city.

“I encourage everyone who plans to go to Carnival to get there early in order to enjoy this amazing celebration of the capital’s diversity.”

Street cleaners now have the daunting job of clearing the street of the trash left over from the Notting Hill Carnival. 

Streets surrounding West London festival featured piles of garbage, which included an unusable Transport for London bike as well as tons of junk food containers. 

The party was brought to life by colourful, feathered-clad dancers who wore brightly colored costumes when they returned to Notting Hill after three years.

The festival features 13 steel bands as well as 72 Brazilian and six Brazilian mast bands. It also includes 36 sound systems, 300 stalls, and is known today by the name ‘Adults Day Parade, Carnival.’ This event officially ends at 8.30pm. 

Video footage also captures the moment when the bus stop in which a crowd of revellers was dancing collapsed at the carnival’s Sunday celebration. 

The huge crowd gathered at the Kensal House Bus Shelter on Ladbroke Grove to watch the people falling onto the ground. Four people were almost crushed below them by the shock of it all.

Although two people sustained minor injuries from the incident, they were not required to seek further medical attention. The incident happened at the conclusion of the ‘family Day’ carnival procession which was dressed in brightly lit costumes.

Revellers walk past a pile of rubbish during Notting Hill Carnival in west London today as two million revellers are expected to take part in Notting Hill Carnival

Revellers walk past a pile of rubbish during Notting Hill Carnival in west London today as two million revellers are expected to take part in Notting Hill Carnival

Revellers walk past a pile of rubbish made up of take away boxes and drinks cans during Notting Hill Carnival in west London

Revellers pass a heap of garbage made of drink cans and take-away boxes during Notting Hill Carnival.

Crowds pack the streets at Notting Hill Carnival this evening as millions are expected to visit the festival before it ends tonight

This evening, thousands of tourists are expected to descend on Notting Hill Carnival. 

Samba dancers prepare before the start of the Notting Hill Carnival in west London this afternoon as thousands lined pavements to watch

As thousands of people lined streets to see the Notting Hill Carnival, thousands lined the pavements in London as samba dancers practice before it starts.

Reading and Leeds Festival Carnage: Armed police with assault rifles approach suspects as footage shows them torching tents using lighters. Thugs also loot campsites. The sea of tents that were left behind by revellers who were ‘told to not sleep’ because they are ‘not safe’ was captured on video.

MailOnline heard that “hooded youths” ran in other parts of the country through Reading Festival’s campsites burning chairs and abandoning tents. 

Brahman Park was the venue for Leeds Festival. Many people stayed there because of its fire hazards. The teens could see which tents they were in by looking out from their guards. Some even set up lighting to help them identify the dwellings.

Also chaos broke out at Reading Festival, with video showing flames all over the site.

One eyewitness reported that rival music groups clashed when different bands performed on the same stage.

Video also shows a Thames Valley Armed Response Unit entering festival and appearing to arrest someone from behind a van.

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A woman also gave birth in a side street near Europe’s largest street festival before paramedics took the mother and her newborn child to hospital. 

Another video captured two men punching and being pulled apart. People around them danced to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds song ‘Don’t Worry About A thing’.

An additional incident occurred last night when a horse on the police force collapsed at 9pm. Although the animal was given emergency treatment, it died on the spot. Officers said that it is not possible to ascertain the cause of death at this time and will conduct an investigation. 

During this time, paramedics were on the scene and comforted the woman.

London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said, “We were called on Sunday 28th August at 18.45 by a caller reporting that there was a laborer within the Notting Hill Carnival footprint.”

“We took an infant and an adult to the hospital and gave them priority.

MailOnline asked for an update regarding the health of the baby and mother.

Yesterday began with the Emancipated Running Crew, who were in green as a tribute to the victims of Grenfell. It marked the start of Notting Hill Carnival’s official launch.

Children dancing down the streets in a crowd of whistle-blowing children with their parents were joined by many others. Jules Stephenson was co-founder and said, “It is electric. Everyone is so excited that carnival is back.”

Due to the pandemic, two years have passed since the festival’s return. 

As revellers danced to the music, different sound systems were scattered around West London.

Children stood on their doorsteps waving Jamaican flags at passersby.

Other parts of the country saw ‘hooded youths” running through campsites at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival torching chairs and abandoning tents. 

London's Notting Hill Carnival, the largest street carnival in Europe, returns to the capital after a break due to the Covid pandemic

After a brief break because of the Covid pandemic, London’s Notting hill Carnival, Europe’s largest street carnival, is back in the capital.

The bus shelter on Ladbroke Grove in West London can be seen starting to collapse as several people walk underneath it

As several people pass underneath, you can see the bus shelter at Ladbroke Grove in West London beginning to fall.

A large pile of rubbish is stacked up at the end of Carnival as people make their way home as Notting HIll Carnival comes to an end

As people head home, a large stack of garbage is piled up as Notting Hill Carnival ends.

More people then join the woman to dance or stand on top of the bus shelter during the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday

Another group joined the lady to dance and stand at the bus shelter yesterday during Notting Hill Carnival.

Dancers during the Notting Hill Carnival in London, which returned to the streets for the first time in two years after it was thwarted by the pandemic

London’s Notting Hill Carnival, where dancers return to the streets after being thwarted in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The mounds of rubbish spilling out of a bin and onto a pavement in Notting Hill on the final day of the Carnival as a fence also looks damaged as food boxes, drinks cans and pineapple mugs are seen among the mayhem

On the last day of Carnival, you can see the rubbish piled up in a trash bin on Notting Hill’s pavement. A fence that was built to protect food containers, drink cans, and pineapple mugs is also damaged. 

A carnival reveller wears a pharaoh outfit with a whistle in his mouth as thousands walk the streets of the west London this afternoon

Carnival reveller wearing a pharaoh costume with a whistle, as hundreds of Londoners walk by this afternoon

Some 13 steel bands, 72 mast bands, six Brazilian bands, 36 sound systems and 300 stalls are involved in this year's festival return

The festival’s return this year features the participation of 13 steel bands, 72 Mast Bands, six Brazilian bands, and 36 sound systems.