A major rescue operation is initiated to rescue a trapped caver after he suffered a fall injury and was left for dead in one of the longest caves in Britain, Wales.

  • More than 50 rescuers are trying to bring out man from Ogof Ffynnon Ddu cave system near Penwyllt, Powys
  • Police were contacted by another caver, and they called South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team. Unfortunately, they weren’t capable of freeing him. 
  • It features: “Huge chambers with beautiful formations, thundering rivers passages, and yawning chasms.”


An emergency rescue operation was launched to save a caver who had been trapped in one of Britain’s most extensive caves for more than two days.

There are more than 50 rescuers working to save the man who was injured in a fall when he went to explore the caves below the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

He was caving in OgofFynnon Ddu near Penwyllt (Powys) and fell. His injuries were so severe that he couldn’t get out. 

It measures approximately 37 miles in length and is 902 feet deep at its deepest point.

More than 50 rescuers are trying to bring out the man who injured his back in fall while exploring the caves under the Brecon Beacons in Wales on Saturday - and was too hurt to be moved

Over 50 rescue teams are working together to save the man who fell while exploring caves beneath the Brecon Beacons, Wales. He was not able to move and sustained a broken back.

The man fell while caving in the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu cave system near Penwyllt, Powys, and could not get himself out as a result of his injuries. Pictured: Rescuers making their way through the huge system

He fell in the OgofFynnon Ddu cave systems near Penwyllt (Powys) and couldn’t get out due to his injuries. Pictured: The rescuers working their way through this huge network 

A third caver alerted police, who then called the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team. However, they weren’t able to rescue the man from Britain’s longest cave system. 

Eighteen rescue teams from the UK have joined the effort to rescue the victims. A number of people from across the UK are also present in vans.

According to a regular caver, “It is a well-known cave system that cavers love and lies in the middle a nature reserve.”

It is a very popular cave system that’s recommended more for experienced cavers than novices.

According to Natural Resources Wales Wales, the caves were found by South Wales Caving Club (in 1946).

Only cavers can access them with permission from their caving club.

The caves were discovered by the South Wales Caving Club in 1946, according to Natural Resources Wales, with underground streams and waterfalls

Natural Resources Wales states that the South Wales Caving Club discovered caves in 1946.

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team stated that another caver alerted the police, before they were called in to begin a response.

It stated that the incident was ongoing and involved cave rescuers from across the UK.

According to UK guidebook, the tour to the caves is a ‘classic. With passengers providing all the information, including large chambers, stunning formations, yawning valleys, and passages through thundering rivers, the trip to the caves can be described as classic.

The cave is too large to be explored on a single route.

You are advised to be aware of flooding in the mainstream as well as other cave areas. Also, the journey down the mainline is often cold and damp.

The following are involved: Mendip Cave Rescue Organization, Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation and Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation. 

A guide to the cave system is described as ' classic in the UK, with passengers providing everything from huge chambers, beautiful formations, to yawning chasms and thundering river passages'

The guide to the cave system can be described as the ‘classic’ in the UK. It provides everything the passenger needs, including large chambers, stunning formations, and thundering rivers passages.