Pitch invader who stopped Wales from scoring a potential try against South Africa pulled the stunt as a £20 BET and has been sent death threats… as footage emerges of angry fans launching beer at him while he is led away

  • Fans pelted the pitch invader of Wales’ defeat to South Africa with alcohol
  • A man in black, dressed in black, entered the field from the left wing at the 63rdminute
  • A steward quickly dealt with the trespasser and he was cheered by the crowd
  • It has since emerged on social media that the stunt was done as a £20 bet
  • According to Wales reports, the man was also threatened with death. 

He was attacked with alcohol and led from the Principality Stadium. The pitch invader who caused Wales to lose a possible try against South Africa was then pelted with beer.

The man disrupted a Wales attack during their five-point defeat by the Springboks, calling into question the security at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. It has since emerged he did it as a £20 bet.

At 63 minutes, the black-clad man entered the field from the left wing. As he raced for the line, Liam Williams, a Welsh wing, was forced to stop him.

The pitch invader at Wales' game with South Africa was pelted with alcohol by angry fans

Angrily angry fans pelted the pitch invader at Wales’ match with South Africa with alcohol

Three members of security led him away but supporters launched pints and cups at him

He was led away by three security personnel, but he was supported by his friends who poured pints of coffee at him.

The pitch invader was soaked by alcohol as fans made their fury known when he went past

As fans raged at him for passing, the pitch invader got soaked in alcohol

A picture has surfaced on social media that appears to confirm the stunt was a £20 bet

A picture has surfaced on social media that appears to confirm the stunt was a £20 bet

It is the second time in consecutive weeks someone has rushed onto the field in Cardiff – after prankster ‘Jarvo 69’ joined the New Zealand team during their anthems seven days previously.

The trespasser was swiftly dealt with by a steward. Angry fans also threw beer bottles at him while he was being bundled up.

One supporter captured footage of an intruder in the stands. He was being attacked by angry fans who launched alcohol at him while he was taken away by the security guards.

A picture has surfaced on social media that appears to confirm the stunt was done as a £20 bet. 

Wales Online have also reported that the man – a father from the Caerphilly area – has received death threats in the aftermath of the incident.

A relative said that he regretted the decision and was “needless to add” 

“It was just silly betting he made with his mates at 70 minutes of the match to keep going on.”

“He didn’t know what was going on at that time, nor did he realize that he would be in the middle.

‘He’s got a young family. Social media abuse is a common way his partner gets abused. Other relations receive messages warning them that terrible things will happen. This has really upset him. 

The invader was booed and had beer thrown at him as he was ejected from the stadium

He was taunted and beer thrown at the intruder as he was kicked out of the stadium 

Liam Williams had a clear try-scoring opportunity scuppered by a pitch invader in Cardiff

Liam Williams was denied a try-scoring chance by a Cardiff pitch invader. 

The pitch invader stopped Williams running freely onto the ball and South Africa recovered

South Africa’s recovery was prevented by the pitch intruder who stopped Williams from running free onto the ball.

“We are concerned for his mental well-being and wish to stress that he doesn’t have any entitlements.  

Mark Williams, Principality Stadium Manager, stated in a statement that he condemned the behavior. He was immediately taken into custody and escorted out of the stadium before being handed to South Wales Police.

Wayne Pivac, Wales’s boss said: “You don’t want that in the match.” Although it was very disappointing, there wasn’t much the officials could do.

Pivad answered when asked whether Wales would have been able to score from the move he disrupted. The moment I saw the man, I was thinking “here’s what we do”. There was a one-man advantage. I have not had the chance to talk to them. 

“They may have been distracted, but there was nothing more that the officials could do.” That’s what they’ve got.

Siya Kolisi was the Springbok captain. Each team reacted differently to the situation. 

You just witness someone being tackled. It was a well-managed incident by the staff at the stadium.