According to statistics Thailand appears to have been affected by the Covid virus to a much lesser extent than neighbouring countries and daily-life activities have been maintained pretty much as normal, though the tourism industry has been hit hard. There are those, however, who are mistrustful of the official figures, suspecting that the low figures are a reflection of underreporting. There have also been recent signs of a surge in the infection rate that may drive some people into a kind of voluntary lockdown.

Get fit at home

It is understandable that for some these are anxious times and the changes they have brought about are restrictive. On reflection does that really have to be the case. For example, rather than moping about not being able to go to the gym due to fear of catching the virus, why not spend your gym subscription on a cheap treadmill from Johnson. And if you can afford it, throw in an exercise bicycle and a yoga mat or two. Then you have the makings of a mini gym in your home so why not invite some relatives, friends or neighbours round for a shared gym session, replicating the social aspect of a visit to the gym. 

That could be followed up by a meal for which, rather than trooping off to a restaurant, a wholesome home-cooked potluck meal could be enjoyed, by the end of which it is highly likely that those anxious feelings will have been replaced by a sense of wellbeing.

Personal development

Spending more time at home can be an opportunity to acquire a new skill that you’ve been putting off, such as learning a language, coding or copywriting, any of which could become income- earning opportunities. And how many of us feel that we have the makings of a book inside our heads if only we had the time to write it? It’s not as hard as you think and getting it published does not necessarily require the services of a literary agent. 

Curl up with a good book

If you’re not into writing, catch up on your reading, and if you don’t have a lot of space for books you can read eBooks. If you don’t want to invest in a Kindle, eBook reading software for tablets and PCs is available for free on the Internet. Project Gutenberg has thousands of free eBooks, including all of the classics and there are numerous eBook providers selling contemporary titles online at very affordable prices. If you want to give your eyes a rest there is the option of audio books, also available online.

Home comforts

This is a good time to make a few changes to improve the ambience of your home. One small job that can have a big impact is to fit dimmer switches in the living room and bedroom so that the level of lighting can be adjusted to suit mood and activity. Another is acquiring a couple of essential oil diffusers and a small assortment of oils that can be used to boost energy levels or provide a calming atmosphere as needed.

Up-to-date Covid informationThe WHO issues Covid situational reports for many countries, including Thailand. These reports are regularly updated.