A terrifying moment when a Porsche is set ablaze by a Chinese man while he waits for em to fill up at chinese petrol stations

  • By lighting the gasoline while it was being filled up, a man set fire and Porsche on fire
  • CCTV footage of the incident was taken in Shenzhen (southern China) on 16 December
  • The woman ran away after being helped from the vehicle’s front.

Here’s the moment when a man and a woman set fire to their Porsche at a southern China petrol station. 

A CCTV camera captured at Shenzhen just after 3 p.m. on December 16 shows a man rushing towards the Porsche to get fuel. 

He took out his fuel gun to ignite the gasoline. One side of the Porsche was quickly enveloped by flames.

The man, wearing a grey  jacket, grabbed the petrol gun out of the car and set it on fire at the petrol station in Shenzhen on December 16

The man, wearing a grey  jacket, grabbed the petrol gun out of the car and set it on fire at the petrol station in Shenzhen on December 16

A man standing beside the Porsche helped the lady out from the front.

As the two ran clear, petrol station employees rushed ahead with fire extinguishers to quickly put out the flames and prevent a devastating explosion.

It wasn’t clear if the woman drove the car or if it was right-hand or left-hand.  

Officers detained the suspect, who fled the scene immediately after starting the fire, and they are currently investigating.

The woman (left) flees the burning car as petrol station staff rush forward to put out the flames

As petrol station employees rush to extinguish the fire, the woman (left), flees from the car that is on fire. 

Staff at the petrol station helped put out the flames and rescued a woman inside the car

A man ignited gasoline and flames engulfed the Porsche  before pump staff came to the rescue

It was a very different outcome when a driver drove away from a petrol station in Jieyang, Guangdong province, south-east China, with the gas pump still in his fuel tank. 

Amazing video footage taken in April 2019 shows the petrol pumps being crushed to the ground. This ignited a fire that then burst into an enormous blaze.

The vehicle yanked over the petrol dispenser in Jieyang, Guangdong province, south-east China and sparked a fire in footage from April 2019

The car yanked the fuel dispenser from Jieyang in Guangdong province. It also ignited a fire.

The pump crashed to the ground sparking a fire which explodes into a massive blaze which resulted in an evacuation of the area around the gas station

After the pump fell to the ground, it sparked a large fire that exploded into a great blaze. It caused an evacuation of all the areas around the station.

Prior to the blaze, the footage shows the driver pulling away from the petrol pump and yanking it down at 8:50pm local time.

Guangzhou Daily reported that employees at Petrol Stations, customers, as well as nearby residents, were evacuated after the fire quickly outgrew control. 

The fire brigade dispatched 15 engines to the scene and 58 firefighters.