Extraordinary moment: Man threatens fight with a group teens for hooning about on boats.

  • One man threatened teenagers to spray his house with water. 
  • TikTok has a video that shows the man screaming at his fellow boatmen
  • He tells them to not hoon in their boats and that he is a grunk. 
  • However, the Australian people were divided by the conflict.

An angry man was captured threatening to fight teenagers who were seen hooning about in boats following the roaring engines of their friends.

TikTok shared footage that shows the man racing over to his boys as they sit on a tinny by a riverbank. 

After his friends had ‘buzzed’ his house with murky water, the man begins to berate the youths.  

He said, “I just had two of your pals for buzzing around our house,”

“And I will beat up any other person who wishes to take the gauntlet there.”

One of the boys suggested that the man ought to be ashamed about boasting about physical assaulting children. He asked: “So you beat up teenage girls?”‘. 

A man has been filmed telling off a group of teenagers after some of their friends sprayed his home with water while hooning through a nearby river

One man is seen telling a bunch of teenage boys off after his friends spray their house with water and then hooning along a nearby river.

But the man shoots down the insinuation, replying: ‘f***ing oath’.    

“You are aware of who I am?” I am someone you don’t f***ing push around,’ the man says.

‘I just beat up two f***wits who buzzed a house.  That is why I’m here to talk with you.  

While the boy insists the boys he was picking on were only 15-years old, the man doesn’t seem care. Instead, he launches into a bitter rant about how sick and tired he feels of all the teenage shenanigans.

“You’re a gronk.” The boy said, “I don’t care about what you think. Just because you are a big ex fighter, I’m not going to judge you.” 

“Shut down junior,” the man responds.

‘I’m not a f***ing ex fighter. I’m a house owner with guts.

Before boarding his boat, the man informs the teenagers that he called the police. 

Stay away! He warns that if you don’t find somewhere to play, it will get worse.

The confrontation left social media users divided - with many suggesting the children were the ones misbehaving

This confrontation caused social media users to be divided, many suggesting that it was the kids who were misbehaving.

This footage was uploaded to TikTok, which contains videos of “tinnie” boats plundering waterways. 

Video viral quickly arose after the video was shared on Sunday night. The video received more than 59,000 hits and 2215 views in less than eight hours. 

However, social media users were divided by the conflict. 

“He doesn’t have the water, nor its banks.” One person said that anyone can do whatever they want there. 

One other suggestion: “Organise boat meetings to buzz the house every day,” another said.  

Others believed that children should be able to control their behavior. 

“I’m the old fellas team. F*** off with the tinnies somewhere else. One man stated, “Don’t spray other people’s homes.”

Another added, “Their fathers should get these little boys to pull in their heads,” 

“Mouthy little children need an old school education”