Marcus Rashford spoke out about the Welsh school that will not feed hungry children who are more than one penny in debt.

Manchester United’s and England stars expressed their disappointment over the decision. They had successfully fought for free food for children in need during the coronavirus epidemic.

Rashford received an MBE recently for his campaign work. He took to Twitter following Neil Foden (the strategic head at Ysgol Dyffryn Neantlle, Penygroes), who warned parents about this plan.

Rashford stated that the “pandemic” had not taught him anything. Is it not possible to understand? Get on board.

He stated that lunch at school for many kids is their only chance to eat.

Manchester United striker has condemned a Welsh school who has vowed to ban children from lunch if they run up a debt as little as one penny

Manchester United striker condemned Welsh school, which has promised to ban all children from lunch for as small as one penny of their debts

Neil Foden, the strategic head of Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle in Penygroes, Gwynedd, warned parents about the plan

Parents were warned by Neil Foden (the strategic head at Ysgol Dyffryn Ne in Penygroes), Gwynedd about this plan

Rashford was awarded an MBE by Prince William on Tuesday at Windsor Castle for his work on school dinners

Prince William awarded Rashford an MBE Tuesday at Windsor Castle in recognition of his efforts to improve school dinners

Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle in Penygroes, Gwynedd, pictured, has given families a deadline of November 19 to settle their accounts or their children will no longer be fed

Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle at Penygroes in Gwynedd, pictured has given families a deadline to settle their accounts by November 19, or else their children may not be fed.

The school wrote to the parents to inform them that they had received instructions from the school to not feed any children who owed debts.

Due to a deficit in school meal budgets at the close of last half term, parents have been given until November 19th to update their child’s accounts.

Mr Foden said a ‘handful of pupils’ had run up debts totalling close to £2,000, and explained the stance further in an interview with the BBC on Thursday.

Although some individuals expressed sympathy for the action, the majority of people who reached out to local media opposed it. 

Anwen wrote this on Facebook: “This sounds like Oliver Twist.

“I was a teacher in the past and saw children come into school really hungry. I believe that no child should be punished this way and what a humiliating experience it is for the kids if they have to tell the cook no.

Facebook friend, another mom said: “Shocking. I was £6 in debt and only realised yesterday. It was all I could remember because I had been too busy opening new shops, managing a small business and taking care of 4 kids. I was not contacted by the school that my children attended. The school understands that sometimes parents have to be away from home. It’s a blessing that my children do not have this type of head teacher.

Rashford, left, attended the ceremony in Windsor Castle along with his mother Melanie, right

Rashford and Melanie (right) attended the Windsor Castle Ceremony.

The school has warned parents that the cook has been instructed not to supply food to any children who are unable to pay for their lunch

Parents were warned that the school will not provide food for children who cannot pay their lunch.

Rashford's campaign forced Boris Johnson's government into a u-turn over the issue of supplying food to children on free school meals over the holiday period

Boris Johnson was forced to resign after Rashford’s campaign caused him to campaign for food assistance during the holidays.

Beth Jones stated: “Why not take it out upon the children and let them starve when their parents are to blame?” Is it possible for a child to focus when hungry?

Lauren Cleary explained that even if parents spend their entire income on cigarettes and TVs (as the mainstream media would like you to believe), this is not always the fault of the child. He is shameful. What’s his responsibility of care?

Jane Williams stated, “Awful.” People get in debt. Don’t let your children be burdened. Yes, there needs to be a point of no return, but parents should receive plenty of notice. I also think that free meals should not be restricted to those parents with children who aren’t working. Although most are eligible for tax credits, it can sometimes be more challenging to pay the bills.

Jasmine Bonnell stated that he might instead of feeding the hungry children, arrange for each parent to meet and discuss their needs. There are many families who are working and struggling, and they cannot receive any assistance from the government or school meals. Many of these parents have to go to food banks in order to feed their children.

Rashford gave his MBE to Melanie, his mother Melanie. He said that he would continue fighting for underprivileged children.   

Rashford led a campaign to convince the Government of England to offer free food to children in need during school holidays last year. This was despite Boris Johnson’s refusal to make a change.

After the Windsor Castle investiture ceremony, the striker stated that he was going to give his MBE (Maternity Benefits Exchange) to Melanie, his mother. Melanie raised the striker and four siblings and joined him in the Duke of Cambridge’s ceremony.

He said: ‘It seems like there’s a lot going on but for me to put it in the simplest way – I’m trying to give children the things I didn’t have when I was kid. I’d have had more choices in my life if I had.

“I just give them the chance and they should have it.” I see it as a punishment if they don’t get books supplies or food.

Already, accolades were bestowed upon the footballer. The striker was the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate at the University of Manchester last month, in recognition of his work against child poverty.

Rashford, who was unanimously praised for his efforts on the pitch, will also receive a special award during the Sports Personality of the Years ceremony.

England’s forward for England has continued his pursuit of social change. He formed a task force to combat child hunger and has linked it up with many major supermarkets in the UK.

Macmillan Children’s Books has also joined forces with him to create a book club that encourages literacy and reading among children from all socioeconomic classes.

Rashford stated that the MBE would raise his profile and make it more visible, however he has much more to do.

He added: ‘For me it’s good, but nothing changes at the same time – I still have goals and dreams that I want to accomplish and I will keep working hard to make sure I do that.’

Although it is not common for Manchester United’s star to launch his campaign while playing, he said: “Why wait?” Waiting is futile. It’s not worth waiting.

Rashford then praised his mother for her support, despite him being single.

“Without her, I wouldn’t have the morals I have. Everything I’ve learned from her is what I have now.

“She is the reason that I have this, so she should also own it.”

William was the President of the Football Association.

Rashford met with the duke for a short chat. He told Rashford how communities came together and that the abuse Saka, Sancho and Saka received after they missed penalties at the Euro 2020 final was “not right”.

He said, “Obviously, it’s not pleasant in the moment, but after seeing the reaction and the way people came together to support the players who were abused, and the team, I have never seen that in football before, and that was amazing.”