Marcus Wareing, MasterChef: Professionals’ Return Tonight has shown how to create perfect bangers & mash 

Tonight’s episode of the popular series will air on BBC One at 7:30pm. Marcus returns to serve as judge along with Gregg Wallace, Monica Galetti and Monica Galetti. 

Michelin-starred chef, selected the series’ first skill exam and displayed what he expected of this year’s contestants. 

He showed how to make scrumptious bangers and mash, adding his own flair with a flambéd stout gravy.

His explanation was that the classic dish required many technical skills and took 20 minutes to prepare. 

Marcus Wareing, pictured, demonstrated how to make perfect bangers and mash on tonight's new series of MasterChef: The Professionals

Marcus Wareing (pictured) demonstrated the art of making perfect bangers & mash in tonight’s MasterChef: The Professionals.

The chef, who returns to judge alongside Gregg Wallace and Monica Galetti, said the meal, pictured, was a classic, but also demanded a lot of skills

Gregg Wallace returns as judge, and Monica Galetti is back again to cook the classic meal. However, it required many skills. 

“Bangers and Mash with beer and onions gravy is the first skill test.” Marcus shared this great British tradition with Gregg and Monica. 

After preparing the gravy and pouring it in a large pan, the chef moved on to the sauce.   

The beer and the onion gravy will be my first job. For my sauce, I will use a stout. He said, “Nice, bitter stout.” 

The stout was reduced, and he chopped the white and red onion pieces. 

Gregg Wallace, pictured, observed with great interest as Marcus demonstrated how to make the pub classic

Gregg Wallace is pictured watching Marcus show how to make the pub classic.

Marcus began by chopping red and white onions to make the gravy, saying he liked his onion gravy to have lots of onions, pictured

Marcus started by cutting red and white onion to make the gravy. He said he likes his gravy to contain lots of onions. 

The caramelised the onions in a pan with herbs and seasoning, while he prepared the rest of the meal, pictured

He caramelized the onions with seasonings and herbs in a saucepan, while he cooked the rest of his meal. 

While dicing onions, he stated that he was looking to have the chefs cut them neatly. 

Gregg asked the chef about why bangers and potatoes were chosen as the first series skill. 

He stated, “It is not just a home-cooked recipe, but it’s also an American pub dish. It’s also a restaurant meal.” 

He continued, adding, “There’s lovely, small key skills in this Monica. I’ll be looking for those,” while he poured the chopped onion into the saucepan. 

Marcus smiled, saying, “That’s quite the amount of onions. However, when it comes to an onion gravy I want onions. 

Monica had high expectations for the first skills test of the series.

The chef used a bitter stout to make the gravy, which he left to reduce in a pan. He added honey later on to counteract the bitterness

To make the gravy, the chef made a bitter stout and left it to simmer in a saucepan. To counteract bitterness, he added honey to the gravy later.

The professional chef showed a trick to cook the sausages perfectly, he puts a sheet of paper underneath them so they can cook evenly

To cook the sausages evenly, the professional chef used a clever trick: he placed a sheet paper beneath them. 

Monica, pictured, said she wanted people to take their time to make the best bangers and mash they'd ever done

Monica (pictured) said that she wants people to slow down and make the best bangers & mash ever. 

She said, “I hope they will walk in there” and not think, you know: “Oh bangers & mash. Done in 10 minutes.” 

“Use time well to cook the potatoes beautifully. To make a delicious sauce, as well as the best mashed potato, they have ever had,” she said. 

With the first part of the gravy done, it was time to get to the pièce de résistance.

“So I am going to make my sausages. To me sausages are all about the great colour. Marcus added, “All the way up.” 

‘I don’t want any side to be more coloured than the other. I don’t think one side should get burned. He also mentioned that small details are important. 

In order to avoid getting a claggy mash, Marcus said to push the mash through a sieve and not to scrap it, pictured

Marcus suggested that you push your mash through the sieve to prevent a lumpy mash.

He revealed that he has a secret to ensure the bangers do not burn.  

He said that he would just place them on a butter paper and let them tickle gently in there. 

Flamming onions was another way he elevated the gravy.  

He stated, “Onions have begun to caramelize, so I am going to torch them with brandy.” 

‘Flambéd bangers and mash!’ Gregg stated. Gregg said, “You’ll know that you’re pro MasterChef when it happens.”

The chef then flamed the onions with brandy to kick the meal up a notch, pictured, before moving on to the mash

After flaming the onions, the chef proceeded to make the meal even more delicious.

Marcus Wareing’s bangers & mash 


– Three sausages

– Milk

– Potato 


Red and white onions

– Stout


– Balsamic Vinegar


This is the Recipe  

Salt and Pepper

1. Add the stout to a large saucepan. To make the stout less bitter, you can add honey after it has been reduced. 

2. Cut the onion thinly, and then chop them neatly 

3. Make caramel sauce from the onions by heating them in a skillet. Mix in some balsamic vin. 

3.  For a delicate flaming, add brandy to the onion. 

4. The three sausages should be cooked evenly in a large skillet. Turn them over to ensure that each side gets the same amount of cooking time.

5. To make the puree of the baked potato, use a sieve. Next, add the butter and milk to enrich the mixture. 

6. Make sure to share! 

Marcus put the brandy over the gravy, then set it alight before tossing it in the pan.  

“I’ll add a small amount of balsamic vinegar. He added a little stock to the mixture, adding each one in turn. 

He stated, “So now the stout seems to be nicely reducing. I’m going to now counteract the bitterness by simply incorporating some honey.” 

“If the chefs do not sweeten the reduced beer or reduced stout, then it will be bitter,” Gregg asked. Gregg asked. 

“So, just add the stout to that. While gently stirring the gravy, he added a little at a while. 

Gregg laughed and said that there was a lot of love and care involved in making the gravy. 

Marcus spent the last part of the meal preparing the mash.

“I have some milk here that is just heating through,” he said. “I’ve made them a sweet potato,” he replied. 

For the potato to not become claggy, it should be forced through a sieve.

Monica stated, “It seems simple, but we have had bad mash in the past especially under pressure,” 

She said that it had to be smooth and seasoned. 

Marcus was asked by Gregg, “We’ve all tried this. It must be something you had as a kid.” 

Marcus explained, “My dad was a potato merchant. I’m sure we had potatoes every day.” 

Chef showed us how to finish the meal. He poured the potato puree in a saucepan and added the milk.

He said, “And we are ready to plate.” 

The gravy was first poured on the plate. Next, the bangers were stacked on top and served with a large dollop each of the mash. 

Tonight at 7:30 p.m., MasterChef: The Professionals will return to BBC One  

The chef began by serving the gravy then stacking the sausages on the plate with a spoon, pictured

The chef served the gravy first, then stacked the sausages on the plate using a spoon.

Marcus, who is the son of a Potato Merchant, served up the bangers with a generous dollop of mash, pictured

Marcus is the son a Potato Merchant and served the potatoes with generous amounts of mash.