As they were enjoying their latest romantic getaway to Croatia, Matt Hancock, former Health Secretary, and Gina Coladangelo were seen out for dinner.

The ex-minister, 42, and his former aide, Miss Coladangelo, 44, were snapped at Lvxor – a café and restaurant in the Croatian city of Split offering a mix of local cuisine and international fine dining.

The video, which was taken on Saturday night, shows the couple enjoying glasses and wine while sitting at a table in front of the restaurant. A guitarist is also playing on the venue’s steps.

The restaurant is named after Luxor in Egypt and describes itself as “the favorite meeting place of the cultural and socio elite of Split” and “one of the most frequented spots for both domestic visitors and foreigners of our city”.

It states that the venue is well-known for its quality aromas of coffee, homemade delicacies and extensive wine list.

From the outdoor seating, guests have a great view of St. Domnius’ Bell Tower, the patron saint in Split, and the eternal Peristyle Square.

According to the venue’s website, the square transforms into a unique stage during spring and Summer nights for romantic concerts and dancing for all guests.

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo were sat outside a romantic restaurant in the city of Split, Croatia, and appeared to be enjoying a glass of wine while they were serenaded by a guitarist

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo sat outside a romantic restaurant, Split, Croatia. They seemed to be enjoying a glass wine as they were serenaded and serenaded by a guitarist

The restaurant is located at the edge of the popular Peristyle Square and overlooks the area

The restaurant is situated at the edge the popular Peristyle Square. It overlooks the area

Split is a bustling, modern city with a population of 250,000 and one of the area’s busiest ports.

The Croatian city is a stunning mix of beautiful views and labyrinthine old towns, with the Dalmatian mountains in the background and the Adriatic islands in front. 

Last night’s pictures showed Hancock wearing dark pants and a dark sweater over a white top, while Ms. Coladangelo was wearing white cardigan over a dark gown.

Sources claim that the couple ended their relationship at the restaurant just before 9pm. Mr Hancock was wearing a dark baseball cap when they left the square.

The sighting occurs just months after Mr Hancock had to resign from the Cabinet because CCTV footage taken at Whitehall of Hancock’s Whitehall office was leaked showing him kissing his wife aide in violation of Covid social disstracting guidance.

Lvxor describes itself as 'the favourite meeting point of the cultural and social elite of Split'

Lvxor describes it as “the favourite meeting place of the cultural elite of Split”

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo

Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo

The couple was seen enjoying the romantic scene at the Croatian restaurant last evening.

This is the couple's latest holiday abroad after they were snapped in the Swiss Alps last month

This is the couple’s latest vacation abroad, after they were snapped in Switzerland Alps last month.

After being spotted in the Swiss Alps last week, this is the second holiday that the couple has been known to have taken.

Mr Hancock and his lover, who first met while they were both studying at Oxford, were spotted checking in at an £87-a-night hotel tucked away in the mountains in the village of Villars-sur-Ollon, near Montreux. 

The Hancocks were married in 2006. They had lived with their daughter, 14, as well as two sons (13 and 8), in London and West Suffolk. This was until the revelations about Mr Hancock’s affair.

It is believed that Mr Hancock was in a kiss with Miss Coladangelo on May 6, 2018.

After the footage was shown, Mr Hancock resigned and stated that he wanted to’reiterate [his] apology for not following the guidance’.

The sighting comes after Mr Hancock was forced to quit the Cabinet when CCTV from his Whitehall office was leaked of him kissing his aide in breach of social-distancing guidance

This sighting occurs after Mr Hancock was forced out of the Cabinet by CCTV footage from Whitehall of him kissing his aide, in violation of social-distancing guidelines

Mr Hancock's kiss with Miss Coladangelo, a mother-of-three whose husband Oliver Tress is the founder of clothing shop Oliver Bonas, is alleged to have taken place on May 6 this year

The alleged kiss between Mr Hancock and Miss Coladangelo (a mother-of-3 whose husband Oliver Tress founded Oliver Bonas clothing shop) took place on May 6, 2018.

He stated that he did not want his private life to distract from the one-minded focus that is leading him out of this crisis.

“I would like to apologize again for my actions and to express my sorrow to my family for putting them through such a difficult time. I also need to be with my children during this time.

The letter read: “I am writing you to resign as Secretary for State for Health and Social Care.”

“We have worked so much as a country in fighting the pandemic. I don’t want my private life distracting from the one-minded focus that is leading this country out of this crisis.