Bill de Blasio, a lame duck mayor, blamed New York City’s skyrocketing crimes numbers on the courts. He claimed that there was a slight drop in the murder rate but not the 11 percent increase overall crime.

According to the NYPD’s latest monthly numbers, overall crime was up 11.2 percent last month compared with October 2020. Robbery rose by 15.8 percent, while felony assault rose 13.8 percent. 

The mayor cited statistics showing that felony trials have dropped by 92 per cent since 2019. He also claimed that pleas in felonies cases are down 53 per cent and sentencing is down 55%. 

De Blasio declared Wednesday at his press conference, “I’ll tell ya what’s not working, this is a deep problem: Our court system.” 

“Despite all the conversations we’ve had about the problems within the court system, there’s still very little change.” was provided with a statement from a spokesman for the city’s court system, in which he criticized de Blasio’s comments.

Lucian Chalfen, spokesperson for the Mayor, stated that Charles Lindbergh had made it to Paris and that this would mirror the out-of-touch attitude of the Mayor regarding activity in New York Courts. 

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio touted lower rates of murder and shootings in New York City on Wednesday as overall crime, robbery and assault continue to rise

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio praised Wednesday’s lower murder and shooting rates in New York City, as overall crime and robbery continue to rise.

He also touted the lower number of shootings in Brooklyn, which is down 20 percent from last year. There have been 445 shootings in Brooklyn this year, up from 248 in 2019

He also highlighted the 20 percent drop in shootings in Brooklyn this year. There have been 445 shootings in Brooklyn this year, up from 248 in 2019

Crime in NYC is up 1.3 percent year-to-date compared to last year. Crime in October rose 11.2 percent compared to October 2020 as the mayor talks about a return to 'pre-pandemic levels'

NYC crime is up 1.3 percentage points year-to-date, compared to last. As the mayor talks of a return to pre-pandemic levels, October’s crime rose 11.2 percentage compared to October 2020.

He added that New York City’s criminal courts are “active, functioning, and growing busy”. 

Chalfen claimed that the system had held 117 trials in 2019 compared to 600 in 2019. She cited social distancing methods and ‘prisoner product issues’ as the reasons for the shortfall.

Chalfen stated, “Defendants are not produced to meet with their attorneys while in prison, which delays defense attorney to be ready in case or appearances in court – in-person or at video booths on Rikers island.” 

He stated that half of the trials had taken place within the past six weeks.

Chalfen said that more than 20 grand jury members are present for felony presentations every week and that the court system had ajudicated 117, 413 and misdemeanor cases in NYC Criminal Court and Supreme Court this past year.

De Blasio, who will be replaced by the newly elected Eric Adams in January, focused in the drop in murders last month to 37, compared with 41 in October 2020, saying the minor reduction of 9.8 percent ‘says a lot.’ 

Both are still higher than the October 2019 murders (29) or October 2018 (18) in a city.

The city is dealing with an increase of visible, violent crime. This includes horrific subway and street attacks that have left New Yorkers terrified. 

A man in a grinning mask from The Purge attacked a street stranger with an axe Monday around 10pm. The 51-year old victim was taken to the nearby hospital with a deep wound in his arm.

After an argument with workers, a man threw one Molotov cocktail in a Brooklyn bodega. The arsonist tried to throw another Molotov cocktail into the Brooklyn bodega, but the witness stopped him.

NYPD released this photo of a man who randomly attacked a stranger with an ax while wearing a Purge Halloween mask on Monday night

NYPD released this photo Monday night showing a man who attacked a stranger randomly with an ax while wearing the Purge Halloween mask

Surveillance footage caught a man throwing a Molotov cocktail into a Brooklyn deli Saturday

Surveillance footage captured a man pouring a Molotov cocktail into Brooklyn’s deli on Saturday

Despite the shocking scene, only one person was hurt with non-life-threatening injuries

Despite the shocking scene only one person was injured with non-life threatening injuries

De Blasio claimed Wednesday that shootings were down in Queens Island and Staten Island last year and stressed the decline of shootings in Brooklyn which are down 20% from last. 

Brooklyn has had 445 shootings so far this year. This is down from 557 shootings in 2020, but up from 248 in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“This is critical. This is a major story in Brooklyn. The truth is that even in difficult times, the NYPD has shown remarkable efforts. 

The mayor also blamed the city's court system, where he says felony trials are down  92 percent from 2019. 'This is a profound problem,' he said. Above, a protest in 2020

The mayor also blamed the city’s court system, where he says felony trials are down  92 percent from 2019. He said, “This is a serious problem.” Above, a protest for 2020

A court spokesman said the mayor is 'out of touch ... regarding activity in the New York Courts'

A court spokesperson stated that the mayor is out of touch regarding activity in New York Courts.

However, shootings continue to rise in other parts.

Mayor of Manhattan North, ‘The Bronx is still challenging – lots are being poured into to address Manhattan North as also,’ he admitted. 

De Blasio said shootings were down in other boroughs thanks to community and precision policing, which depend on deep ties with the community, according to the Manhattan Institute. 

“We need to get the public more involved. We need to encourage people from all walks of the community to participate in the “Build the block” meetings. He said that every New Yorker has information that could be useful to police.

Eric Adams, who was elected as the next mayor of New York on Tuesday, won on a platform focused on reducing crime, which ravaged the city during the COVID-19 pandemic

Eric Adams, the next mayor of New York, was elected on Tuesday on a platform that focused on reducing crime. This platform was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that devastated the city.