Misha Nonoo, Meghan Markle’s designer friend, gave birth to a girl six months ago. Designer reveals that the preemie baby was rushed to the NICU and had to have multiple surgeries after she went into labour early while ‘away’.

  • Nonoo, 36 years old, posted a series on Instagram Tuesday showing slides that detail her daughter Marina’s birth earlier in this year. 
  • New York City-based designer, the designer, stated that she was out of town and had no family members when she unexpectedly went into labour.
  • Nonoo said that the newborn was ‘immediately rushed into the NICU’. She later underwent a number of operations, and Nonoo added: ‘I was unable t hold her for several weeks.
  • The mom decided to share ‘the difficulty of the past six months’ because she wants ‘to give hope For those who may be in a similar situation
  • Marina is Nonoo and Mikey Hess’ second child.
  • Leo, their son, was born in March. This was a month before she announced that she was pregnant.

Misha Nonoo, Meghan’s close friend has revealed that she gave rise to a baby girl named Marina months earlier. She said that Marina was premature and had to have a number of operations while in neonatal intensive. 

The 36-year old designer posted an update to Instagram Tuesday, sharing a series of candid slides. She said she wanted to share her “own vulnerabilities” in the hope of inspiring other women. 

“It’s been awhile since you’ve heard anything from me.” She captioned the post, “I wanted to wait until Marina was ready to share our story.” “Thank you to all of the amazing nurses and doctors that made all our dreams come true, we are so grateful for all you did for us.

Candid: Misha Nonoo has revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl named Marina months ago after going into labor early while 'away from home' (pictured with her daughter in September)

Candid: Misha Nooo revealed that she gave birth months ago to a baby girl called Marina after going into labor earlier than expected while ‘away’. (pictured with Marina in September).

The designer (pictured when pregnant with her daughter) shared the news

The designer, pictured while pregnant with her daughter, shared the news  

Nonoo, who is based New York City, explained that she was away when Marina was unexpectedly born. 

“Earlier this year, Marina, our baby girl, and I went into labor early.” The mother of two wrote that she received her baby while she was away from home in another city and without any family. 

“She was rushed to the NICU immediately and then had a number of operations. I was unable for weeks to hold her. We are forever grateful to the nurses and doctors who gave our daughter the best possible care.

Marina is Nonoo’s second baby with Mikey Hess. Leo, their son, was also born in March, one month before Nonoo announced her pregnancy.  

Story: The designer, who is based in New York City, said she was out of town and without any family with her when she unexpectedly went into labor

Story: The designer, who is based in New York City, said she was out of town and without any family with her when she unexpectedly went into labor

Family: Exclusive images obtained by DailyMail.com in September show Nonoo with her husband Mikey Hess, their two children, son Leo and newborn Marina, and a nanny

Family: Exclusive photos taken by DailyMail.com in September show Nonoo, her husband Mikey, their two children, Leo and Marina, as well as a nanny 

Marina’s story. She explained that she shared her story with my community because women are the epicenter of all I have done. 

“I want to honor our daughter because of her determination, fortitude and resilience at such a young age has taken me by surprise. Being a parent of a child who is sick or needs serious medical attention can be one of the most difficult things.

Nonoo went on and praised her baby girl, stating that it was her strength that kept her going in the darkest hours. 

She wrote that she was in awe of her daughter and the exceptional spirit with which she was conceived. “I have always looked up to women for inspiration and courage in my life, and in recent moments when it has been difficult to keep moving forward, it was her strong spirit that kept me going. She is a quiet, simple superhero.

Nonoo ended the post by saying that she was ‘excited’ to share her hopes for the future as well as what she and her brand can do together in the future.  

She stated that “now more than ever we must preserve our world for our little heroes to thrive in,”