Melinda French Gates arrived in New York City Monday morning with a friend, just one month after she suggested that Bill Gates’ ex-husband had been involved with more than one woman during his 27-year marriage. She also stated that they have started dating since their divorce. photographs show French Gates, aged 57, leaving an airport private jet in Big Apple. She is wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf along with white jeans, white trousers and white sneakers.

An unknown male accompanied her in a dark vest and black pants with sunglasses. He was wearing a plaid shirt and button-down shirt.

A black backpack was worn by the man with a thin line of blue on it and a left-ring finger.

Both were having fun talking and was smiling after her helicopter arrived.

Melinda French Gates, 57, (left) arrived in New York City by helicopter in the company of an unknown, bearded man

Melinda French Gates, aged 57, arrived in New York City in a helicopter, in company with an unknown bearded man.

The two disembarked the helicopter together and shared a laugh before walking off the helipad. The man carried French Gates' bags while she walked strolled with her hands free. He wore a ring on his left ring-finger

Both men got out of the helicopter together, shared some laughs and walked off the helipad. While French Gates walked with her bags in his hands, the man carried French Gates’ bag. His left hand was covered with a ring.

The sighting comes a month after French Gates said in an interview that she has 'dipped her toe' in the dating world after her billion-dollar divorce from Microsoft founder Bill Gates

French Gates revealed in an interview last month that she had “dipped her toe” in the dating realm after her million-dollar divorce with Bill Gates, Microsoft founder.

French Gates was sporting a Louis Vuitton scarf, a white jacket, black pants and white sneakers. The helicopter crew could be seen wheeling Louis Vuitton suitcase behind her

French Gates was wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf and white jacket along with black trousers, white sneakers, and a Louis Vuitton bag. Behind French Gates, the helicopter crew was seen pulling a Louis Vuitton suitcase.

French Gates had just revealed one month earlier that she was open to finding new love and had already met several suitors.

‘It’s interesting at this point,’ she told CBS Mornings Gayle King in an interview that aired March 3, ‘You know, I’m dipping my toe in that water a little bit. It feels like I am in a very good place. And I’m really, really excited about my life and about the world—the work ahead.’

She said in an interview that Bill Gates was her ex-husband and had several affairs during their 27-year-long marriage.

When asked about multiple reports of him cheating, she replied that Bill must answer those questions. He had previously confessed to an affair. 

“I believe that forgiveness is possible.” Melinda spoke out about her 2000 affair with Microsoft employees. To this union, I offered everything. From the moment we were engaged, to the day that I left it, I was completely committed.   

French Gates stated that Bill and her are not friends anymore, but they are still ‘friends’ and continue to work together.

The ex-couple, who share three kids (pictured), have not publicly spoken out about the split, however Bill is reported to have blamed himself in an off-the-record Q&A session back in July

The ex-couple, who share three kids (pictured), have not publicly spoken out about the split, however Bill is reported to have blamed himself in an off-the-record Q&A session back in July 

Bill Gates (second from right) in Jeffrey Epstein's (center) Upper East Side mansion, the scene of many of his crimes, in 2011 - after the pedophile had spent time in prison for having sex with minors

Bill Gates, second from right, at Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side home, which was the site of many of his crimes in 2011, after he had been sentenced for having sex in minors. 

Bill, at 66 years old, hasn’t made any comments about the divorce.

French Gates also criticized Bill for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and said that he still met with him even though she had ‘nightmares about him’.

“I didn’t like the fact that he met with Jeffrey Epstein. That was what I told him. Jeffrey Epstein was also a man I met once. It was my desire to meet this man, and it made me regret going in.

“He was abhorrent and evil personified. It was the worst nightmare I ever had. This is why my heart breaks so much for the young girls. It was how I felt and it is why I’m an older woman. He was terrible.  

Gayle King told her that Bill must answer for Epstein’s numerous meetings.

Melinda Gates in her CBS interview in March. She lifted the lid on her marriage to Bill Gates for the first time, telling how the trust in their relationship was broken by his 2000 affair

Melinda Gates speaking to CBS in March. Bill Gates’s marriage was revealed for the first-time by Melinda Gates, who explained how his 2000 affair broke their trust. 

Bill and Melinda Gates are pictured at their daughter Jennifer's wedding in North Salem, New York, in October

Bill and Melinda Gates photographed at Jennifer’s North Salem wedding, New York in October

“It was more than one thing. [that led to the divorce]. Bill will answer all questions regarding Bill’s relationship. He was the one I was most open about.  

Melinda shocked the entire world by announcing that she and Bill were ending their 27 year marriage in May 2021. Melinda previously shared how difficult it was for her to work with Bill.

The couple divorced privately in Washington in August. This is where the Gates Foundation is located.

Although the terms were not made public, Bill’s estimated worth at that time was $152billion. Melinda received a 50% settlement of $76 billion. This does not take into account the vast property holdings of Melinda and Bill, which included homes throughout New York, Washington, California, and elsewhere.