Under Government plans to remove ‘gender neutral” facilities, men and women will use separate toilets.

  • Review into publicly-accessible toilets includes the decision to keep separate loos. 
  • The proposals include a separate loo for everyone who seeks privacy
  • Survey found that less than one-third of 20 women support gender neutral loos.

Under Government plans to eliminate ‘gender neutral facilities’, men and women will have their own toilets.

Recent years have seen single sex cubbies replaced by facilities where males can mix with females.

The Mail on Sunday learned that while public toilets and offices must have separate loos, they can also provide a safe space for transgender people if needed.

A Whitehall source told the MoS: ‘For dignity, security, and safety – the proper provision of separate men’s and women’s toilets is important. 

“That’s the reason we are looking at options for separate toilets to remain the standard.

This is part of a review on publicly-accessible toilets. 

Recent years have seen single sex cubicles ripped out and replaced with facilities where males and females mix together (file photo)

In recent years, single sex cubbies have been dismantled and replaced by facilities where males can mix with females (file photo). 

The proposals include the provision of disabled bathrooms and a separate loo for anyone who needs privacy.

Transgender rights advocates and feminists have been battling over gender neutral toilets. Feminists argue that they can ‘disavantage women’. 

A YouGov survey this summer found that only one in 20 women support the replacement of male and female lavatories with gender neutral ones.