The Metropolitan Police must probe any links Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had with the UK even if that includes Prince Andrew, legal experts have claimed.

Ex-offenders and prosecutors stated that all charges in Britain should be investigated by the force.

The cops claimed Maxwell’s conviction means that they can no longer avoid launching an investigation into the allegations in this country.

But the Met has so far maintained it continues ‘to liaise with other law enforcement agencies who lead the investigation into matters related to Jeffrey Epstein’.

The claim comes amid allegations that Prince Andrew continued to socialize with Maxwell well after Epstein was deemed a paedophile.

The Duke was even reportedly guest of honour for her birthday party at Dorchester Hotel in London as late as December 2012.

The force should look into all alleged offences committed in Britain 'without fear or favour', former officers and prosecutors said. Pictured: Commissioner Cressida Dick

Former officers and prosecutors suggested that the force investigate all allegations of British crimes ‘without fear nor favour. Pictured: Commissioner Cressida Dick

Former Chief Crown Prosecutor for the north west of England Nazir Afzal (pictured), ex-police detective constable Maggie Oliver and retired Met detective sergeant Steve Morris are calling for the Met to launch a probe

Ex-Chief Crown Prosecutor of the North West of England Nazir Alfzal, Maggie Oliver (photo), and Steve Morris (retired Met detective sergeant) are asking for the Met’s launch of a probe

It comes amid claims Prince Andrew (pictured with Maxwell and Virginia Roberts in 2001) still socialised with Maxwell long after Epstein was known to the police for being a paedophile

This is despite claims that Prince Andrew, pictured in 2001 with Virginia Roberts and Maxwell, still socialized with Maxwell well after Epstein was discovered to be a paedophile by the police.

Former Chief Crown Prosecutor for the north west of England Nazir Afzal, ex-police detective constable Maggie Oliver and retired Met detective sergeant Steve Morris are calling for the Met to launch a probe.

Mr Afzal, who spearheaded the Rochdale child grooming case in 2012, told the Express: ‘The Met has previously said there is not enough evidence but that is because it has not been investigated.

“It now must properly investigate and see what happens. And if it involves interviewing His Highness it should do so. Because it’s supposed to be investigating without favour or fear.

Ms Oliver stated that she was afraid of these types of decisions, which are based on high-ranking people. She said there’s a fear among authorities not to go deep in order to avoid upsetting the apple tree.

Mr Morris said that the Duke of York ought to be intervieweder, but with caution about any ties he may have had to the ex-couple.

One of the claims centred on the UK is that Virginia Roberts was trafficked to the country to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001, which he denies.

He reportedly sat opposite her at her 51st birthday party at the China Tang restaurant in the Dorchester (file photo) two years after he went to New York to cut ties with Epstein

According to reports, he was seated beside her at her 51st-birthday party at China Tang Restaurant in Dorchester (file photograph), two years after Epstein left for New York.

After Epstein’s scandalous deed, the Royal was rumored to still be sociable with Maxwell years later.

Two years ago, he allegedly sat beside her at her 51st Birthday Party at China Tang in Dorchester. This was two years after Epstein moved to New York.

A source told the Sunday Times: ‘The guest list was top notch. She was surrounded by many interesting people who seemed to like her. [Maxwell].’ Epstein was absent.

Andrew met Maxwell for the first time in 1999. He invited them to Balmoral later that same year.

The couple were invited to Windsor Castle for their 40th Birthday party in 2000, along with three other guests.

In 2005, the US police began investigating Epstein’s Florida abuses. After a plea agreement in 2008, he was sent to prison for thirteen months.

In December 2010, Prince Andrew was photographed again with the paedophile in New York.

Newsnight 2020 was his only purpose in telling the financier that they were cutting all ties.

Virginia Giuffre - the woman who claims she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew when she was 17 - could be set to give a victim impact statement to a New York judge for the sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell. She is pictured with her lawyer, David Boies

Virginia Giuffre, the 17-year-old woman who claimed she was forced into sleeping with Prince Andrew at age 17, could now be asked to make a victim impact statement before a New York court for Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing. David Boies is her lawyer. 

The prince was seen in public yesterday for the first time since his friend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, was convicted of multiple counts of child sex trafficking for her boyfriend Epstein, driving himself to Windsor Castle. Pictured: Prince Andrew and Maxwell in 2000 at Ascot

Yesterday’s public appearance was his first since the conviction of several counts of child trafficking by her friend, British socialite Ghislaine, for driving herself to Windsor Castle. Photo: Prince Andrew with Maxwell at Ascot 2000


Andrew was charged with what?

These formal accusations are battery and intentional injury to emotional distress. Virginia Roberts, who is bringing the New York case as her married name Giuffre, alleges that she was forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew at 17 years old. She was also a sex slave to Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. This civil case is different from the Ghislaine Maxill trial in Manhattan. Miss Roberts seeks damages in the amount of millions of pounds. Andrew should not be in prison.

We are where we need to be.

This case, which was originally filed in August, is currently at its early stages. A new Andrew motion to dismiss the case will be heard by the judge on Tuesday. If it continues there will be the taking of depositions – formal statement given under oath.

Who can be deposed

David Boies, Miss Roberts’ attorney has stated that he would like to see the duke deposed and perhaps his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Andrew and his associates will face Andrew, as well as her lawyers.

And what about after?

Judge Lewis Kaplan set September as the tentative date of his trial. The case will be heard by an impartial jury consisting of 12 members of public.

Will Andrew testify?

Although he can decline to take a deposition, it may result in him being convicted of default. He can either decline to testify in person or “take the fifth”, refusing to answer any questions to protect himself.

How will evidence be presented?

Miss Roberts is expected to tell the story, and will bring in witnesses who can verify her statements. According to some reports, she may use Epstein private jet flight logs that show her flying to places where she claimed to have had sex. Maxwell could be questioned by Roberts, and Carolyn may testify that she pulled her into Epstein’s orbit.

How about the FBI wanting Andrew to talk?

This is not related to this case. As part of their ongoing investigation into Epstein’s worldwide sex ring, the FBI has been seeking to interview Andrew for two years. The Home Office has yet to respond to a request under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

Last week, the Duke was required to show key documents that supported his assertion that he had not sex at all with American accuser.

Virginia Giuffre and her legal team sought a lot of information from Andrew as part of an investigation of his BBC Newsnight interview in which he claimed he visited a Pizza Express that day.

Ms Giuffre sued the King’s son, claiming that he sexually assaulted her as a teenager. He also claims that Jeffrey Epstein, a disgraced financier, trafficked her into having sex with him.

Andrew denied the allegations.

Andrew was also asked by her lawyers to provide travel documentation detailing Andrew’s movement on Epstein’s planes and to his homes. Ms Giuffre says that Andrew visited London’s Tramp nightclub in London and Pizza Express Woking.

Maxwell (60) was found guilty in America of helping to lure vulnerable teens to Epstein’s properties, where he would sexually abuse them between 1994-2004.

Her case was called ‘dangerous’. She will be spending the remainder of her life in prison. Andrew and Ms Giuffre have been subject to renewed scrutiny.

Andrew’s legal staff has denied requests for documents. They cited a number of reasons including that the information was protected against disclosure under privacy rights in the US Constitution and Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights.

The lawyers for the plaintiff also stated in New York Court papers that they have already made public the request or claimed the information is ‘unduly burdensome… oppressive… redundant and too broad’.

Andrew appeared on BBC Newsnight’s November 2019 to defend himself in the wake the Epstein sex scam. But he was open to more accusations, with critics alleging he didn’t show remorse to the victim.

When questioned by Emily Maitlis on Newsnight, the duke said he did not sleep with Ms Giuffre three times. He also claimed that one of their encounters was fake. Princess Beatrice had been to Pizza Express in Woking and the two spent the remainder of the day together.

According to the American, it was the same encounter that saw the royals sweat heavily while they were dancing at Tramp nightclub. However, this is not true. The duke claimed that he suffered from a medical condition which prevented him from sweating.

Ms Giuffre claims that she had sex in the past with Andrew when she was 17 years old. She is a minor in US law and she was 18 again on an island in the Caribbean owned by Epstein, where she experienced an orgy.

The legal team of Ms Giuffre stated in court papers that they had no information about Prince Andrew’s communications with Maxwell and Epstein. They also said, ‘If Prince Andrew really does not have any documents regarding his trips to Florida, New York or other locations in London due to his medical inability or inability to sweat’. He will then continue with his discovery.

Maxwell’s brother Ian Maxwell stated that Maxwell was wrongly tried in his sibling’s case and that she will appeal the decision.

When asked if the women testifying against his sister were lying, Robert replied, “Of course. The prosecution did not put in evidence their prior interviews with the accusers. Which showed that they had a totally different case.”

Ghislaine said that memory is defective and the trial she faced was unfair. That is why she appeals, and I think that she will succeed.