Two non-league team’s set the UK record for longest penalty shootout at 44 spot shots. Every player took two penalties over the course of more than half an hours.

  • Old Wulfrunians set a new British record with 44 penalties in the tie. Lane Head and Lane Head also set it.
  • The world record for the epic was only four seconds short of the 2005 Namibian Cup final.
  • After 35 minutes, Jack Marsh (left-back), won the shootout to Old Wulfs 19-18.
  • Marsh stated that he felt relieved after the end of the marathon JW Hunt Cup tie 

Two non-league photoball teams must be separated by 44 penalties in order to win a cup tie. This is a UK Record.

Old Wulfrunians and Lane Head drew 3-3 in their JW Hunt Cup tie sending the clash to a penalty shootout.

Every player on each team had to take two penalties, including both goalkeepers when left-back Jack Marsh, 27, a teacher, slotted home his spot kick for Old Wulfs in sudden death.

After a 35-minute shootout, the shootout ended in 19-18 to Old Wulfs. However, it did not break the world record.

Old Wulfs left-back Jack Marsh put both teams out of their misery after a marathon shootout

After a marathon shootout, Jack Marsh, Old Wulfs left back, saved both teams.

Marsh stated to the Sun that the overwhelming feeling was one relief that it was over.

“No one knew it was an unprecedented record and everyone was just happy we could finally go back home.”

Martin Davies, Lane Head secretary, told the Sun that although it was ‘great to be in the record book’, they were devastated that Old Wulfs had sent them crashing out the cup.

Jamie Howe, the referee for the tie recounted how a goalkeeper who had taken 22 kicks to make it up, was shouted at to miss in order to end the epic tiebreak.

Every player on each side, including goalkeepers, took two penalties in the 35-minute tiebreak

In the 35-minute tiebreak, each player, including goalkeepers took two penalties

The current world record for most penalties in a shootout is 48, set in Namibia.

The record number of set pieces required to decide who took the Namibian Cup trophy home in the 2005 final between KK Palace & the Civics was a testament to the difficulty of deciding who will take the trophy.

KK Palace held firm to win 17-16 and take home the silverware.

The longest shootout in professional English football was in the second round FA Cup fixture between Scunthorpe & Worcester City. In which the former stopped a giant killing after a draw in regulation, it was the longest shootout.

Scunthorpe won the penalty match 14-13 against the non league outfit after 32 shots of goal. This allowed Scunthorpe to advance to round 3.