Model claims she was expelled from the wedding of a good friend because she felt she looked too beautiful in the dress she chose, despite having chosen it herself. 

Alena is a German woman who was born in Heidelberg. She explained to me that Alena chose her gown because one her best friends was about to marry.

After the bride was concerned about Alena’s appearance on her wedding day, she chose to wear a Albina Dial dress with a strapless albina dyela in a blue and brown color. 

Alena chose to share her story on TikTok. The video quickly became viral and attracted more than five millions views. 

A model has claimed that she was uninvited from a friend's wedding because the pal thought she 'looked too good' in her dress

Model claims she was invited but not invited by a friend to her wedding. The pal felt she looked too beautiful in the dress she wore.

The woman, who is named Alena, explained that as one of her close buds was preparing to get married, she picked out a gown for Alena to wear to the nuptials

Alena (the woman’s name) explained that she chose a dress for Alena because one of her closest friends was getting married.

She opted for a strapless Albina Dyla gown

But when the bride got nervous that Alena might outshine her on her big day, she said she couldn't come anymore

After she was nervous Alena would outshine her dress, she chose a strapless Albina Dila gown. 

Alena, who is from Heidelberg, Germany, shared the story on TikTok and it went viral, gaining more than five million views and sparking a firestorm of responses

Alena is from Heidelberg Germany. She shared her TikTok story and it became viral. It gained more than 5 million views, and sparked a firestorm with responses

Alena stated in the clip that “my close friend insisted on me not attending her wedding, because she believed I looked too good wearing the dress she picked for me,” It was still a great dress, and I took some photos.

The stunning ensemble is approximately six feet long and covered in sequins. She posted photos. 

The model commented in the comments section that she couldn’t comprehend why her friend was unhappy with how she looked. Especially since she chose the clothes.

Also, she said that people should be valued and not judged on their looks.  

Video of her video quickly caused uproar online, with unnamed friend’s actions causing furore from viewers. 

“As her friend, she should expect you to be beautiful.” She wouldn’t be intimidated by her wedding if she felt secure and confident. It’s so sad,” one reader wrote in the comments section. 

“Really, it upsets me. “Women should support each other, and we all have our unique beauty,” another woman said. 

She’s right. One viewer laughed and said, “You can’t bring me like this to my wedding and expect that I won’t run away with your wife.” “Like I said, then you’re my bride.” 

She posted some photos of herself rocking the stunning, foot-length ensemble, which is covered head to toe in sequins

Photos of her in the incredible, foot-length, sequin-covered ensemble were posted by she

In the comment section, the model said she 'couldn't understand' why her friend had a problem with the way she looked, especially since she had picked out the clothing herself

The model commented in the comments section that she couldn’t comprehend why her friend was unhappy with how she looked.

Her video quickly caused an uproar on the internet, and her unnamed friend's actions led to a furore from viewers.

Video of her video caused instant uproar online. The actions of her friend, who was not named, caused furore in the eyes of viewers.

Although many people were on Alena's side, some said she should respect her friend's wishes on her special day

Alena was supported by many, but some people felt she needed to respect the wishes of her friend on this special day.

Although it's unclear if she was referring to this situation, Alena posted another video about wanting to 'die inside' after being 'betrayed' by a friend

Alena shared another video in which she said that she wanted to die inside after being betrayed by a friend.

 ‘This is literally how I want everyone pulling up to my wedding. Dress to impress. Y’all will need rings,’ the fourth comment said.

One person said, “You need to cut off the bride honestly.” Evidently, she isn’t really a good friend. She’s clearly not a friend.

Another person stated, “I cannot imagine not inviting a friend because she looks beautiful in a gown,” “She could have simply asked you for another dress. She did you dirty. Her loss.’

Alena had many supporters, but others felt that she should honor her friend’s wishes for her special day.

It’s her wedding day. Respect her decision not to have the gown on, someone said. It can be worn anywhere. Both sides are acceptable. 

Alena shared another video in which she said that she would ‘die inside’ if she felt betrayed by her friend.

« When you see adorable best friend videos every day on your smartphone [for you page] and you have to act like you don’t give a f**k, but you actually die inside because every girl friend you had betrayed you at some point,’ she wrote, alongside a clip that showed her giving the piece sign to the camera.