DPD driver speeding to pass moment horse riders in narrow country lane during road rage row

  • Horse rider Katherine Cooksley, 27,  was out on her eight year old horse Garnet
  • Leigh Morris and Leigh, her riding partner were passed in his van by the DPD driver.
  • According to her, the DPD driver was ‘fast’ after he saw horses and rushed past them.

DPD driver was accused of speeding up after he saw two horse-riding horses on narrow country roads.

As he drove past riders in Reading, the van driver beeped his horn.

Horse rider Katherine Cooksley, 27, was out on her horse Garnet, who is eight years old, with her riding partner Leigh Morris who was riding 18 year old horse Rohan. 

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The van driver is seen beeping his horn as he drives down the road in a country lane in Reading on Saturday at 1.16pm

On Saturday, at 1.16pm, the van driver was seen making his beeps as he drove along a rural lane in Reading.

In the video, as the driver approaches her she is seen exclaiming: ‘F***’,  ‘I mean it’s great that he’s beeping but that doesn’t help us’.

While he is passing them on narrow roads, Ms Cooksley shouts out to DPD driver: “You want to slow down! You’re being filmed!” It’s me reporting on you, buddy.

Ms Cooksley, who has has been riding horses since she was four years old, said: ‘My friend and I were hacking down the road and first thing we heard was the horn going.

“And then we were like “What is that?” The next thing you notice is him flying around the corner. You could hear his horn, and I was signaling for him to slow down.  

Horse rider Katherine Cooksley, 27, was out on her horse Garnet, who is eight years old, with her riding partner Leigh Morris who was riding 18 year old horse Rohan

Katherine Cooksley was riding horse Garnet (8 years) with Leigh Morris (a 18 year-old horse Rohan), and Katherine Cooksley (27) was on horseback.

She said: 'I was asking him to slow down for the safety for us and the horses. He didn't. If anything he sped up'

She replied, “I asked him to slow down in order for safety of us all and our horses.” He didn’t. He actually sped up.

She says: 'He had the window down on his van.... so we started vocally asking him to slow down and he just sped up and didn't make any acknowledgement that we were there at all, he didn't even look at us'.'

She said that he had his window open …. and we began to shout for him to slow down. He didn’t acknowledge we were even there, and he didn’t even glance at us.

As he passes them in the narrow road, she shouts to the DPD driver: 'You wanna slow down- you're on camera! You're on camera mate, I'm reporting you'

He passes the pair on narrow roads, and she shouts to her DPD driver: “You need to slow down! You’re on camera!” It’s me reporting on you, buddy.

‘So it was clear that he was asking me to slow him down, because horses were on their toes. There was also some shooting around the area.

“So I requested him to slow down so that we and the horses would be safe. He didn’t. He actually sped up. 

He had his window open …. and we asked him to slow down. But he did not acknowledge we were there, and didn’t even glance at us. 

The incident she described as ‘pretty frightening’ was what caused her to say that horses became upset. She believes they could have suffered serious injuries.  

She stated that horses have been known to travel at speeds of 50 mph. We could have ended our lives in front of the van or on its bonnet. He wouldn’t be able to slow down because of this speed.

‘He wouldn’t have been able to stop on time if the horses had spooked sideways into him, if we were spooked sideways we could have got thrown into the side of the van and so there is all manner of different things that could have happened’.

The women both wore air jackets that provided protection against falls.

Rob Cooksley was the father of her daughter and said that he was surprised by what happened.

According to him, “It is not her first close shave like this” but that’s what you would expect of a professional driver. 

MailOnline has reached out to DPD for comments.