Friends paid tribute to Nev Wilshire (star of BBC’s The Call Centre), who died at the age of 61.

On Friday, Mr Wilshire, a Welsh businessman, and public speaker, passed away.

Hayley Pearce, his former colleague, paid tribute on Twitter to him and confirmed the news about his death.

She said, “He was more than just a boss to us. He was my family. We made many memories together that I’ll cherish for the rest my life.

“I am grateful to him for believing in my potential. His belief in me changed my entire life. RIP. You are truly loved.

WalesOnline reports that the cause of death for the 61-year old woman is still unknown.

Friends have paid tribute to 'larger than life' Nev Wilshire (pictured), star of BBC's The Call Centre, who has died aged 61

Friends paid tribute to Nev Wilshire, a star on BBC’s The Call Centre and ‘larger-than life’ (pictured), who died at the age of 61.

In 1960, the businessman was born in Pennard in Gower and worked his first job as a merchant for builders.

Then he went into sales, and at 24 he founded Central Heating Services.  

At its peak, the company turned over £4.8m before going bankrupt in 1996.  

The four-time father of four starred as The Call Centre, a hit BBC Three documentaire. He had previously been CEO of Save Britain Money since 2010.

Mr Wilshire (pictured) starred in BBC Three documentary The Call Centre in 2013, after becoming CEO of Save Britain Money in 2010

After becoming the CEO of Save Britain Money, Mr Wilshire was featured in The Call Centre on BBC Three in 2013.

The series quickly made him famous, featuring 700 employees at his call center in the Swansea Enterprise Zone.

His reputation as a natural showman was earned by his singing at call centres, where staff could sing Mr Brightside and other hit songs.

He was also willing to take on his team in arm wrestling and crack jokes.  

With more than 3 million viewers tuning in to the initial episode, The Call Centre became a very popular TV show.

Described as a 'natural showman', he led early morning songs at the call centre where staff would belt out Mr Brightside by the Killers with him among other hits

His reputation as a natural showman was earned by his singing at call centres, where staff sang Mr Brightside and other songs.

Many viewers grew to like his show and compared him to David Brent on The Office. 

In another series, the team helped Mr Wilshire to set up a call center in India- Nev’s Indian Call Centre.    

As a passionate footballer, Wilshire was once a striker for the top Welsh League clubs, including Pontardawe and Port Talbot.

But he made the decision to quit fooball in order to focus his efforts on sales.

This 61-year old was an avid Swansea City fan. He also played in SellebritySoccer charity football matches earlier in the year.  

The 61-year-old was a huge Swansea City fan and played in charity football matches for SellebritySoccer earlier this year (pictured)

He was a big Swansea City supporter at 61 and participated in charity soccer matches earlier this year for SellebritySoccer (pictured).

He was also a Swans fan Mitchell Powell’s fundraiser, where he died at the age of 26. 

Describing him, a bio read: ‘Whether he’s leading his new recruits in a sing-a-long to One Direction, kicking footballs at naughty sales agents in the butt stocks, or encouraging his staff to write poetry – Nev is a boss with an unique style of management all his own.

Nev is a Swansea City lover and season ticket holder. He was born in Swansea, and would not move to any other place for the same money. He is a good guy, just like Napoleon …’.

Following his death, many people paid tribute on social media to Mr Wilshire.

Lisa Jayne was a former colleague who worked alongside Mr Wilshire. She wrote that she will never forget his support.

A former colleague called Lisa Jayne, who worked with Mr Wilshire (pictured) and featured on The Call Centre, wrote on Facebook that she would never forget the support he gave her

Lisa Jayne (pictured), a former colleague, shared on Facebook her gratitude for the help he provided.

She described him to be a man who had a “heart of gold” and was always helping others. 

Another friend John Tancock wrote online: ‘Nev passed away this morning. Nev was a remarkable character. He made an impression wherever he went.

“He was a Christian. His character was good. His kindness helped others. He had his faults and sins, but God accepted him. You can rest easy, my friend.

Jay Curtis wrote that another friend of his, he was saddened to learn about Nev Wilshire’s passing. Jay Curtis wrote: “Nev Wilshire was a bigger than life personality who always made me smile on every occasion we worked together. #RIPNev’

The BBC described Mr Wilshire as 'a boss quite unlike any other'. Pictured: Mr Wilshire on The Call Centre

BBC described Mr Wilshire’s boss as “a boss quite different from any other”. Picture: Mr Wilshire at The Call Centre 

According to the Sun, Mr Wilshire is described as a boss “uniquely any other” by BBC.

Other online tributes included: RIP Nev. You were a great guy who put Swansea on Google’ 

Another wrote: “Rest in Peace to Nev Wilshire, the Welsh legend.” The BBC’s The Call Centre showed him as an extraordinary man. A truly decent man, he would assist anyone. This is a terrible day for Wales. 

Ex-employee said: “Sorry to hear my Boss Nev Wilshire is gone.” Nev was a great friend.

An ex-employee wrote: 'Sorry to Hear my old Boss Nev Wilshire has passed away. Had some funny times with Nev at The Callcentre Sending Condolences to Nevs family RIP'

One ex-employee said: “Sorry to hear my Boss Nev Wilshire is gone. Nev and I had some fun times at The Callcentre. Sending condolences to Nev’s family RIP.