Moment lorry crashes into bridge snapping off its metal grab, sending debris flying across dual carriageway.

  • The incident occurred on the A23, West Sussex, between Bolney & Warninglid
  • A grab lorry was seen moving with its crane up, just before it crashed into a bridge. 
  • The vehicle’s grab was ripped from it during the crash, and it then fell onto the inside lanes.
  • The road was closed for three hours by police while inspections were conducted

Footage captures the moment a truck crashes into a bridge. The grab snaps off and forces a major A road to be closed in both directions.

The vehicle was travelling southbound on A23 between Warninglid (West Sussex) and Bolney (West Sussex) shortly after 12pm Wednesday, November 3.

It crashed into a bridge, ripping the grab off which fell onto the carriageway’s inside lane.

The road was closed in both directions by police for three hours while Highways England performed an inspection.

Video footage shows the vehicle speeding southbound past Bolney village’s exit. It is in the inside lane, three-carrier A23. The grab extends upwards above the lorry.

Shortly after the exit, a bridge crosses the carriageway.

Video footage taken from a vehicle traveling directly behind the lorry shows a dust explosion. A bang can also be heard as the grab of the lorry smashes into the side wall of the bridge.

A vehicle that is slightly behind the lorry in a middle lane collision takes evasive actions and pulls into an outside lane.

A grab was ripped off a lorry as it smashed into a bridge on the A23 between Bolney and Warninglid, West Sussex, shortly after 12pm on Wednesday

A grab was taken from a lorry that crashed into a bridge on A23 between Bolney, West Sussex, just after 12pm on Wednesday.

Shortly before the crash, the grab lorry was seen travelling with its crane pointing skywards as it was driven along the A23

The grab lorry was seen traveling along the A23 with its crane pointed skywards shortly before the crash.

The moving vehicle continues on, and the grab of the lorry can be seen along the edge of an inside lane. It is completely ripped off the top.

The driver travelling behind can be heard indicating into the middle lane as they attempt to steer clear of the ripped-off grab, while the person filming says: ‘the f***ing grabber’s come clean off the lorry, mush.’

As the video continues, you can see more rubble in the middle lane on the A23.

The person filming said: “Who’s driving it?”

‘The grab’s come clean off the f***ing lorry, I don’t believe it mush. It’s not true. Who is it?

“He’s just going leave the grab in front of the road?”

The vehicle behind follows the lorry and does not stop. The crane that was carrying the grab is now lower because it has been pushed back by the bridge.

The lorry can be seen approaching the bridge over the A23 while its crane is pointing upwards. As the vehicle travels forwards, it strikes the bridge, ripping its grab off

While the crane is pointed upwards, the lorry can seen approaching the bridge across the A23. As the vehicle travels forwards it hits the bridge, ripping its grab.

The person filming the incident eventually caught up with the lorry, showing its crane had been knocked down by the crash with the bridge

The film crew eventually caught up to the truck, showing that the crane had been destroyed by the collision with a bridge.

The person filming adds, “I can’t believe that he just did that.” 

The Sussex Police arrived on the scene shortly after noon and the road was shut down for three hours.

A spokesperson for the force said that the road was reopened at 3.23pm.

They said that the carriageway was shut in both directions, and that the A272 Cowfold Road was also shut while Highways England conducted an inspection.

All roads are now open after all checks have been completed.

“We are grateful to the public for their patience as we responded to this incident.”