A new video shows Alec Baldwin, distraught and confused after he was informed that he had killed the cinematographer on Rust’s set last year. 

This footage was shot inside Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico. It was recorded on October 21st 2021 after Baldwin’s prop pistol fired a live bullet during a rehearsal. 

After telling police he hadn’t pulled the trigger, he was stunned to see what appeared like live fire coming from his weapon. It pierced Joel Souza’s shoulder and struck Hutchins’ armpit. 

“I have bad news. The investigator said that she didn’t get it. 

He sat back and said, “No!” Before he asked if he could be excused from calling his wife Hilaria, Baldwin said: “No!” Baldwin left the room clutching his head with both hands.  He was snapped in the parking lot at the sheriff’s offices, crying as he talked to Hilaria. 

Six months later, and still at the time, nobody knows how a bullet got into Baldwin’s gun. 

Baldwin called police to inquire about one theory. He claimed that the box of dummy rounds had been lost and then reappear with live ammunition. 

Alexandra Hancock was contacted by him and he explained to her that someone had informed him that this box contained the bullets that Hannah Gutierrez Reed, an armorer, had stolen. They were then loaded into Hancock’s gun. 

‘It reappeared. It appeared suddenly on top a truck table. My wife confirmed that this was the exact box that long colts were removed from in order to be put into my gun. The live rounds were still in the box when they returned to it. It is clear that I believe this was an accident due to negligence. 

Video shows investigators telling the actor that Hutchins, 42, had succumbed to her injuries, with Baldwin instantly saying 'no' as he lurched back into his seat in shock. Baldwin, 64, is seen raising his hand to his mouth as he looks between the two investigators in stunned silence

Baldwin (64), is seen raising his right hand in surprise as the investigators inform him that Hutchins had died at 42. Baldwin, 64 years old, raises his arm to show his shock and looks at the pair of investigators.

Baldwin remains in the same position for 24 seconds before he puts his hand on his chest and then covers his face with his hands.

Baldwin stays in this position for twenty-four seconds. Then, he places his hand on the chest of his opponent and covers his face with it.

Baldwin sits in silence and with his hands raised to his face before he asked to call his wife Hilaria

Baldwin sits silently and raises his hands to greet Hilaria, before asking for his husband’s name.

Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are shown yesterday near their New York City home with two of their six children

Yesterday, Baldwin and Hilaria were photographed near their New York City residence with two of their six children. 

He stated, “But it sounds like there is a chance, but it doesn’t sound like it’s too slim. It’s not conspiracy that somebody manipulated this.” 

The actor complained that Hutchins’ death had been told to his daughter, eight years old.

Baldwin was rehearsing a scene for the movie Rust on October 21, 2021, when he pulled his gun from his costume. It fired and shot Hutchins, 42, (pictured) in the armpit, fatally wounding her

Baldwin was practicing a scene in Rust when it happened. He pulled out his gun and began to rehearse the scene. Hutchins (pictured at 42) was shot in the armpit by it. This fatally wounded her.

“You know what is really hard for me? I have six children. 

“We had to inform my daughter, who was older than me yesterday about what happened. She started crying. 

She said, “I’m going back to school. Everyone’s going be making fun of me.” My eight-year-old. Between now and the end of the year, they let me go on half of my jobs. 

“They did not want me to go.”

Gutierrez asked the detectives for help. 

‘I hope you know…. getting Hannah in your sights there and asking her to describe this box of colt… It would be a pleasure to know more about it. 

‘Tracing the chain of title of that round that killed Halyna – what else matters but that?

“My sincere gratitude for your patience with me. I have heard people say to me, “Who could’ve had anything for you?” 

‘Who was anybody on the set who expressed to anybody some kind of malignant…never in a million of years did I assume someone could I still believe it was an accident… 


Baldwin called investigators from the sheriff to question Hannah Reed about the missing bullets. The armorer said the ammunition was gone and that it had been found with live rounds.

He said that the box contained dummy bullets at the time of its disappearance, but it was full of live ammunition by the time it resurfaced on the day it was to be shot. 

Baldwin spoke with Detective Alexandra Hancock and said that no one knows how long the box has been missing. 

‘They were missing a single box of .45 long colts that were prop bullets. The box vanished, but it reappeared. It disappeared, reappeared.

‘It reappeared. The box appeared out of thin air on the top of the truck’s table. She told me unambiguously that it was the one from which the long colts were removed to be put in the gun. 

“They returned to the box, and found multiple live rounds inside the box. This is an accident of negligence, that’s what I believe.

“But I always hear this little bit, it feels like there might be a chance. I know it is slim. I am not searching for conspiracies that some one manipulated it. 

Hannah, I would be elated to hear the details. While I do not want Hannah to feel hurt or ashamed about her past events, what did Hannah do with that bag of bullets? Which date was it lost? What was the time it vanished for? What did you do to find it when it returned? 

The actor complained that Hutchins’ death had been told to his daughter, eight years old.

“You know what is really hard for me? I have six kids.”You can find it here

“We had the need to explain to my oldest daughter what happened yesterday and she began to cry. 

She said, “I’m going back to school. Everyone’s going be making fun of me.” My eight-year-old. Between now and the end of the second year, they let me go on half the jobs I had. 

They didn’t want to me come.

Gutierrez asked the detectives for help. 

‘I hope you know…. getting Hannah in your sights there and asking her to describe this box of colt… It would be a pleasure to know more about it. 

‘Tracing the chain of title of that round that killed Halyna – what else matters but that?

“My sincere gratitude for your patience with me. I have heard people say to me, “Who could’ve had anything for you?” 

‘Who was anybody on the set who expressed to anybody some kind of malignant…never in a million of years did I assume someone could I still believe it was an accident… 

He said, “I’ll be in contact thanks,”

Also, he claimed in the call that Matthew Hutchins, Hutchins’ husband, told him to manage his own thoughts and mental health. 

“I had a conversation with her husband an hour ago. He was shocked to hear that I had done all of this, so I called you. 

“Alec” meant that you needed to be able to manage your thoughts better for your mental well-being. He said that, and his wife is dead. He said “Alec learn to manage your thoughts for your own mental health.” 

 ‘He is almost inconceivably generous man. The ascended man. It’s amazing.

Baldwin was practicing a scene in Rust when the gun fell from his coat. The gun fired, and it shot Hutchins (42), in the armpit. She was fatally wounded.

Baldwin believed that the gun was empty and fired a live shot.

After Tuesday’s suggestion by Adan Mendoza of Santa Fe County that Baldwin might still face criminal charges for inadvertently murdering Hutchins, 

Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office released this week a wealth of videos and documents from its investigation into the accident.

Baldwin also appears in more footage from the aftermath, when he tells police that the gun was his and asks for a cigarette. 

Baldwin is seen smoking the cigarettes that were handed to him outside. Then, Baldwin questions Hutchins’ whereabouts before the police officer tells him her current status as ‘questionable.

Sheriff Mendoza stated that Baldwin may still be charged because he was the one who handled the weapon.

Appearing on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Sheriff Mendoza said ‘He was the one that handled the weapon that fired the round that led to the fatality. 

‘We’re going to work with the DA’s office to determine if there is criminal neglect or criminal charges. We know the names of those who did not do their job. This was one of our key questions.

Mendoza stated that police have not received forensics and bulletistics reports regarding the shooting which took place more than six month ago. 

“The analysis of the firearm and FBI reports are the key components. When that is done, [the DA] will make the determination of who’s responsible, if anyone.’

Baldwin was shown being informed that Hutchins died of a gunshot injury as part of the Sheriff’s department’s collection.

‘I have some very unfortunate news to tell you,’ an investigator told Baldwin whilst they were sat at a table in the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

Baldwin immediately looks up at the table, and asks “What?” 

“She,” replied the investigator. [Hutchins]It didn’t happen. Baldwin immediately says “no” before raising his hands in shock. 

Another officer said, “Yes.” Joel was still present at the hospital. The other party involved was not able to make it. Sorry. It was not my intention to have it heard outside of this room.

Baldwin sits silently and raises his arms to greet Hilaria, before asking for her name.

Additional footage capturing the actor on the phone with Hilaria was available before the police interview. 

She is heard asking the actor to fly her from New York City to New Mexico so she can be there with him. 

“Can you hear my voice?” Is it possible to hear me now? You can hear me at the police station. What’s the state of everyone back home? How are the kids? 

“The kids are wonderful,” she replied. 

He wanted to know if Carmen had been told by her. 

“Are You Confident That Tomorrow is the Right Time for you?

She said, “I don’t think it’s a great idea.” Call me after you talk with the sheriff but I don’t think it’s a great idea.

He replied, “Just to make it clear. You’re going be making me stay. 

He then brought the phone up to his ears and said, “I don’t want this film anymore. I’m not interested in being a public speaker. Everyone was expected to take care of me, but I hold the gun.

“They always give me a cold pistol.” 

Then, he appears to ask his wife where she is at the moment. Michelle, who is it?

“And were you?” I will call you when I’m finished, okay? 

During the 30 minute police interview, Baldwin told how he had always been handed a ‘cold’ weapon by the crew. 

In new footage released by Sheriff’s Office, Baldwin is seen drawing his gun in a rehearsal of the fatal Rust movie scene that saw him accidentally kill Hutchins.

Baldwin is seen in his full-costume, sitting on a pew in the church, and drawing from his waistcoat his prop pistol. 

Baldwin is seen minutes after being told Halyna had died, in the parking lot of the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office. He is on the phone to his wife Hilaria

Baldwin, who was told Halyna had passed away minutes earlier, is seen at the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office’s parking lot. His wife Hilaria is calling him. 

Baldwin, buckled over in grief, after being told Halyna Hutchins had died as a result of the injuries he accidentally caused

Baldwin collapsed in pain after hearing that Halyna HUTCHINS had died due to the injuries he caused.

New footage has emerged of Baldwin in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, with the actor telling police that he was 'the one holding the gun' and asking for a cigarette to calm himself down

Baldwin was seen on new footage in the aftermath of the shooting. He told police that he was the one who held the gun and asked for a smoke to help him calm down.

Video shows Baldwin sitting down outside the set smoking the cigarette that was handed to him. He then asks how Hutchins is doing before a police officer says that her status is 'questionable'

Baldwin can be seen sitting outside, smoking the tobacco that was presented to him. Then, Baldwin questions Hutchins’ whereabouts before an officer tells him her current status.

Scattered, discarded tissues and gauze pads at the scene of the shooting on October 21

Gauze pads and tissue remnants left at the scene where the shooting took place on October 21.

Bloody tissues and a script with a dirty foot print on it inside the church

In the church were bloody tissues, and a sticky script with a footprint on it. 

Discarded medical materials inside the church after the fatal shooting

After the shooting, medical supplies were left behind in the church.  

Crime scene photos show bloody gauze at the scene that was used by paramedics before Hutchins was taken away

Photos of crime scene photographs show that paramedics used bloody gauze to cover the area before Hutchins took it away 

The actor is wearing a stubble beard and looks straight into the camera. The actor seems to be speaking with Hutchins throughout the video, although there’s no audio. 

It was recorded on October 21, just hours before Baldwin shot a live bullet, apparently out of nowhere, while he was drawing it. Hutchins was fatally wounded by the bullet. 

Baldwin, however has not been criminally prosecuted for the shooting. However, Hutchins is suing Baldwin. 

Hutchins, in an additional video that was released Monday night shows him clinging on to life as EMTs plead with him to “stay with us!” 

The clip, filmed by the production's cameras, shows Baldwin in full costume sitting in a church pew, drawing his prop pistol from his waistcoat jacket.

Baldwin, in complete costume, is seen sitting in church and drawing the pistol from his waistcoat.

Baldwin goes to draw his gun in the rehearsal of the movie scene on October 21 last year

Baldwin pulls his gun at the audition for the movie scene, October 21, 2013.

Pictures taken by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office show the evidence left on the scene after paramedics departed

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office photos show evidence found on scene following paramedics’ departure

Data files released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's office included a video of investigators debriefing Baldwin within hours of the fatal shooting, talking with him inside a compact office

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released data files that included video footage of Baldwin being debriefed by investigators within hours after the shooting. They also spoke with Baldwin inside a small office.

She was unconscious and appeared to have been hit through the armpit of her right. Later, the bullet struck her through her top shoulder. 

There is not much to be heard except for Hutchins encouraging Hutchins, and paramedics shouting directions at each other. 

A second video features Baldwin asking Hutchins about his health.  

Baldwin is heard asking Baldwin “what’s her story?” Referring to Hutchins, Baldwin is heard asking ‘what’s her story?’

One can hear someone asking whether the situation is serious. The answer is “enough to be airlifted.” 

Dramatic police bodycam video shows medics battling to save Halyna Hutchins life after the Rust movie set shooting

After the Rust film set shooting, dramatic police bodycam footage shows Halyna Hutchins’ life saved by medics

At one point, Hutchins' top layer of clothing was taken off to help paramedics who were working to save her

Hutchins was once stripped of her top layer to aid paramedics trying to save her. 

Hutchins was also filmed being wheeled out of the church on a trolley while being given oxygen, before being put into a med-e-vac helicopter and airlifted away

Hutchins was also seen being taken out of the church by a cart while being administered oxygen. After being placed in a medical-evac helicopter, Hutchins was then airlifted off to safety. 

He was filmed being confronted by police shortly after the shooting and warned that he would not discuss the incident with anyone else.

Baldwin was also seen sitting in a pickup and asking the police for information on Hutchins. However, the officer informed Baldwin that she would still be treated by EMTs.

The third video showed him being interviewed again at the police station.  

Rehearsal clips of Baldwin as he performs a fast-draw gun maneuver are also included in the investigation files.

On Monday, the sheriff’s department released many text messages and email from Dave Halls (assistant director) to the media.

These messages are a reminder of how Baldwin’s friends and confidantes advised him to not blame Baldwin for his tragedy. 

One message, written to Halls by a friend named Julie Burris, said: ‘It looks as though everyone is going for their 15 minutes of fame and AB PR team is in overdrive trying to shift the blame away from himself on a worker bee who doesn’t have the money or the power to refute any of it.

“I believe you should discuss this issue with your attorney. The most important thing now is to ensure that there aren’t any criminal charges against you. [sic]It is true. 

‘And then after the fact assess what person (s) and/or news outlets you can sue for libel/slander/defamation.’ 

Assistant Director Dave Halls gives fingerprints on October 21 after the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins

After the shooting death of Halyna Huschins, Assistant Director Dave Halls took fingerprints 

Assistant Director Dave Halls gives a DNA sample on October 21 after the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins

After the shooting death of Halyna Huschins, Assistant Director Dave Halls gave a DNA sample to Halyna. 

Her message began with a reference to Halls’s claims that film industry insiders had previously claimed that Halls was ignoring safety regulations on other sets. 

Burris sent Halls another message the same day. ‘All this means to me is that those with money and power use you as a victim knowing that you cannot afford legal bills to press against and they don’t care about what happens to you. 

‘Remember, I don’t see much about AB on the media and haven’t heard any other details about him or his producing team. It’s not one.

Halls was filmed in an interview giving fingerprints and DNA samples to investigators. 

He has spoken the most of all the participants in the shooting in the six-months since. 

Hannah Gutierrez–Reed, a 24-year-old armourer, repeatedly made statements protesting her innocence. She claimed she was being overworked at the set. 

Yesterday’s bodycam footage shows her telling police she fears for her job after the accident. 

In her own police interview, she told the investigators:  ‘I check the guns and I load the guns and I hand the guns to the actor.’ 

“We set up the guns before we went. The dummy rounds were used to stuff the guns. After lunch, nothing happened. …’

In other interviews, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed told cops she is who 'loads the guns and hands them to the actors'

In other interviews, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed told cops she is who 'loads the guns and hands them to the actors'

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer, stated that she is the one who loads the guns on the actors.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza indicated in a statement that the agency’s investigation is ongoing. It awaits ballistics, forensic analysis by FBI and studies of fingerprint and DNA.

In a statement, he stated that the sheriff’s department was releasing any files related to our ongoing investigation. These files include photographs of the ammunition and reports on examination. 

Baldwin, who was shooting at Halyna Hutchins as she tried to shoot a camera, accidentally fired a shot that killed Hutchins. It also injured Joel Souza, the director of the ranch. They were inside a small church as they set up for filming.

Baldwin is seen making frantic calls in the video that police captured later that day as he waited for his meeting with officials from law enforcement.

He said, over the phone: “You do not know how absurd this is and how odd it is.”

New Mexico safety regulators imposed a maximum $137,000 fine on Rust film production company last week.

New Mexico´s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau said Rust Movie Productions must pay $136,793, and distributed a scathing narrative of safety failures in violation of standard industry protocols, including testimony that production managers took limited or no action to address two misfires on set prior to the fatal shooting.

Additionally, crew members submitted gun safety complaints that were left unresolved. The bureau stated that no weapons specialists had been allowed to decide on additional safety training. Rust Movie Productions indicated that it would contest the sanction and findings.

Baldwin claimed in an interview with ABC News, December that he was on the set point shooting at Hutchins when the gun went off.

New Mexico workplace safety regulators last week issued the maximum possible fine of nearly $137,000 against the 'Rust' film production company

New Mexico safety regulators imposed a nearly $137,000 maximum penalty against Rust Film Production Company last week.