A moment truck filled with fireworks explodes following catching on fire during Bonfire Night. Fearful crowd run for cover

  • Un bonfirework was dropped in the tipper truck of a Bonfire Night display, Matchams (Dorset).
  • Panicked spectators ran from the danger and set fire to the entire vehicle.
  • For three minutes, fireworks were released from the truck before marshalls took over

As a result, a bonfire night display that was showcasing fireworks on a truck exploded.

On Saturday evening, hundreds of spectators were at Ringwood Raceway, Matchams (Dorset) when one of the fireworks crashed into the tipper truck bed and set the entire vehicle ablaze.

One eyewitness said it was ‘carnage’ and that spectators were dumbfounded as they fled danger.

A firework landed inside a tipper truck during a display at Ringwood Raceway in Matchams, Dorset, on Saturday night

A firework landed inside a tipper truck during a display at Ringwood Raceway in Matchams, Dorset, on Saturday night

The truck erupted in flames for three minutes, before firefighters were able put out the fire.

An announcer said to the crowd, “That wasn’t exactly scheduled.” That was a great experience. It’s not going to be seen anywhere else.

Aaron Orchard was from Abbotswood (Hampshire) and attended the banger-racing and fireworks event together with Fay Lucas. They captured the tragedy on camera.

He said there were a lot of people crammed into the event, which cost £20 a ticket.

According to the 22-year old, the van exploded, and was chucked up as mushroom clouds. Everyone just ran.

“It turned into chaos, and people were trying to escape the path by hurting one another.

“Hundreds upon hundreds of cars were parking about thirty metres away from the spot where it took place so fireworks were being fired and people were running from the fence.

People watched in horror as some fireworks flew off into the crowd and one eyewitness described it as 'carnage'

The fireworks that flew in the crowd were viewed horribly by many, and one witness described it as “carnage”.

Fireworks exploded from the truck for about three minutes before marshalls were able to get the blaze under control

Three minutes later, fireworks were visible from the truck. Marshals managed to put the flame under control.

“The whole affair was complete chaos. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

“It was insane.”

An eyewitness claimed that the organizers later apologized and asked anyone with injuries for help.

Spokesman for Dorset’s fire department said that they were called at 9.23pm, but the fire was extinguished before they arrived.

We have reached out to the organizers but they have not commented.