Mother, 20, and female lover, 28, accused of murdering 16-month-old toddler used to perform ‘choke slam’ wrestling moves on her, called her a ‘little c***’ and made her face the wall if she misbehaved, court hears

  • Lovers Frankie Smith, Savannah Brockhill are on trial at Bradford Crown Court
  • They are accused in the murder of Star Hobson, a 16-month old girl, at Keighley home
  • They deny murdering her and the trial heard that they performed wrestling moves on her 

A mother and her older female lover accused of murdering her 16-month old daughter choked her and called her a ‘little c***’, a court was told today.

Savannah Brockhill, 28 and Frankie Smith (20), both denied killing Star Hobson. They were said to have performed wrestling moves on her.

Bradford Crown Court heard that she was made to face the wall if her behavior was not up to par. This punishment is said by relatives as being extremely distressing.

Smith’s half-sister Alicia Szepler sobbed giving evidence as she told how the couple would ‘choke slam’ the little girl, the Telegraph and Argus reported.

Before her death on September 22, 2019, Smith was also called Smith’star names that shouldn’t be said to children’.

The half-sibling said: ‘Star would do a do a fake laugh and Smith would say, ‘Shut up you little c*** laughing like that’.’

Frankie Smith (top) and Savannah Brockhill (bottom) who are on trial in Bradford today

Frankie Smith (top), and Savannah Brockhill (bottom), who are currently on trial in Bradford

Frankie Smith, 20, and Savannah Brockhill, 28, are accused of causing 'catastrophic' injuries to Star Hobson's abdomen

Frankie Smith (20 years old) and Savannah Brockhill (28 years old) are accused of inflicting ‘catastrophic injuries’ to Star Hobson’s abdomen

Smith’s own mother Yvonne Spendley also gave evidence in the harrowing case.

She stated that she felt sick when Star was placed in front of Brockhill’s wall and refused to eat her food.

Shocking footage recorded by the couple leading up to Star’s death at her home in Keighley, West Yorks, has already been shown to jurors.

Star is severely bruised, with a swollen face and marks on her forehead.

They also videoed her crying while she tried to climb some stairs.

Lovers Frankie Smith and Savannah Brockhill who are on trial at Bradford Crown Court charged with the murder of two year old Star Hobson

Savannah Brockhill and Frankie Smith, lovers, are being tried at Bradford Crown Court for the murder of Star Hobson, two-year-old.

Both women deny any wrongdoing and murdering the little girl in an attack last year

Both women deny any wrongdoing, and the murder of the little girl in a brutal attack last year.

 Evidence has also been heard that the duo made a number of Google searches on their computer before Star died.

They included ‘How long can your body last without sleep?’, ‘how long can you sit in the cold?’ How long can you sit in the cold?’

The trial has heard from Brockhill and Smith how they were always rowing and falling out.

Brockhill sent her partner texts saying: “I can’t be bothered by you and all the tramps of your family.”

“My family always told me to stop mixing with the lower classes. I should have listened.

‘Get gone you little vermin, you bad omen. Lynfield Mount is what you need, Lynfield Mount was the family’s right.

Star was also called a’very ugly and naughty child’ by her.

A 15 minute 999 call was played in court of Brockhill and Smith on the phone while Star lay dying in the flat.

Brockhill said that she heard Star’s ‘bang’ and found Star on Star’s floor, ‘crying and floppy and being sick’ as well as struggling to breathe. 

The court has been told the couple are accused of tearing a vein carrying blood back to the heart from the legs as well as tearing other organs. 

Smith and Brockhill deny murder and causing or permitting the death of a baby.

The trial continues.