The mother of a 16-month old girl was accused of killing her daughter. Her female also had severe skull fractures that looked like crazy paving. The court heard the case.

Star Hobson, who was subject to a “physical assault by an Adult” and that could not have happened by chance was what a jury heard.

Frankie Smith (20 years old) and Savannah Brockhill (28 year-old), are both accused of inflicting these injuries.

Star’s death was confirmed by Dr Christopher Johnson, a pathologist. Star suffered from blood loss following a blunt force injury to her inferior venacava (the largest vein in the body).

Dr Johnson claimed that fatal injuries occurred deliberately by using ‘punches or kicks, but not stamps.

Post mortem examination revealed pre-existing injuries including severe skull fractures like “crazy pathing”, a fractured and/or refractured hip and fractured and/or refractured spine.

Star Hobson (pictured) died after a 'physical assault by an adult' and there was 'no way' they could have occurred by accident, a jury was told

Star Hobson (pictured) was killed in a physical assault by an adult. A jury found that there were no other possible causes.

The 16-month-old's mother Frankie Smith (left), 20, and Savannah Brockhill (right), 28, of Keighley, West Yorkshire, are accused of inflicting the injuries

Frankie Smith, the mother of the 16-month old, is shown (left), and Savannah Brockhill, 28, both from Keighley (West Yorkshire), are accused of inflicting these injuries. 

Bradford Crown Court was informed by Dr Johnson that there was almost 300ml liquid blood found in Star’s abdominal cavity.

“This blood accumulation was caused by a laceration in the inferior veina cava, which is the largest vein of the body and takes blood from the abdominal organs to the heart.

He said, “There was a 2cmx2cm laceration of the vein below the point where it enters into the heart.

“There was also a deep, ragged laceration of the liver at the same site as the lacerated blood vessel. There were also bruises to the pancreas.

He stated that the injuries had been caused by non-accidental abdominal injuries. A body map showing Star’s injuries was presented to the jury.

Star sustained 15 head injuries, including one on her scalp and cheeks, as well as a torn lip.

There were ten bumps on her feet, legs, ankles and feet. Star also had multiple bruises in her arms, according to the pathologist.

Also, photos were shown showing her with’severe’ bruises to the cheeks and images of her swollen fingers.

Dr Johnson stated that children don’t get severe bruises like this. Even if this was an accident, a caregiver will immediately notice what’s happened and take the child directly to hospital.

‘I used to work in A&E and if I saw a child with those injuries I would be very concerned that the child had suffered an inflicted injury.’

Alistair MacDonald (QC) asked Alistair MacDonald about fatal internal injuries.

The court heard Smith's (left) personality changed when she began a relationship with Brockhill (right)

Smith’s personality (left), according to the court, changed with her relationship with Brockhill.

Dr Johnson responded: Given the size of the laceration, blood will flow into the abdomen in copious quantities.

“Everytime your heart beats, that blood is rising.” This would be similar to cutting off a hosepipe.

“There would be immediate symptoms and immediate hypoglycemic shocked. A few moments later, immediate distress, cardiac arrest or total circulatory dysfunction can occur.

“The child would turn grey, become floppy and fall asleep with irregular breathing.

“It would surprise me if someone could have survived such an injury. These injuries clearly resulted from blunt trauma to the abdomen in an assault.

“When an injury occurs to the stomach, like in the case above, organs become compressed against the spine.

“Possible causes” include punches, kicks or stamps delivered to the stomach.

“The force used to deliver the blow or blows was too severe for normal child handling or daily activities.

According to him, the injuries are typical of those sustained in car crashes. When asked whether a child might have been responsible for the injuries, he replied: “No, they were not caused by another person.”

Asking him if there was anything in Smith’s home that could have accidentally caused his injuries, he replied no. Both were denied by him.

Ms. MacDonald wondered if Brockhill’s CPR on the abdomen might have led to these injuries.

Dr Johnson explained that this would make CPR ineffective and unorthodox for children.

The injuries were far more serious than those that might have been caused by CPR even though it was given in an incorrect area and by an untrained individual.

“It is also believed that CPR was only initiated after the child has fallen. Her collapse was caused by bleeding from the inferior vein cava.

“It is completely unrealistic that CPR could have caused such injuries, and it’s fanciful. I reject this accordingly.”

Johnson was also able to treat the pre-existing skull fractures, broken legs and ribs.

He said, “I can’t accept that the skull fracture was accidental.” No explanation has yet been offered to explain the cause.

I believe that Star died from blunt abdominal trauma only a few short days later. This shows me that she was the victim of repeated physical assaults in the weeks leading up to her death.

Star was expected to be in pain when her leg was fractured. When it was repaired, Star’s discomfort was obvious to anyone who was watching.

The initial spiral fracture, which ran the length the bone’s length, was caused by him adding’substantial forces’.

Doctor Johnson explained that Star died from “blunt trauma” two or four weeks before the fracturedribs.

Star had external injuries in her mouth, head and face. Star said he thought it was a punch or slap. Bumps on her feet and hands were typical of pinching.

Smith and Brockhill denied murdering Brockhill on September 22, 2020. The trial will continue.