Ex-Prince Harry was praised by Princess Tessy from Luxembourg for his ‘inspiration’.

The ex-wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg, 36, took to Instagram to share a speech she made at the Oscars for Social Change in London, revealing that she had been a key speaker alongside her ‘dear friend and fellow advocate’ Prince Harry for two years. 

Tessy, who lost her title after divorcing Louis in 2019 and now splits her time between Luxembourg and London, and welcomed son Theodor with her new  CEO husband Frank Floessel in August.

He married Princess Louis in 2006. They have two children: Prince Gabriel, 15 and Prince Noah, 13. The prince is the third grandchild of Grand Duke Henri. 

The former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, seen at Buckingham Palace, has praised Prince Harry for being an 'inspiration'

Former Princess Tessy, the former Princess of Luxembourg, was seen at Buckingham Palace and praised Prince Harry as an inspiration.

Tess posted a video of her humorous speech at the ‘NOscars,’ which promotes minority groups.

“On this particular video I was teasing my cospeaker. You know they are just me. The video below was shot by my husband, at the Oscars for Social Change (also known as NOscars) in London. 

“Championing minorities. Together with my friend, HRH Prince Harry (a fellow advocate and inspiration), I’ve been honored to be the guest speaker at two hears.

She added: ‘Happy Midweek to ya’ll and keep smiling. It is not worth living a life that’s too serious.

NOscars was founded in 2017 with Prince Harry as the patron to help raise awareness for HIV and Aids.

The ex-wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg, 36, took to Instagram to share a speech she made at the Oscars for Social Change in London, revealing that she had been a key speaker alongside her 'dear friend and fellow advocate' Prince Harry for two years

Prince Louis’ ex-wife, 36-years old, shared on Instagram a speech that she gave at the Oscars for Social Change. It revealed that Prince Harry, her dear friend and fellow advocate, had been one of her key speakers for two years.

NOscars was set up in 2017 to continue to raise awareness of HIV and Aids, with Prince Harry (seen with wife Meghan Markle in 2021) as patron

NOscars was established in 2017 in order to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS. Prince Harry, seen with Meghan Markle 2021), is the patron.

Sharing a video of her lighthearted speech for the 'NOscars' which champion minority groups, Tess wrote: 'My keynotes and moderations are something else.'

Tess posted a clip of her lighthearted speech at the ‘NOscars,’ which promotes minority groups.

Tessy was married to Frank Floessel, a Swiss businessman in a quiet ceremony held in Switzerland in July. 

The following month she revealed the pair had welcomed son Theodor after a 29-hour labour, writing in a post on Instagram: ‘Our little Theodor. After 29 hours labor.

After 12 years of marriage, Prince Louis and Tessy had a fairytale ending. They were awarded a decree nuisi in February 2016.

When they were just 20 years old, they got married six months after their youngest son, Prince Gabriel of Nassau. 

Tessy, who in 2017 was named Woman of the Decade by the Women Economic Forum for her work in women’s empowerment, now lives in London with Gabriel and her youngest son Prince Noah of Nassau, 11.

Former princess Tessy of Luxembourg, 35, has given birth to a baby boy - just one month after she married her hunky Swiss businessman husband (pictured)

The 35-year-old former princess of Luxembourg Tessy gave birth to a boy just one month after marrying her handsome Swiss businessman husband. 

The ex royal shared the news on Instagram over the weekend, posting several images of her newborn son Theodor

This weekend, Theodora was spotted posting images on Instagram of her new baby boy Theodora. 

Prince Louis, who will now pay £8,000 a year child support, renounced his succession rights to the throne in 2006, a month after marrying Tessy – who was not born of royal blood – but to a modest family in the small town of Niederkorn.

At a hearing in December, Louis was ordered to pay just £75-a-week to each of his two sons after a judge found his family’s vast wealth could not be factored into a divorce battle with his ex-wife.  

Louis lives now in Paris. Tessy is busy raising their two children.

Professors Without Borders is a social venture founded by the Philanthropist. It aims at improving access to higher education all over the world.

Her other roles include consulting, speaking engagements and being a patron of the UN Association.

Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, 34, wed Louis in 2006, and has two children Prince Gabriel of Nassau, 13, and Prince Noah of Nassau, 11, with the Prince, who is the third son of the country's reigning monarch Grand Duke Henri (seen in 2014)

The 34-year-old former Princess Tessy from Luxembourg married Louis in 2006. They have two children, Prince Gabriel of Nassau (13 years) and Prince Noah of Nassau (11 years).

The couple met as teenagers and wed for love in 2006 when they were only 20

They were just 20 years old when they married. The couple got married six months later after their oldest son Prince Gabriel of Nassau was born.