Mum’s simple one-tray fajita recipe is the best Friday dinner idea. It takes only 20 minutes.

  • One tray cooking is the best way to save time when making fajitas. 
  • Instead of pan-frying chicken, onion and capsicums she bakes them
  • For 20 minutes of time savings, she puts all the ingredients in one pan and bakes them together.

This busy mother has shared her genius one-tray fajita trick that takes out the work of Mexican night.

Simply chop the onion and capsicum of her mum and place it into a baking dish with her marinated chicken.

Instead of cooking each part separately on the stove, she bakes everything in an oven for 25 min. 

A busy mum has revealed how she takes the hassle out of Mexican night with her clever one-tray fajita hack

One-tray taco fajitas are a clever hack that a busy mom has used to take the stress out of Mexican night

The hack means she doesn't have to waste time making everything separately

This hack saves her time and allows her to do everything in one place.

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To complete the meal, she heats the fajita wraps by heating them in the microwave.

“It’s one of my easiest meals to prepare,” she shared, showing a picture of her prepared tray.

The idea of putting everything in the oven and saving time as well as washing up seemed to make a big difference for home cooks.

“Wait! What? This is how I cook them all the time. After a long day of work, this is so relaxing. It’s so simple,” one mom wrote in the comment.

She wasn’t the only one who said so. One woman also stated that she played ‘rock paper’. To determine which member of her household will fry the vegetables and meat on Friday night, she used scissors. 

A third mother wrote, “It never occurred too me, and I am sitting here now thinking about other meals that I can throw in the oven,” 

The mum simply chops her onion and capsicum and places it in a deep baking dish alongside her marinated chicken pieces, she showed off how everything comes out 'perfect'

She simply chopped her onions and capsicums and placed them in a baking dish with her marinated chicken pieces. 

Old El Paso was the company that created the fajita kits used in this meal.

Others who tried it have said they loved it.

It’s also convenient.

“I found that the spice mixture burned on my pans when I cooked it in the frying pan. It’s so easy to use a tray in the oven,’ one mum said.

To make her meal, the mum heats up her oven to 180C or 200C.

Others were eager to test the hack.

One mum said to her partner, “This is you and me tonight,”

While others dubbed the idea  ‘brilliant’.