After receiving an angry text from his mom claiming that Santa’s magic had been stolen, her 9-year old son told a classmate about the truth about Santa.

  • An eight-year old boy revealed to his classmate that Father Christmas wasn’t real 
  • He told his siblings, who were all shocked to hear the sad news. 
  • His mother asks whether she’s being unreasonable after receiving an angry text

After a parent of her son sent an angry text to her, a mother said she felt’stunned and confused’. 

Taking to the British parenting forum Mumsnet, the mother said that her son, 9, had been involved in dicusssions with classmates about whether Santa is real or not. 

He chatted with one of his older brothers and he went home to tell them that Father Christmas didn’t exist. This left him in tears.  

Anonymous mother got a text message from her son’s mom accusing her of spoiling Christmas. She acknowledged that it was surprising and she asked how to proceed. 

Many people commented to show support for the mother, and they assured her that it was normal for them to talk about such topics at nine years old. However, some others felt that the mother could have done more to discourage her son from discussing it at school. 

A mother took to Mumsnet to ask for advice after another parents sent her an angry text following a discussion among their nine-year-olds about Santa Claus (stock image)

Mumsnet was approached by a mother after her parents had sent an angry text to her. It followed a nine-year-old discussion about Santa Claus. Stock image

A mother took to Mumsnet to ask whether was being unreasonable to not want to apologise after her son revealed that Father Christmas isn't real to a classmate of his (stock image)

Mumsnet was contacted by a mother to inquire if it was unreasonable for her to refuse to apologize after her son (stock photo) revealed to him that Father Christmas wasn’t real.

The mother, who revealed she’d previously asked her children not to talk about father Christmas with friends at school, said: ‘Our kids are 9 and at school they have had a discussion amongst a few of them about whether Santa is real.

“I have had an experience with a Thank you I received a pathetic message from my parent. This seems to be aimed at me, as it appears they have singled out my child for having spilled all the beans. 

The parents spent a lot time convincing the children Santa is here. I believe it is real and asked that my child refrain from discussing the matter further at school.

The mother continued by saying that although her son hadn’t been bothered at first when she shared this information with their older sibling; he was also shocked to discover that it had caused others to upset. 

The mother's nine-year-old boy had been talking in class and revealed the news about Santa after finding out from his older sibling

Nine-year-old brother of the mother had been speaking in class. After learning from older sibling, he revealed his news about Santa to him.

“How can I answer, if at any point? They are not trying to cause trouble, but they approached me like this.  

One individual pointed out the unrealistic expectation that every child would believe in Father Christmas. Every child isn’t raised to believe Santa is real.  

Someone else wrote: “I would send a laughing Emoji.” These must have been laughing. It is hard for nine-year olds to miss the disconnect. 

A third person thought the other mother was overacting, saying: ‘I don’t think it’s your fault their kid told the younger siblings.’

Many people thought the mother and her son didn't do anything wrong and that the other mother was overreacting

People believed that both the mother and son did nothing wrong, and that she was reacting too strongly.

“I assume that 9 out of 10 people know. Your kid seemed reasonable enough to believe that their friends knew.

“This parent seems a little too OTT to text you. I would understand if it was reception class but it isn’t.’

One person suggested that talking to your peers about what children believe to be true was an important part in growing up. He said: “Please tell your child to not talk about Santa not being real.” This sends an extremely confusing and problematic message.

“Truth” is the key to children’s freedom. Santa isn’t real – help him understand that not all children believe in Santa Claus. Please don’t let him feel ashamed of speaking truth. This is a courageous, powerful, and vital statement. 

Some others thought the mother could have done better in preventing talk about Santa and that she should apologise

Other people felt the mother had done a better job in keeping Santa Talk from happening and should have apologised.

Some were puzzled, however, that no one would have warned their child to not spoil the fun of others.    

One individual wrote. I’ personally would apologise on my child’s behalf. Santa is a very sensitive subject with parents trying keep the magic alive when younger siblings are involved. Your child unfortunately was the one to bear such terrible news.

One of his coworkers was furious, saying that he had been outraged by the comments. Your son should not spoil the cake for anyone else, so I would send you an apology text.